3 ways to reduce Paid Search campaign costs in Google Ads ads

3 ways to reduce Paid Search campaign costs in Google Ads ads



According to a study, 98% of marketers are wasting their budget on Paid Search campaigns. Paid Search (Paid Search) is a form of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) in Google Ads advertising. Are Paid Search campaigns in Google Ads ads consuming your budget? Indeed, the story of optimizing it is a difficult one for many businesses. Let’s Thuengay.vn Learn 3 ways to reduce the cost of Paid Search campaigns in Google Ads.

Paid Search (Paid Search) is a form of PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

#first. Meet the needs of the target customer for each Paid Search campaign in Google Ads

Meeting the needs of target customers is the first thing businesses need to keep in mind when implementing a Paid Search campaign. Many businesses approach paid advertising in Google Ads advertising. But they only recommend products/services. They do so in the hope that customers will think of them as “experts” and that the company is a great place to buy products. However, if you’re going in that direction, it’s a good idea to change.

Some hints to help you understand what searchers want

Paid Search is a form of advertising that pays for searches. Paid Search differs from other forms of paid advertising in that users search through keywords. And you need to pay to be able to reach customers. Usually, customers search because they need something. Not to learn about your business. The best way is to show customers that you understand and solve their problems. Specifically, some suggestions are as follows:


Imagine you are a keyword searcher. Next, think about what purpose searchers have and how to address that purpose for them. After that, orWrite lots of copy, try different ad formats and placements. Finally, reply the question “What ads do customers like?’” From there, you will understand what customers really need. You can implement Paid Search campaigns in Google Ads ads in that direction to meet customer needs.

When you imagine you will understand the customer better. From there, it helps to reduce the cost of Paid Search campaign

Research the keywords of SEO articles

Search engines like Google will apply many intelligent algorithms to know which articles are most beneficial to users.

Keyword research of SEO articles helps businesses better optimize Paid Search campaign costs

Moreover, want the SEO post to be pushed to high rankings. It is also important to pay attention to push the CTR rate up. That is, you should observe how the top SEO articles show summaries of the articles on search engines. From there, you can optimize the CTR rate on your ads. If CTR increases, your costs will definitely decrease.

Do your own research on your target customers

You can find places where customers can easily submit personal opinions for research. If your business qualifies, direct research would be great. In addition, you can also refer to some tips to find out where customers talk about a particular topic.
1. site:facebook.com + “Keyword” to find people discussing a topic or page on Facebook
For example, with the keyword “clothes”, you will find out what pages their customers often discuss on Facebook.

How to find pages on Facebook

2. Keyword + Forum (or forum) to search on Forums, forums

Use the trick to be able to search more forums to help businesses save more time for Paid Search campaigns

3. site: “competitor site” + “Keyword” to search for customer comments and feedback on competitors’ pages.

Tricks to find customer comments and feedback on competitor sites, thereby helping businesses understand competitors better and reduce Paid Search costs

You can remove the ” ” while searching.

One note when you use the above tricks is flexibility. That is, depending on the field of your business, you use the appropriate search syntax. For example, your customers are mostly focused on Google+. So let’s change the phrase facebook.com to plus.google.com to find the right audience!

#2. Understand some cost optimization techniques for campaigns in Google Ads advertising

When businesses reduce the cost of Paid Search campaigns in Google Ads ads, there will be an opportunity to increase profits. Therefore, businesses should take advantage of some techniques to optimize costs below.

Optimized for mobile devices

According to a study, 60% of paid ad click-through rates across all platforms. 64% of click-through rates come from mobile and tablet sources. Therefore, you need to optimize for mobile devices as soon as possible. To be effective with Paid Search for mobile, you need to get 1-3 rankings. Otherwise your ad will almost never be seen.


Retargeting allows you to store Cookies on the client’s browser. Use Cookies to ensure that customers who have not yet converted will always see your brand when using Search Engine. According to a recent statistic, retargeting campaigns like these often have 2-3 times higher CTR and 33% lower CPC.

Retargeting is a term to describe placing ads online and displaying ads based on a user’s activity on your web.

Using Social Media

Some of today’s popular social networks like Facebook already allow you to advertise to people who have visited your website. You can use Facebook Pixel. Install it on your website. Then, classify customers from which source, where the customer journey is. Group-wise optimization and re-promotion. Use sales promotions until the customer converts.

The interface of Facebook Pixel

Aim straight at the opponent

If you are confident your product/service is completely better than your competitors. Look for competitor keywords from Paid Search campaign SEO in Google Ads ads. Then you run Google Ads on those keywords. Customers will have the behavior of choosing the best suppliers to perform the buying action. Of course, this applies to direct competitors in the same particular market segment.


Your job is to track Paid Search campaigns in your ads. Re-optimize what doesn’t work, eliminate or reduce costs for campaigns that don’t work. Your costs will be optimized to the best.

#3. Pay Attention to Campaign Content Marketing in Google AdWords Ads

Optimizing the cost of a Paid Search campaign is not just about optimizing the cost per click, but also things like ROI. What’s the point of low CPC when customers visit your website but they don’t convert at all. So the content of the page must meet the search needs of users after they visit. Otherwise they will exit immediately. You can research pages that have good SEO for that keyword to see what they do. Users like such content, the new SEO article can be on the top.

Focusing on Content Marketing helps marketers significantly reduce costs for Paid Search campaigns


Optimizing marketing budget is very necessary for businesses. How to use the budget for work items? The outcome is an important issue. The cost optimization for Paid Search campaigns is similar.

We hope the above article will help you solve the problem of how to reduce the cost of Paid Search campaigns.

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