12 Best Real Estate Website Templates 2023

12 Best Real Estate Website Templates 2023

The real estate industry has shifted to the online realm, and a captivating website is essential to stand out in a competitive market. Real estate website templates offer a convenient way to create an attractive and functional online platform for property listings, agent profiles, and property management. This blog post will delve into the world of real estate website templates, providing insights into selecting the ideal template to elevate your real estate venture.


FindHusly is a contemporary and feature-rich HTML-based real estate template crafted specifically for property listing websites. Whether you’re a real estate agency, property broker, or individual seeking to showcase properties, FindHusly serves as an ideal real estate directory listing template. It caters to creating a striking online presence, attracting potential buyers or renters. This versatile template can be customized to meet user requirements.

Boasting a modern and clean design, FindHusly ensures a seamless user experience, allowing easy navigation through property listings to discover ideal homes or investment opportunities. Built with cutting-edge web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap, the template offers a responsive and mobile-friendly layout across all devices. Suited for various real estate agencies and businesses, FindHusly presents an effective solution for showcasing properties.

findhusly real estate listing templateMore info / download Demo


DreamsEstate is an HTML Template tailored for properties sale and rent purposes, catering to estate buy and rent platforms. Featuring a clean and responsive design, it’s well-suited for a variety of real estate-related entities such as Real Estate Agencies, Agents, property listings, rentals, houses, apartments, and brokers.

dreamsestate property buying templateMore info / download Demo


Empower your online presence with Homez – a comprehensive multipurpose template designed for real estate. With modernity, responsiveness, and user-friendliness in mind, Homez offers a platform to showcase your real estate listings effectively. Tailored for Real Estate Agencies, Realtor Companies, Agents, and more, it’s optimized for various real estate needs, from properties to rentals.

The template is mobile-friendly, ensuring accessibility on smartphones and tablets. Its clean design, soft colors, and fluid user experience promise a delightful interaction for customers. Create a content-rich real estate website effortlessly with Homez’s user-friendly HTML template

homez real estate html rtl templateMore info / download Demo


Veshm stands out as an excellent Real Estate HTML Template for residential websites. With its 7+ home page variations, advanced search capabilities, creative UI designs, and distinctive features, Veshm empowers you to create a smart and professional website. Built on the latest Bootstrap 5.3, the template ensures 100% valid code, aiding easy customization.

It’s both SEO and developer-friendly, allowing for seamless integration and personalization. If additional color options are desired, users can reach out with their purchase ID for a prompt response.

veshm real estate html templateMore info / download Demo


Revest is a contemporary real estate investment template crafted with modern web technologies like React and Next.js. Tailored for creating a striking online presence, it’s ideal for real estate businesses. Featuring a sleek and user-friendly interface, Revest simplifies property showcase, lead management, and client interaction. The template includes an intuitive and customizable property search function, facilitating quick discovery of investment opportunities.

revest real estate investment react nextjs templateMore info / download Demo


Reland is a Real Estate Group HTML Template designed for selling properties like villas, land, apartments, houses, and more. It’s optimized for showcasing single properties, rentals, apartments, and various real estate businesses. Developed with Bootstrap 5.1x, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, it ensures compatibility with modern technologies. The template is responsive, tested on multiple devices and browsers, and functions seamlessly. It features commented HTML code for easy customization, allowing users to adapt the template to their requirements.

reland real estate group html templateMore info / download Demo


Using the Tailwind CSS framework, Hously is one of the best real estate responsive HTML5 templates. The template’s sections can be be completely customized to meet your needs. Hously is a premium HTML template that has been thoughtfully put together to meet all the requirements of a real estate business.

hously real estate html templateMore info / download Demo


Sheltos is a modern Real Estate template built using React Next Js. It integrates Redux Toolkit for state management, React Hooks for enhanced functionality, and API Routes for seamless data handling. The template is tailored for real estate businesses, offering advanced features and a user-friendly interface. Sheltos empowers you to create a dynamic and efficient online platform for property listings, agent profiles, and property management.

sheltos real estate react templateMore info / download Demo


FindHouse is a top-quality Real Estate React Next JS Template meticulously crafted to cater to the demands of real estate businesses. Incorporating the latest tools like Bootstrap 5 and React Next JS, it offers a diverse range of custom pages and 10 unique Homepages. With an abundance of design options, this template empowers users to build their own website layouts. It’s characterized by its simplicity, elegance, professionalism, and extensive features, making it a comprehensive and customizable solution for creating a dynamic online presence for real estate ventures.

findhouse real estate react nextjs templateMore info / download Demo


Homeradar is a Directory Listing Real Estate Template with a clean and modern design. It’s ideal for those who appreciate sleek aesthetics. Townhub, the listing directory template, is designed to facilitate the creation, management, and monetization of directory sites, whether they’re focused on local or global listings.

homeradar directory listing real estate templateMore info / download Demo


Quarter is a versatile React Template catering to Real Estate, Architecture, and interior design needs. It serves as an excellent solution for real estate websites, directory sites, agencies, E-commerce platforms, and apartment services presentations. The design is creatively unique, offering ease of customization and use.

quarter real estate react templateMore info / download Demo


Resido is a high-quality HTML5 template tailored for real estate websites, utilizing the latest version of Bootstrap. It’s well-suited for agencies, agents, properties, rentals, corporations, and apartments. The template boasts excellent responsiveness and offers various home page layouts. It includes numerous HTML pages, each with 100% responsive and W3C HTML validated coding. With clear HTML and CSS comments, customization is made easy.

resido real estate html templateMore info / download Demo


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