16 Best Education Website Templates 2023

16 Best Education Website Templates 2023

In the digital world we live in now, it is important for schools, tutors, and e-learning platforms to have a strong online presence. A well-designed education website can get people more involved, make it easier to share knowledge, and make learning more seamless. This blog post gives you ten beautiful education website templates to help you get started. These templates are sure to grab your audience’s attention and show off your educational services in the best way.

The importance of selecting the right education website template to enhance learning and engagement. Encourage readers to explore the recommended templates and take their online education platforms to new heights by embracing the power of innovative web design.


EduAct is a contemporary HTML Template tailored for the education sector, including LMS, online courses, e-learning, and more. It offers a range of features, such as 4 Home versions, over 40 Inner pages, an Owl Carousel Slider, integrated shopping functionality, RTL layouts, and compliance with HTML5/CSS3 standards. This template is ideal for creating websites and businesses related to education and online learning.

eduact education courses html templateMore info / download Demo

Educrat React NextJs

Educrat is a top-quality and meticulously designed NextJS template for education-related websites. It serves as a professional Learning Management System (LMS) specifically tailored for schools, colleges, institutes, universities, online learning platforms, training centers, and kindergartens. With its premium features and focus on education, Educrat is a perfect solution to create a modern, efficient, and well-organized website for various educational institutions and online learning businesses.

educrat education website templateMore info / download Demo


Edurock is a modern and clean HTML5 template designed for online learning websites and education-related businesses. Built with Bootstrap, it caters to various educational institutions, including universities, colleges, schools, kindergartens, and online course providers.

The template offers 20+ unique homepage demos (Light+Dark) and 100+ carefully crafted HTML pages, providing easy customization options to meet specific requirements. It also includes features like zoom integration and zoom meeting support, making it a comprehensive solution for building a unique and efficient educational platform.

edurock online learning website templateMore info / download Demo


Eduvalt is a comprehensive e-learning website template, specifically designed for Online Courses & Education websites. It offers a user-friendly and customizable solution for creating websites related to e-Learning, universities, online courses, motivation, photography, schools, kindergartens, and distance learning institutions.

Built with Bootstrap 5x, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, it incorporates modern technologies, ensuring optimal responsiveness and compatibility across all devices and browsers. The template’s commented HTML code for each section allows for easy adaptation to suit individual needs, making it a perfect choice for building a website with a seamless user experience.

eduvalt e learning website templateMore info / download Demo


Educator is a versatile university website template designed to cater to a wide range of educational websites, including academies, classes, colleges, e-learning platforms, events, kindergartens, schools, and universities. The template offers beautifully crafted HTML templates that are ready to use, making it convenient for educators and institutions to create attractive and functional education websites. Whether you need a website for students, teachers, courses, or any other educational purpose, Educator provides the necessary tools and resources to build a professional and engaging online presence.

educator university website templateMore info / download Demo


Akademi is a comprehensive admin dashboard template designed specifically for school and education management. It caters to learning management systems and provides a powerful and feature-rich interface for administrators to manage educational content and resources. With its user-friendly design, Akademi simplifies the process of handling various aspects of education, making it an ideal solution for schools and educational institutions.

akademi learning management system templateMore info / download Demo


Upstudy is a responsive education template designed for e-Learning, LMS Courses, Online Courses, Single Courses, and marketplaces. It offers a comprehensive set of dashboard, inner, and details pages to meet the needs of an online education center and Learning Management System (LMS).

The template includes 20 HTML pages, including 3 unique home versions, all built with Bootstrap 5, HTML 5, SASS, and CSS3, ensuring W3C validated markup. It is SEO-friendly and comes with features like Image Zoom, Google Fonts, Flaticon, Fontawesome5 icons, and more. Upstudy also includes powerful contact and subscription forms and is fully responsive, adapting to any screen size.

upstudy responsive education templateMore info / download Demo


Scholarl is an HTML5 template for a Learning Management System that is clean, trendy, and up-to-date. Any academy, college, training program, institute, online course, school, training center, or university will find it very useful.

scholarl online learning education html templateMore info / download Demo


Educamb is a modern and outstanding HTML school website template tailored for education-related websites like LMS, training centers, colleges, universities, schools, e-learning platforms, and more. It offers 10 creative homepage design layouts and over 40 valid HTML files.

The template’s design is elegant and responsive, making it suitable for various screen sizes. Customization is made easy with a 1170px grid, allowing users to tailor the template to their specific needs. With its versatility and user-friendly interface, Educamb aims to bring happiness to its users and create a seamless online educational experience.

educamb school website templateMore info / download Demo


Kindedo is an HTML5 template designed for Kindergartens, Schools, and Child Care Centers. It offers a range of pre-built pages and allows for easy customization to create unique and modern websites. The code is straightforward to modify to suit specific needs, and it is built on Bootstrap 5, ensuring a professional, pixel-perfect, and clean layout.

The template is highly customizable and looks great on tablets and mobile devices. It follows best practices in web development and allows for easy creation of website layouts based on Bootstrap or Grid 1320px. With its versatility and responsive design, Kindedo is an excellent choice for educational institutions seeking a polished and user-friendly online presence.

kindedo school website templateMore info / download Demo


HiStudy is a best education website template designed for online courses and Learning Management Systems (LMS). It offers a wide range of features and functionalities to enhance e-learning content and create impressive online education platforms. The template is suitable for various educational institutions and platforms, including Course Schools, Kindergartens, Universities, Language Academies, Gym Coaching, and more.

It comes with multiple homepage variations, including options for elegant and technology-focused designs. HiStudy provides all the necessary components for a comprehensive online education center and LMS, making it a perfect choice for building a feature-rich and user-friendly educational website.

histudy best education website templateMore info / download Demo


It can be used for any type of online learning platform, including those for schools and universities online courses website services. The Acadu Online Learning & Education Template features an eye-catching, one of a kind design that will enhance the performance of your online web presence.

acadu education html templateMore info / download Demo

Dreams LMS

The best learning management system (LMS) platform is called DreamsLMS (LMS). You can improve your e-learning skills by using the online learning and course templates that are already out there.

dreams lms education html templateMore info / download Demo


Ecuda is a clean and modern HTML5 and Bootstrap education website design template. It is well-suited for various educational institutions, including universities, online courses, workshops, colleges, schools, and course hubs. The template offers three different homepage versions and 24+ HTML pages with carefully designed blocks that are easy to edit and customize according to specific requirements. With its versatility and user-friendly features, Ecuda is a perfect solution for creating unique and professional educational websites.

ecuda education website design templateMore info / download Demo


Edumoon is a SEO-optimized education template, ideal for education, school, and e-learning systems. It is a perfect landing page to showcase your platform or improve product presentations. The template is coded with HTML5 and designed with Figma, offering advanced features like dark/light theme, multi-language support, and multiple color combinations, all easily configurable and developed. It provides flexibility, productivity, and creativity with the latest technologies like React and Vue.js. For those who prefer the classic way, Edumoon also offers a static HTML + jQuery version, requiring only basic programming skills.

edumoon seo optimized education templateMore info / download Demo


Eduhub is a unique and modern education template suitable for e-learning, online courses, Learning Management Systems, training centers, colleges, schools, kindergartens, workshops, and university websites. It provides all the necessary elements and features to create a highly responsive and stunning educational website.

Designed based on educational requirements, Eduhub ensures a smooth experience for students and offers well-organized components that are easy to customize. With its super-friendly and 100% responsive layouts, Eduhub promises the best Education & LMS experience. It aims to satisfy users with its awesome features and capabilities.

eduhub modern education templateMore info / download Demo

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