6 Best Chat App HTML Templates 2023

6 Best Chat App HTML Templates 2023

Looking to build an engaging and user-friendly chat application? Discover the power of Chat App HTML Templates in revolutionizing your messaging platform. In our latest blog post, we delve into the world of HTML templates tailored for chat applications. Explore how these templates can accelerate your development process, enhance user experience, and offer a solid foundation for your project. Whether you’re a developer, entrepreneur, or designer, this article will guide you through the benefits, features, and customization options of Chat App HTML Templates, unlocking the potential to create the next big thing in communication technology.


ConnectMe is a contemporary chat UI-kit template designed using Bootstrap 5, featuring a clean and modern design. The template is constructed with a well-optimized, mobile-first responsive approach, ensuring seamless functionality across various devices. Developed with a combination of SASS, HTML5, CSS3, and Vanilla JS, ConnectMe offers versatility and flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of chat project applications. Whether for personal or professional use, ConnectMe provides a robust foundation for creating engaging and interactive chat interfaces.

connectme chat application html templateMore info / download Demo


Chatvia is a dynamic chat application template constructed using Bootstrap 5.3.0-alpha2 and React JS, complemented by SCSS for styling. The template boasts responsive design, ensuring compatibility across diverse devices. It accommodates Dark, Light, and RTL modes, enhancing user customization. Chatvia incorporates both functional and class-based components, and it utilizes Redux-Saga for authentication purposes.

Notably, this template exclusively supports static chat functionality, omitting database-related or file-saving features. Conversations are managed through JSON objects. The template offers a swift mode transition with a single adjustment. Its extensive array of features encompasses one-to-one and group chats, contact management, file sharing, online user tracking, message read/unread statuses, and authentication pages.

chatvia react chat app templateMore info / download Demo


Doot is a robust and responsive chat template developed with Bootstrap 5 and React 18.2.0. This versatile template, Doot React, facilitates user additions, channel or group creations, and allows actions like replying, forwarding, copying, and deleting messages using JavaScript. The design includes features for audio and video call popups as well as designs for maps and contact cards. Ensuring a seamless experience across all devices, Doot is fully responsive. For contact, user, and group message management, JSON files have been created utilizing redux.

Users can also customize the theme’s background color and image for a contemporary appearance. While Doot stands out as an exemplary React js chat application template tailored for modern chat solutions, it’s worth noting that no backend-related code is integrated. For any queries or feedback, users are encouraged to reach out through the provided support. Future updates may consider these suggestions.

doot react chat app templateMore info / download Demo


Moebius stands as a comprehensive chat platform constructed using Vue 3 composition API and Typescript, with the support of Bulma.io. This meticulously crafted chat UI Kit adheres to Vue’s core team’s recommended practices for project structure and code arrangement.

It furnishes a strong foundation for effortless application development, along with a collection of well-tested production tools that enhance the developer experience, including Docker readiness, collaborative settings integrated with VS Code, readily available code snippets, and more. Moebius equips users with all essential components to kickstart their projects. Importantly, it should be noted that Moebius is distinct from a WordPress theme.

moebius vuejs chat platform uiMore info / download Demo


The Dreamschat template is crafted using Bootstrap and offers a variety of features. It includes functionalities such as creating and editing profiles, sending chat messages, making voice and video calls, presenting instant notifications for unread messages, generating group chats with designated group names, defining status updates, and managing account and security settings. This template is designed to facilitate a comprehensive chat experience with a range of interactive and user-friendly options.

dreamschat chat messenger templateMore info / download Demo


Skycall is a distinctive and all-encompassing design tailored for companies aiming to create their own chat communication tool. It stands out due to its unique utility demos, including a messaging-based template. Skycall offers a contemporary and adaptable dashboard furnished with a variety of pre-built apps and utility pages. Noteworthy components include authentication modules, error pages, and a chat page.

Primarily centered around messaging, Skycall boasts an elegant and clean appearance that enhances the visual appeal of backend applications. Its compatibility extends to major web browsers, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring seamless functionality across diverse devices. Every page is meticulously designed to be responsive and retina-ready, guaranteeing a polished appearance regardless of the viewing device.

skycall chat tool admin templateMore info / download Demo

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