5 ways to write content faster for bloggers

5 ways to write content faster for bloggers


Writing fast content is extremely important. Whether you are a full-time blogger or a content writer, learning to write content faster is essential.

Writing content faster makes you fast develop your website. Because Google will take more data from your website and distribute it to users searching on their engine. What’s more, it also helps you to cover the entire content of your topic quickly.

As for a content writer, writing faster can help you make more money.

Learn to write content: 5 ways to write content faster

first. Write an outline for your post

2. Write in the order you want

3. No editing during writing

4. Take a break from writing

5. Set goals when writing

Now, let’s go into detail 5 ways to help you write content faster.

1. Write an outline for your post


Writing an outline is giving the main content that needs to appear in the article. This means – you need to visualize the sections that need to appear in your writing.

Writing an outline is the single most important step in helping you write faster. You won’t waste time wondering, What will you need to write next? Because an outline allows you to know exactly what you need to present.

According to me personally, to easy For writing an outline, you should have a frame ready for each of the different types of essays.

Some common types of posts on Google that you often see are as follows:

  • Instructional article.
  • List articles.
  • Product review article.
  • Summary article.
  • Posts share experiences or mistakes etc

Depending on the type of article, there will be a different writing style. But each type of article has a similar writing style.

For example: Outline for list articles:

  • Heading. You will introduce the context of the article by: bYou can ask the question the reader is looking for, give advice, a statistic, or explain why. this list is important or useful to the reader.
  • Body part. The list is numbered from one to the end. Depending on the type of your list, if it is a product list, the content to implement in each list may include: product information, product features, your review about it.
  • Conclusion. Ask and answer questions around your list.

You can refer to a few of my list articles: Top 10 Best Hosting Providers and Top 10 best domain name registrars.

For the rest of the article types, you can refer to the articles with high rankings on Google’s search engine and see what kind of content that article includes? From there, you can draw the most perfect outline for that type of article.

2. Write in the order you want


Rather, write in the order that you understand best. By not all the headlines in the article – you understand it deeply.

So, start writing with the parts you know best about. This makes it possible for you to write more things and fastertrying to think of a title you don’t have much to write about.

For example: If you’re writing a 10-step post, you could write step 2, then step 4, and go back to steps 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7 after that.

You may want to tackle the hardest parts first (so things get easier later). Or you may want to start with the easiest parts – before getting into the more complex parts of your writing.

As I see it, write along this way It will help you write a lot faster. Once you’ve completed the sections that you understand best, it may also relate to the rest of the article. This, in turn, helps you to write much faster afterwards.

3. No editing during writing


Really, one thing that is sure to slow down your writing speed is editing as you write – you shouldn’t be doing both at the same time.

If you write a sentence, delete it, write another sentence, delete half of it, write a little more, go back and correct some typos or continuously edit your blog title… this, affect a lot to the speed of completing your articles.

Let’s give up writing and editing at the same time. Instead, write as much as you can, trying to write everything that comes to mind before going back to editing.

Along with not editing as you write, try don’t stop and look for things in the writing process. If you need to double-check for accuracy or add links – just add a comment or some markup so you can come back and fix it later.

While it may only take 30 seconds to check, it will break your writing process (and you could fall into a loop of distraction – be it switching to other links or spending time to use social networks).

4. Take a break from writing


Scientists have shown that the amount of time a person can Focus on working effectively is for a period of 45 to 50 minutes. That’s why students often go out after 45 to 50 minutes of studying.

Therefore, after this period of time, you need to rest for 5 to 10 minutes to be able to focus again.

And the more boring blogging seems, the lower the ability to focus. So you can use Pomodoro technique: every 25 minutes you will take a 5 minute break. After about 3 times like that, you will rest for 20 to 30 minutes (that’s how I’m doing it). And to be able to do this technique, you need to use an alarm clock or phone.

However, if you do not want If you feel a time constraint when writing, you can write until you feel like you can’t concentrate anymore – at this point, you can rest for about 5 minutes (by getting up and exercising or relaxing). mind by listening to soft music).

5. Set goals when writing


Job Set goals when writing is very important. As you can see, to get anything done, you’ll need a clear goal. And you also set a goal of writing content so you can get it done faster.

For example: You can spend 3 hours writing in a day. Then you can set a goal to complete the article about 1500 to 2000 words in this time period.

Or you can also set a goal of completing the article within a day (or a week). However, this should also be based on measurement.

For example: You need to measure in a day (or a week) how much time you can spend writing and in that period of time you can write the maximum number of words.

Once you’ve measured it, you should set goals that match your time (you can spend writing) and your abilities – so that you can accomplish that goal. Because if you set a goal that is too high for you, you will not be able to achieve that goal. From there, you’ll give up setting goals and accomplish goals.


Above, are 5 ways to help you write content faster. Hope the article is really useful to you. And to speed up writing you also need write articles regularly – to increase your writing ability.

And you should measure Find your writing speed for a given period of time and aim to write more in that time period.

Currently, what is your writing speed (how many words can you write in about 1 hour)? Don’t hesitate, leave a comment to let everyone know.


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