37 Best Free HTML5 Website Templates 2023

37 Best Free HTML5 Website Templates 2023

You’re looking for a new web design template and you want it to be responsive and HTML5 compliant. We have compiled a list of the best free HTML5 CSS3 website templates for your online presence!

Nowadays, it is very important to have a website that looks good on all devices. That’s why we offer you free responsive HTML5 CSS3 website templates! There’s no denying that HTML5 templates are some of the most versatile and powerful tools available to web developers today. With their clean code and responsive design, they offer a great way to create modern, dynamic websites.

But what really sets them apart is their ability to be customized and tailored to fit any need. There are a lot of free HTML5 templates available online, so you can find one that suits your needs perfectly.


Tunis is a versatile and responsive HTML5 template that proves to be an excellent choice for a wide range of websites. Its clean design and well-organized code contribute to its appeal, making it a strong option for those seeking a dependable and adaptable foundation for their online projects.

tunis free personal portfolio templateMore info / download Demo


uBeasa is a website template that presents a modern and professional design. It is ideally suited for portfolios, agencies, or creative projects. This template offers a visually engaging and well-structured platform for individuals and businesses looking to create an impressive online presence.

ubeasa free html5 website templatesDemo More info / download


Editorial is a website template with a strong focus on simplicity and user-friendliness, making it a great choice for bloggers and small businesses. This template offers a clean and straightforward design, providing a platform that’s easy to navigate and manage.

editorial free htmlMore info / download Demo

Topic Listing

Topic Listing is a one-page website template featuring a parallax effect, specifically designed for showcasing listing directory products or services. This template offers a visually engaging and well-structured platform for businesses and individuals looking to create an impressive online presence for their listing directory.

topic listing html templateMore info / download Demo


Ayro offers a grid-based layout that’s perfectly suited for displaying a business portfolio or a blog. Its responsive design ensures it looks great on all devices, delivering a seamless user experience.

ayro free html business templateMore info / download Demo


Tiya is a fantastic choice for Golf Club companies. Its clean and stylish design provides a visually appealing and well-structured online platform for Golf Club businesses. This template is tailored to meet the needs of such companies, offering an effective and user-friendly website solution to engage their audience.

tiya golf club templateMore info / download Demo

Clean Work

Clean Work offers a bold and unique layout that is ideal for cleaning companies to showcase their creative side or tell a compelling story. This template provides a visually engaging and well-structured platform for cleaning companies to effectively engage their audience.

clean work html templateMore info / download Demo


Tnio is an ideal choice for web hosting companies, featuring full-screen images and a clean design. This template provides a visually engaging and well-structured online platform for web hosting companies to effectively showcase their services.

tnio website html templateMore info / download Demo


Gentlemen’s offers a clean and minimalistic design, making it perfect for Barber Shop small business websites. This template provides a visually appealing and well-structured online platform for Barber Shops to effectively showcase their services and create a stylish online presence.

barber shop templateMore info / download Demo

Crispy Restaurant

It utilizes the CSS framework from Bootstrap 5.1.3. There are a total of 6 HTML pages included with Crispy Kitchen, allowing you to make any alterations you desire. There is a pop-up button for the HTML table reservation form in the top right corner.

crispy restaurant html templateMore info / download Demo

Canvas (Premium)

Canvas is a powerful, responsive, and unpolished HTML5 website template for both multi-page and one-page websites. It is built on the most recent Bootstrap 5 framework.

canvas multi purpose html templatesMore info / download Demo

Waso Strategy

Waso is a free HTML template for Bootstrap 5 for your business website. Two pages are included in this layout. The service section incorporates content tabs. In the project gallery section, a zoom-in effect is used on hover. A contact form is present. You can add additional pages as your project requires.

waso strategy html templateMore info / download Demo

Mexant Financial

Mexant is a financial HTML web template that may be used for crypto or digital currency related websites. However, this can also be utilized for digital marketing or corporate websites.

mexant html web templateMore info / download Demo

Phalanx Fitness

Phalanx is a Free HTML5 health website template that is ideal for health, fitness, spas, and gyms. It would also work well for a variety of sports-related enterprises.

phalanx free html website templateMore info / download Demo


Constra is a free HTML5 construction business website template created with Bootstrap 4. To attract people’s attention, it appears sophisticated and expert.

constra html bootstrapMore info / download Demo

Eduwell Education

EduWell is a highly qualified HTML5 template for educational institutions and organizations. This CSS template is based on the most recent version of Bootstrap. ​Additionally, you can use the homepage as a one-page layout.

eduwell qualified html templateMore info / download Demo

Lenslight Photography

Lenslight is Free HTML5 photography website template for photographers, wedding photographers, travel videographers, photography studios, designer portfolios, fashion models, and lifestyle bloggers. It features a full-width layout.

lenslight html photography website templateMore info / download Demo

Hexashop eCommerce

HexaShop is an Free HTML5 e-commerce website template for online storefronts that enables online business presence. Based on the Bootstrap v4.5.2 CSS framework, this design was created. You may modify this layout to function with any CMS.

hexashop html e commerce website templateMore info / download Demo

Airspace Agency

Airspace is a clean, and exclusive Free HTML5 agency website template. This is another wonderful contribution made by Thermefisher to the community. The elegant template is composed of sophisticated commercial and corporate themes and is rich in typography.

airspace html agency website templateMore info / download Demo

PathSoft IT Solutions

psFree is a stylish, professional, and adaptable Free HTML5 corporate website template for IT Solutions, IT Business, and IT Services Companies. Based on extensive research into IT Solutions & Software Services Company, psFree can give all necessary layouts and blocks.

psfree html corporate website templateMore info / download Demo

Brandi One page

Brandi is a free, responsive, one-page bootstrap business template. The framework utilized by the template is Twitter Bootstrap 3.x. End-users are able to create any kind of fantastic website with simplicity because there is no extra coding and no extra functionality.

brandi hmtl bootstrapMore info / download Demo

Solutech CCTV

Securtv is a simple and safe HTML5 template for CCTV websites. This concept is well-conceived. We made it possible to send emails.

securtv html template cctv websitesMore info / download Demo

Meghna One page

Meghna is a Free HTML5 one-page website template that is adaptable to any screen size. It was manufactured with the most recent technologies and design trends.

meghna html bootstrapMore info / download Demo

Beautyrel Salon

This is the freely used version of the massage salon template. The template was constructed using the Bootstrap 4 framework. It has contemporary elements such as the parallax hover effects, Google fonts, and contact and newsletter subscription forms that work.

beautyrel salon html templateMore info / download Demo


Solid is a clean and imaginative Free HTML5 blog website template that can be utilized for virtually any type of website. It is fully responsive and includes features such as a blog layout with widgets on the sidebars and social media icons in the bottom.

solid creative free html templateMore info / download Demo

Edu Meeting

Edu Meeting is an Free HTML5 education website template for educational institutions like as universities, schools, and other academic institutions.

edu meeting html education website templateMore info / download Demo

Barber Shop

This is the FREE version of the catholic barbershop template. The theme is compatible with all browsers and is fully responsive.

barber shop htmlMore info / download Demo


Sulfur is a free, simple HTML template designed to accommodate a variety of web themes. Ideal for creative works, corporate, business, IT organizations, and exhibiting portfolios, among many other uses.

sulfur html bootstrapMore info / download Demo

Fuse Minimalist

Fuse is a modern and simple template name. Fuse is smart and professional: its design is simple and clean, and it supports multiple platforms.

fuse minimalist htmlMore info / download Demo

Digimedia Digital

DigiMedia is an HTML digital marketing template available in three somewhat distinct color schemes.

digimedia html digital marketing templateMore info / download Demo

Life News

Free template for a health magazine. The Bootstrap 4 design has a background video, Google fonts, an events calendar, a working gallery, and contact and newsletter subscription forms.

life news hmtl news templateMore info / download Demo

Small Apps

Smart App is a sleek and contemporary Free HTML5 landing page template for mobile applications. Constructed using the Bootstrap 4.x front-end framework.

small apps html bootstrap

More info / download Demo

Nomad Force

Nomad Force is a free Bootstrap 5-based HTML template with a full-page video banner. There are animated transitions between page elements within a page’s sections.

nomad force based html templateMore info / download Demo

Modish Fashion

You can obtain a free HTML template for fashion websites that is aesthetically pleasing, editable, and packed with functionality. The HTML template Modish is designed for the fashion industry.

modish fashion html templateMore info / download Demo

Medic Care

Medic Care is a CSS-based website template built with Bootstrap 5 for medical professionals. This website’s single-page layout offers a clean and professional appearance.

medic care html templateMore info / download Demo


Namari provides a well-organized and feature-rich solution for businesses and individuals seeking to create a visually engaging and informative landing page. It’s a strong choice for those who value a free and versatile HTML5 template for their long-scrolling landing page needs.

namari z html templateMore info / download Demo


SaaSpal is a free HTML5 Bootstrap landing page template with a specific focus on SaaS, business, and software landing pages. It offers a valuable resource for businesses looking to create a professional and engaging online presence.

saaspal webapp html templateMore info / download Demo

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