31 Best Free Landing Page Templates 2023

31 Best Free Landing Page Templates 2023

Our collection of free landing page templates has everything you need to create a beautiful and effective landing page for your business or website. Each template is fully customizable, so you can easily to create a landing page branding, images, and content to increase conversions page. Plus, our templates are responsive, so they’ll look great on any device.

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Smash Lite

Smash Lite has a sticky header navigation that scrolls smoothly between sections, a beautiful intro slideshow, a portfolio with lightbox functionality, a pricing table, testimonials, a team page, Google Maps integration, and a contact form at the bottom.

smash lite templateMore info / download Demo


SoFFer is a free landing page template for software that comes with many useful tools to help you make your next web project. This customizable website template has a responsive hero header, a sticky navigation bar, a pricing table, and a lot more to help you make an impressive software landing page.

soffer free bootstrap html landing page templateMore info / download Demo


GoodLanding is a great Bootstrap-made landing page template that has images. This destination page template has all the important elements and features you need to make a destination page for your website that looks professional.

goodlanding bootstrap landing page templateMore info / download Demo


Using an HTML template like FitApp is a great way to build, show off, and promote any startup desktop software, Android apps, or other apps. FitApp was made with CSS3 and JS, which means it works on all modern devices and makes it easy to promote any app.

fitapp free bootsrap html landing page templateMore info / download Demo


Landing Page is a responsive landing page theme for Bootstrap 4.

startbootstrap landing pageMore info / download Demo


FoodLanding is a landing page template that is mostly good for restaurants, secret factories, bakeries, pizzerias, hotels, and any other business that has to do with food.

foodlanding bootstrap landing page templateMore info / download Demo


It is mostly made for websites that use SEO content strategy and search engine marketing query. This HTML website template can be used for many different things.

seogram free bootstrap landing page templateMore info / download Demo


Pavo is a free HTML template created by Inovatik in Bootstrap framework, suitable for an application landing page.

pavoMore info / download Demo

Nomad force

Nomad force is a free Bootstrap 5 landing page template. It has a full page video banner in the hero header section as well as other features like a simple portfolio part, news section.

nomad forcefree bootstrap html landing page templateMore info / download Demo


The main menu supports drop-down sub menu items. This layout can be further expanded based on the needs of your website. Lava is a clean and professional looking website template for your business.

lavaMore info / download Demo


LinesLanding is a minimal and elegant way to showcase your application or product. The template display shows how to display an application, but it can be used as a destination page for any product or service in a professional way.

lineslanding bootstrap landing page templateMore info / download Demo

Chain Landing Page

Chain is a free landing page template for Bootstrap 5 that can be used by a digital agency or a website for making apps. It has a beautiful ocean blue gradient style on a white background. This template is for people who like websites that look good and have user interfaces that are up-to-date. This free CSS template comes with a lot of different parts, styled blocks, and fully scripted pages.

chain free bootstrap html landing page templateMore info / download Demo


Grayscale is a multipurpose one page website theme that features a dark design along with smooth scrolling page animations.

grayscaleMore info / download Demo


SlideLanding is a simple but powerful landing page template that you can use to show off and promote your product or service in the most effective and professional way. It has everything you need to design the landing page for your product.

slidelanding bootstrap landing page templateMore info / download Demo


Interior design landing page templates can help in creating a website design that is perfectly suited to your remodeling business.

interiaMore info / download Demo


There is a reason why this website template is free. We think you should try it out before you decide whether or not to buy a website template. With this free version, you can build a website and see how it all works.

profilabMore info / download Demo


If you are in the business of selling and buying gadgets and electronics, then the GadgetLanding template would be the best option. The GadgetLanding destination page template is designed primarily for devices and electronics.

gadgetlanding bootstrap landing page templateMore info / download Demo


Al-Muhsi is a modern multi-concept page template. It is made for any kind of online business, including agencies, software, SEO marketing, startups, marketing, one-page sites, and more. The template has a lot of different parts for mobile and web. All of them are fully editable, so you can change them easily to fit your needs.

al muhsiMore info / download Demo

Astoria Food

Here is a free HTML sample that works well on mobile devices and was made for sites about food. It uses CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, LESS, semantic and valid code, which will help you make a landing page that will work in the future.

Restaurant-Free-Landing-Page-TemplateDemo More info / download


Now it’s time for a Design Studio Free Landing Page Template that was just made. A free thing that you can change a lot to show off your business online.

Design-Studio-Free-Landing-Page-TemplateDemo More info / download


SumoLanding is a Bootstrap-made destination page template that can be used by anyone. SumoLanding can be used for all kinds of landing pages, including those for businesses, restaurants, and personal presentations. It will work better for someone whose only goal is to make a good impression online.

Landing-Sumo-free-Landing-PageDemo More info / download


Flatty is a destination page template that can be used by anyone. It has a planned look and lets users focus on the product or service they are showing off. Bootstrap is used to build Flatty, which makes it easy to use and quick.

Flatty-App-Landing-Page-TemplateDemo More info / download


It is based on Twitter Bootstrap v3.x. AppBox is Well organized , very easy to customize and Perfect Choice for Your App Landing or Product Landing Page.

AppBox-Free-App-Landing-Page-Template More info / download


Pratt-App-Landing-Page-TemplateDemo More info / download

 App Landing

Free-Responsive-App-Landing-Page-Website-TemplateDemo More info / download

Landing page

Free-Responsive-landing-page-TemplateDemo More info / download

iOS7 App

iOS7-App-Responsive-Landing-page-web-templateDemo More info / download

The Landing

Landing-Page-Flat-Bootstrap-templateDemo More info / download


Sidamurti-Free-landing-page-Responsive-templateDemo More info / download


Dagdigdug-Free-landing-page-Responsive-templateDemo More info / download


Seven7-Free-Landing-Page-Responsive-TemplateDemo More info / download

Premium Landing Page Templates


Serre HTML5 Landing Pages Pack is a static HTML5 file that comes with 30 clean, pixel-perfect landing pages that you can use right away. You can also make your own landing pages, and with 40+ shortcodes and 200+ UI elements, customization has never been easier.

serre html landing pages packMore info / download Demo


Blussom is a stylish and modern HTML5 landing page template made for insurance, consulting, and business service websites.

blussom insurance service landing page templateMore info / download Demo


A pixel perfect premium multipurpose landing page pack designed with incredible attention to detail.

shiftkey software landing page templateMore info / download Demo


Exolot React is a creative and clean responsive React Next.js landing page template to promote your business on the web.

exolot react landing page templateMore info / download Demo


Bauhaus is evaluated as a unique modern modern landing page HTML template for architecture and interior companies with a clean and modern design.

bauhaus architecture landing page html templateMore info / download Demo


NextApp is a big package of HTML5 landing pages that are professional, up-to-date, and responsive.

nextapp app landing pages packMore info / download Demo


Essentials is a clean and modern SaaS landing page template that converts well and is easy to change to fit your needs.

essentials saas landing page templateMore info / download Demo

xPider App

The latest versions of the bootstrap framework and the Sass processor were used to make xPider.

xpider app landing page templateMore info / download Demo

Axolot IT

axolot it company html landing templateMore info / download Demo


Uril-Landing-PageDemo More info / download

Neue App

Neue-App-Landing-Page-templateDemo More info / download


Appsperia-App-Landing-PageDemo More info / download


SmartMvp-Startup-Landing-Page-TemplateDemo More info / download

Ebook Landing

Book-Responsive-Ebook-Landing-PageDemo More info / download


Benchmark-landing-page-templateDemo More info / download

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