20 Must-Try Free Bootstrap Templates 2023

20 Must-Try Free Bootstrap Templates 2023

Ready to take your web design projects to the next level without breaking the bank? Dive into the world of free Bootstrap templates with our comprehensive guide. We’ve curated a collection of top-quality, open-source templates that harness the power of Bootstrap, a robust front-end framework, to help you create stunning, responsive websites effortlessly.

Explore a diverse range of templates tailored to various industries and design preferences. Whether you’re a web developer, designer, or a business owner seeking to establish a strong online presence, these templates offer a cost-effective and time-saving solution. Discover user-friendly layouts, sleek designs, and customizable components that make web development a breeze.

Join us on a journey through the world of free Bootstrap templates and unlock the potential to design beautiful, functional websites without the need for extensive coding or hefty expenses. It’s time to supercharge your web projects with these invaluable resources. Explore our selection today and start crafting websites that stand out from the crowd!

Stylish Portfolio

Stylish Portfolio is a one-page Bootstrap theme designed for creating portfolios. It offers an attractive and modern design with features like off-canvas navigation, smooth scrolling, call-to-action sections, services display, portfolio grid, Google Maps integration, and social icons in the footer, making it a versatile choice for showcasing creative work or professional projects.

stylish portfolio free bootstrap themeMore info / download Demo

Bootstrap Build

Bootstrap Build is a website offering a collection of free, regularly updated Bootstrap templates. Users can browse the catalog, download templates directly, and customize them to create fully designed websites for themselves and their clients. These templates are pre-built and ready to use, providing a convenient and cost-effective solution for web development needs.

bootstrap build free bootstrap templateMore info / download Demo

Bootstrap eCommerce Store

The Bootstrap eCommerce Store Homepage Template is a collection of free website templates designed specifically for the homepage of online stores. These templates are created using the latest web technologies, including Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They are provided under the MIT License, allowing both personal and commercial usage without any cost.

These templates are geared towards e-commerce businesses that want to establish an appealing and functional homepage for their online stores. They come with pre-built components, responsive design elements, and interactive features enabled by Bootstrap. As a result, users can quickly set up their store’s homepage without having to start from scratch.

bootstrap ecommerce storeMore info / download Demo

Personal Bootstrap

Personal is a free Bootstrap template designed for personal websites, ideal for professionals, creators, and businesses seeking a modern and stylish website built with Bootstrap. The theme features a functional contact form using the SB Forms service and includes pages for a resume, projects, and a customizable homepage. It serves as an excellent Bootstrap-based resume template, a platform to showcase a CV online, or a customizable theme for professional businesses. The template can be downloaded for free from Start Bootstrap.

personal free bootstrap templates for personal websitesMore info / download Demo


Nova is a contemporary, versatile Bootstrap template designed for multiple business purposes. It is an excellent fit for consulting agencies, financial firms, consultants, advisors, and various other businesses. Nova empowers users to craft modern websites for diverse fields, industries, and both personal and professional use.

The template offers an impressive array of features, including an attractive homepage suitable for businesses of all sizes, professional service showcases, portfolio displays, blog sections, pricing information, and inner pages. Importantly, Nova ensures mobile-friendliness, making the website accessible on various devices for a seamless user experience.

nova bootstrap business website templateMore info / download Demo

Villa Agency

Villa Agency is a sophisticated HTML CSS template utilizing the Bootstrap v5.3.0 responsive framework. It is designed for professional use and includes two main pages: Property Listing and Property Detail. The Property Listing page categorizes properties under different types such as apartments, villa houses, and penthouses. The Contact page features a straightforward contact form comprising fields for name, email, subject, and message.

Additionally, the template provides a Google Maps section that can be effortlessly customized to display your specific location on the map. “Villa Agency” is well-suited for creating websites related to property listings, offering a responsive design for optimal viewing across various devices.

villa agency templateMore info / download Demo


The Palette is a clean and versatile free Bootstrap startup website template. It offers a user-friendly and customizable design suitable for various purposes such as finance, marketing, and technology businesses or companies. This template is built with HTML5 and provides a responsive layout, ensuring compatibility across different devices. With its user-friendly features and adaptability, “The Palette” is an excellent choice for designing modern and professional websites for startups.

palette free bootstrap startup website templateMore info / download Demo


PhotoFolio is a free Bootstrap portfolio template designed with elegance and creativity, utilizing the Bootstrap framework. It serves as an ideal HTML template for photographers, designers, and creatives who want a simple and attractive way to showcase their work online.

The template features a user-friendly gallery layout, allowing users to create unlimited galleries and individual single project gallery pages. With its well-structured and commented code, PhotoFolio is easy to use and suitable for showcasing creative work with a touch of elegance, making it a valuable tool for photographers, content creators, and creative individuals.

photofolio free bootstrap portfolio templateMore info / download Demo


DevCourse is a free Bootstrap landing page template specifically crafted for developers. It provides an excellent foundation for creating customized course marketing pages. Developed using Bootstrap 5 and SASS, it offers easy customization options, allowing users to change colors and rearrange sections according to their preferences. The template’s responsive design ensures optimal performance on mobile devices as well. With its developer-friendly features, DevCourse is a valuable tool for crafting engaging and effective course marketing pages tailored to individual needs.

devcourse free Bootstrap landing page templateMore info / download Demo


FlexStart” is a free and responsive Bootstrap template designed for individuals and companies looking to build websites for various purposes, including software, startups, mobile apps, digital agencies, SaaS, fintech, and related services. The template offers a clean and lightweight design, making it developer-friendly and easy to customize.

It comes with numerous features, blocks, and sections that provide developers with flexibility to create professional websites quickly and effortlessly. Being fully responsive, FlexStart ensures seamless functionality across all devices and screen sizes, making it a comprehensive solution for crafting stunning websites for diverse projects.

flexstart free and responsive Bootstrap templateMore info / download Demo


Ayro Business is a free Bootstrap template designed by UIdeck for business or portfolio landing pages. It is a limited version of a premium template and comes with reduced page sections. To access the free version, users need to provide their email address to UIdeck during checkout. While using the free version, it is essential to retain the credit and note that it does not include a commercial license.

ayro free Bootstrap templates for businessMore info / download Demo


AppVilla is a free Bootstrap template designed for app, software, and SaaS websites. Built with Bootstrap 5, it offers a stunning landing page and includes 7+ essential pages like contact, blog, and pricing plans. The template boasts a simple, colorful, and high-quality design that captivates the viewer’s attention.

Its mobile-friendly and fully responsive nature allows it to adapt to any screen or device seamlessly. AppVilla is versatile and can be easily customized to align with the latest trends or individual preferences, making it an excellent choice for creating captivating and modern websites.

appvilla Bootstrap template free downloadMore info / download Demo


Quick is a free Bootstrap theme designed for responsive, creative, and modern corporate business websites. The theme offers more than 50 customized components, 2 ready-to-use plugins, and 4-page layouts, all fully customizable and 100% responsive.

It boasts a high-quality design, smart code markup, and ease of customization. The theme includes advanced features and extended components that adapt to any screen resolution. Built with Bootstrap 4 and incorporating standard toolings like NPM and Gulp, Quick provides a robust and versatile solution for crafting professional websites with ease.


quick free Bootstrap themeMore info / download Demo


Edica is a free Bootstrap website template designed for landing pages. It offers 5+ essential website pages and features a beautiful design with a pleasant color palette.

edica stunning bootstrap landing pageMore info / download Demo


ConsultBiz is a visually appealing free Bootstrap template with various design effects and features. It offers easy customization of the design and structure without requiring HTML or CSS knowledge. The template is simple and versatile, allowing effective communication of company information to customers.

It includes social options and a blog for seamless client communication. Please note that .psd files are not included in the package. To experience the template’s excellence, users can visit the product page and witness its quality firsthand. With ConsultBiz, users can create a professional and engaging website for their consulting business without incurring additional costs.

consultbiz professional bootstrap templateMore info / download Demo


ZenBlog is a free Bootstrap blog template known for its lightweight and clean design. It offers an elegant, modern, and trendy layout, making it suitable for various types of blogs, magazine websites, newspapers, and specific categories like fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle, and more.

The template is fully responsive, ensuring seamless functionality on all devices and screen sizes. It comes with every essential option and section needed for a sleek, modern, and clean blog/magazine website appearance, making it an excellent choice for bloggers and publishers seeking a polished and user-friendly design.

zenblog free Bootstrap blog templateMore info / download Demo


Portal is a free Bootstrap admin template designed for developers. It features a simple and modern design, with modular code written to facilitate easy customization. As an excellent starter template for web app admin portals, it includes source SCSS files, allowing users to adjust the color scheme and design components to match their app’s branding. Built on the latest Bootstrap 5 alpha version, the template is lightweight, using only vanilla JS (no jQuery), and is future-ready, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

portal free bootstrap admin templateMore info / download Demo


Aurum is a sophisticated and minimalist Free Bootstrap e-commerce template designed specifically for ecommerce websites. It offers a modern landing page design, catalog layout, product pages, shopping cart, and a contact page. The homepage stands out with three prominent banners, directing customers to relevant sections or departments. The catalog page showcases products in a grid layout with a filter sidebar, including a functional price range slider. The item and cart pages are comprehensive, providing all necessary features. Additionally, the template includes a contact page with Google Maps integration for easy customer communication.

aurum free bootstrap ecommerce templateMore info / download Demo


NEWSROOM is a user-friendly and fully responsive free Bootstrap magazine template, perfect for creating professional news, newspaper, news portal, and magazine websites. It is designed to be lightweight and easy to use, making it accessible even for those without coding knowledge.

The template allows for quick and efficient sharing of instant news and stories online. For newspapers or news channels, having a well-designed and mobile-friendly magazine website is crucial. NEWSROOM offers a low-budget option for building an incredible magazine website, enabling users to launch their website efficiently within their budget and time frame.

newsroom free bootstrap magazine templateMore info / download Demo


Resume is a fee Bootstrap resume template designed for creating stylish and user-friendly resume or CV landing pages. The theme offers a fixed side navigation with scrolling page anchors, making it easy to navigate through the content. It includes resume sections to showcase work experience, education, skills, and more, helping users present their professional information effectively. With Resume, individuals can create visually appealing and functional resume websites with ease.

shine free bootstrap resume cv templateMore info / download Demo

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