10 tips for creating standard SEO reports for clients

10 tips for creating standard SEO reports for clients


Most SEOs find it difficult to generate SEO reports for clients. The creation of documents, charts with cumbersome glossary indicators is sometimes overwhelming compared to the knowledge that customers have. To solve this problem, VietMoz suggests tips to help you report SEO more accurately.

Why is SEO reporting necessary for clients?

Currently, in addition to Agency services, there are many SEO freelancers who need monthly/quarterly/yearly SEO reports depending on the needs of the client. Here are some reasons, that we need to know this is necessary work:

For SEOs

  • Take control of the work you have been doing, as well as to what extent the results are achieved.
  • Assess the ability of the website to grow after implementing the SEO strategy.
  • Have metrics to measure and analyze which indicators need to be improved.
  • Have an overview of what we have accomplished, as well as have a closer look at the next implementation plans.

For customers:

  • Understanding the results achieved in the past time, plan to allocate budget for new SEO projects.
  • Understand whether your current SEO strategy is working in a positive direction.
  • Compare how your business’s main channels are delivering revenue results, so you know which ones to focus on.

What should an SEO report contain?

What should an seo report contain?

Depending on how you establish your client’s expectations of you, the report should reflect your efforts. Of course it also depends on the type of business of each customer, but for the most part you should pay attention to the following main contents:

  • SEO KPIs: Analyze and measure SEO metrics closely associated with revenue growth.
  • Website ranking progress: Specifically see how the ranking of the most important keywords has improved or changed.
  • Organic Traffic Progress: That is, data about user traffic on the page over a certain period of time.
  • Backlink Profile: An overview of valuable new referring pages driving user traffic.
  • SEO health: includes the ability of the website to function from a technical SEO perspective.

So, how long does it take for you to complete an SEO report like this? Based on the work that we have implemented and executed on many different SEO projects, SEOs can spend several hours a month on each SEO report. Of course it will also depend on the following factors:

  • Responsibilities of the SEO person in that project.
  • The complexity of the project.
  • Your savings and SEO knowledge.
  • Experience in data analysis tailored to each client’s knowledge.
  • Report format that is easy for you and your customers to understand for exchange and analysis.

10 tips for creating SEO reports for successful clients

Define your main goal

Your own goals are goals that you are working on for your customers. Specifically, the SEO goals that you need to achieve that the client has requested. This is the foundation to create the most complete report that makes customers feel satisfied, and trust to continue to assign work to you.

seo goals

The clearer the goal, the simpler the report generation will be, you can directly ask your customers what factors they want to improve, the main goal that the customer is interested in… It could be sales, the number of users accessing the website each month.

From defining your goals, you’ll know how to track which metrics, and have a plan to improve those metrics. Also, the report doesn’t have to list how good the numbers are, instead you should focus on achieving the overall goals. For example, this month you have seo 10 keywords that rank 1st on page 1, and how many potential customers it brings to customers, what percentage of buyers is this, this is the result that needs to be included in the report. your SEO report.

Of course, to achieve these goals you will be performing a variety of tasks, you will need to show the client how you have achieved them. It can include SEO Onpage, Offpage… In addition, you need to prove to your customers that SEO will help them get more potential customers, more durable with time, as well as investment costs. Cheaper than other channels.

Demonstrate how your SEO efforts impact revenue?

Mostly, we will choose KPIs as the benchmark to know the revenue generated from your SEO work. To demonstrate how important your SEO is to revenue, you can present them with key points that you will improve on. Usually it will include keyword rankings, user traffic, etc. In short, your SEO efforts are proven through the results of customer revenue achieved by customers.

Understand your customers

Understanding what your customers want and what level of SEO knowledge you have will help you figure out how to communicate and report accordingly. Because not every customer can be knowledgeable about SEO.

For example: Your client is an information technology savvy person, you can retain technical terms; If your customer is a fashion store owner who needs you to optimize, make the presentation as simple as possible.

AssetLab’s Jeffrey Kelly himself also mentioned this issue:

“The most important part of any SEO report is showing business metrics that the client understands in their terms.”

The best way they’ll have to repeat it over and over again is to keep your client’s business goals in mind and identify SEO metrics that will help you communicate better.

Also, you need to remember that this SEO report is being provided to the client, not for you, and thanks to it you will present it more accurately without fear of getting lost.

Keep reporting simple

Simple report generation

A simple report will help customers not to be suffocated by a lot of different data, simply help customers absorb faster the main content you are communicating. Surely no one wants to submit a report whose numbers make it difficult for you to interpret.

A report is considered simple when you ensure that it quickly tells the client what they need to do next for their SEO investment. In short, in the report, you only need to present the immediate challenges, the solutions to overcome and the results that have been achieved in the past time.

There are quite a few SEOs who want to present all the knowledge they are applying in this job. However, this is really an unwise approach to reporting SEO to customers. They simply don’t care or remember terms like TF and CF, DA… Instead you should focus on highlighting revenue, traffic, and ROI.

Minimize the use of industry jargon

With this tip, you will save time explaining confusing terms that customers never care about. For many clients, you just need to give them data in the most understandable format, so they see the value of the work you’re doing.

Currently there are more than 200 basic SEO terms, it is difficult for newcomers to remember them all at once, and so are customers. The solution to substituting a term is to give them a definition and explain it in a way that anyone outside the profession can easily understand.

Focus on putting the important issues first

Want the simplest SEO report, you should prioritize the important issues that customers are most concerned about. Whether it’s just total traffic/impressions or just organic search revenue.

Or you can go about arranging everything in the report based on the desired preferences of the customer. In general, customers will enjoy graphs or charts that show your progress in building their SEO.

Alternatively, you can also make a bulleted list of all the most important details. By distilling data information so that customers can read and understand it without having to search for a story too far in dozens of other data.

Build an SEO report content summary

Any article, any content is presented to the audience, you also need to have an outline so that they know the journey they are about to listen to. It is like understanding the ideas that are about to be analyzed, the same goes for the SEO report.

This summary should report the work you have done and what you believe the results will be. Along with that, explain what is going well and what needs to be done next to achieve the initial goal you and the client set.

Generate automatic SEO reports with Google Data Studio

use google data studio

It can be seen that Google has been creating many free support tools for everyone, with Google Data Studio you easily create interactive dashboards. You also have the flexibility to connect it with different data sources such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Moz, etc.

Above all, this is a tool to help you add the indicators you want to track, the data will automatically update. This makes it easy for you to share that link with your customers, giving them access to your data at any time.

Prove your worth

A professional report, highlighting your valuable knowledge is what customers expect more than simply providing data. It is like communicating ideas through specialized vocabulary, but you should know how to approach because each customer has different knowledge.

Why prove your worth? Simply let the customer not think that you are wasting their time and money while you are providing them with valuable solutions.

Use the built-in SEO report template

There are now many SEO report templates that you can use by replacing your main content. Or you use some tools to help create reports such as Canva to refine your content, in order to present it to your customers more effectively.

For example, the keyword ranking report table


Key word






how to make cookies

top 1


August 6, 2020

top 1

how to make rice cake

top 1

how to make dumplings at home top 1


It can be seen that those who have never made an SEO report will find it difficult, but with deep analytical thinking for each main content. You will feel much lighter when you follow the tips we just presented above. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the article and we will try to respond as soon as possible. Thank you for reading the post!

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