10 Best NFT Marketplace Website Templates 2023

10 Best NFT Marketplace Website Templates 2023

Xchain is a modern NFT Marketplace template, built using React, that offers a fresh and innovative design. This template is highly customizable and comes with reusable components, allowing you to create your perfect NFT Marketplace, crypto-collectibles, and digital items website. It’s well-suited for various e-commerce money-making endeavors.

With its unique and visually appealing design, Xchain ensures not only aesthetics but also excellent performance. It prioritizes loading speed by utilizing “lazy loading” and automatic code splitting techniques. Additionally, Xchain provides built-in authorization options through Google and Facebook, and you can easily integrate other account types for login. The template includes a variety of useful components to fulfill your specific requirements.

xchain nft marketplace react templateMore info / download Demo


Gigaland is a comprehensive and responsive template designed for NFT marketplace, crypto-collectibles, digital items, and non-fungible tokens websites. With its abundance of styles and elements, Gigaland empowers you to create a modern and visually appealing website effortlessly. This template is crafted using modern technologies including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap 5, and CSS3 Animation, ensuring a top-quality product. Backed by over 13 years of experience, Gigaland promises excellence and professionalism in its offerings.

gigaland nft marketplaceMore info / download Demo


Nuron is a versatile HTML template designed for NFT Marketplaces and has just been released with full coding in HTML, CSS, and JS. Ideal for digital marketplaces, crypto collectibles, NFT trading, digital and crypto art, as well as DeFi websites, Nuron caters to the growing demand for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a unique online payment method. The template is SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and comes with a comprehensible source code and detailed documentation. For those venturing into the NFT marketplace or consulting, Nuron, built on the Bootstrap 5 framework, is an optimal choice for website creation.

nuron nft marketplaceMore info / download Demo


Xhibiter is a swift and lightweight React template designed for NFT marketplace platforms. Utilizing modern tools like Tailwind CSS, React, Redux, and Next JS, Xhibiter caters to NFT, digital art, cryptocurrency, and crypto-collectibles websites. With an impressive load time of under 0.5 seconds and a Google score of 97, Xhibiter ensures exceptional performance, standing out as nine times faster and lighter compared to other templates.

This template includes essential UI components such as modals, sliders, tabs, charts, dropdown menus, and tooltips. It integrates with MetaMask and offers a dark mode option. Its well-organized modular and clean API-ready code makes it a fitting choice for creating contemporary and rapid websites. Experience the efficiency of Xhibiter for your projects today.

xhibiter nft marketplace react nextjs templateMore info / download Demo


Netstorm is a specialized React NFT Marketplace Template that introduces a novel method of online payment utilizing electronic currency. Each NFT (non-fungible token) is one-of-a-kind and indivisible, preserved as a singular copy, with its creator’s and buyer’s information, along with transaction history, securely stored on the blockchain. Netstorm is tailor-made for NFT shops, NFT asset stores, crypto art markets, and digital asset bidding platforms.

This template boasts a contemporary design, modern features, and up-to-date coding technology. The intuitive interface allows users to explore NFTs comprehensively and make purchases using cryptocurrency. NFT Marketplace serves as a platform where various products, from domain names to artworks, can be bought using digital currencies.

netstorm react nft marketplaceMore info / download Demo


Ciscryp is a responsive NextJs React Template designed for NFT Marketplace and NFTs Store. Utilizing the latest NextJs 13 (app directory), TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS, Ciscryp offers a modern and fresh design for the entire website, encompassing various functionalities such as smart search filters, collections, profile pages, item uploads, search features, and blogs.

ciscryp nft marketplace nextjs react templateMore info / download Demo

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