8 effective website traffic testing tools

8 effective website traffic testing tools


There are two necessity in check traffic Website (censorship traffic Website).

  1. Check traffic for my website
  2. Check traffic Website of the opponent.

If job check website traffic only encapsulated in need firstof course you can no work search What tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, SimilarWeb do, use Each Google Analytics saves effort, because tracking traffic is probably only GA exactly most, the other tools are just provided estimated data.

About basicbyou can use the tools check traffic of the opponent to measure up give myselfbecause ai understand too 1 sentence “opponent” biggest mine is myself”.

Traffic website what?

Traffic is a good term use for description traffic of a website, aka is the quantity visitor site and traffic is a very favorite in the world of Digital marketing. To Website then traffic is always one thing very importantbecause of it synonymous with job Web begin generate money.

Traffic into the website the more the dong mean revenue business are from website will increase. DRAWì so traffic absolutely essential for a websiteit marks the success for increase revenue and growth trademark of Website.

Why need to check your website traffic?

By check Sstatistics Website mine, we can easy to watch Website mine is work how.

Traffic data your will tell you traffic this from where, how visitor interact with webpage our and plan What digital marketing is going? work.

By traffic tracking website mine, you can know the current location of website and what you can do to improve.

Why you should censorship traffic Website of competitors?

Measured statistical traffic webpage belong to competitor Yours can know more information useful as:

  • Pages and articles with arrive give industry competitors your a lot of traffic Best
  • These key word but industry competitors your are ratings
  • Channels are bring for them click traffic Most

Information about this will be use for improve marketing strategy your, create backlinks, procedure research keyword and more.

W . traffic testing toolswebsite

1. SimilarWeb

check website traffic

SimilarWeb is a tool get seo community comment high and is the search top every time want to check web trafficbsite. SimilarWeb is a page ratings the Web, we can see the webpage top based on genre and nation (with account free of charge you just ability to watch board places top 50 websites). WOMENother than thatit also allows you selective domain name and to watch The index has been measured belong to webpage Specifically.

When you Find a WebsiteFriend will be bring Three types of data: ratings Global, ratings nation and places by category. Here is a tool excellent shows competition in an instant. BILLIONnaturally if you scroll down, we can watch statistical Interactive: click traffic monthly, time access average, number of pages per clicks and ratio bounce rate (bounce rate).

If you continue scroll down you can see a variety of content More details like source access into the Website, such as accessing the page directly from the tools search nice social media channel (traffic source), content webpage there is a link to the page our (referring sites), traffic are from Social Network and more content another. BILLIONwhole even available and free of charge. Here is a tool very useful for those who do seo.

2. Quantcast

check website traffic

Quantcast maybe is a tool traffic estimate exactly Best at the present time, However there are two points important to note: First, degrees exactly its still inconsistent depending on ever webpage and Mondayits data is limited when compare to other sites, like SimilarWeb or Alexa.

This is due Quantcast way work. One webpage right establish feed collect Quantcast’s data on main Website their, allow Quantcast embarked on take data and estimates click traffic. As such, Quantcast cannot estimate exactly traffic for the webpage if webpage there no data source.

3. SitePrice

check website traffic

SitePrice is really a “calculator” for website statistics, not is a tool to check website traffic, but it’s still consists of the figures click traffic among them. KYhi you search Website, just scroll down to to watch Statistics about traffic and estimated revenue, include times access Page, visitor and income advertisement Everyday.

You will found that that these metrics will not look like SimilarWeb or Quantcast. Dooh is due SitePrice take data from multiple sources (including SimilarWeb and Quantcast) and average these metrics to design for a more “accurate” reading.

Website still provide Sstatistics Other utilities like interact with tools selective (Search engine visibility), backlink data, domain age and other factors industry competitors Top.

4. StatChest

check website traffic

StatChest is a Website other like SitePrice with main purpose is an estimate of the figures of a webpage clear based factors as click traffic Web, interact with search engine, media interaction marketing social, etc… Here is tool easy for use.

5. Traffic Estimate

check website traffic

Traffic Estimate shows click traffic graphically, it shows the website traffic pattern over the past year and we can get data from website traffic in a month.

When scrolling down the page, you will see keyword data usually use for access into the webpage. DRAWthis thing useful for research the webpage industry competitors main. For results the bestlet’s use Traffic Estimate tool connect with other tools on this list.

6. SEMRush

check website traffic

SEMRush is tool optimization search, which means that Friend should use it to find and aim the keyword will bring a lot of traffic by search engine. BILLIONnaturallyyou also can use SEMRush to to watch the type access are from Search Results.

SEMRush will not give you absolute traffic data. WOMENugh what you want is just to check website traffic, switch to use SimilarWeb or Quantcast. SEMRush is tool the best When you want to know about traffic from Search Results.

As Traffic Estimate, SEMRush shows you the keyword top of a webpage certain, However above all, we can see the actual metrics and location of the tool search for keywords there. WOMENin addition Website also ability filter synthesis and statistics according to country lets you see patterns search (search pattern) in an area.

7. Ahrefs

check website traffic

Ahrefs is a application optimization search strong for those responsible for administration webpage and key point Okay use to mine total types data, affect to traffic search for all Website managed by them and the Website belong to competitor.

You not only maybe to watch Indicators exactly about traffic search monthly of webpagebut also maybe watch the measure up detail, to watch traffic there from where and what kind? keyword which is bring traffic. You also maybe watch information backlinks, like the Website other is linking to the page there, number of repetitions they link and how data there change over time.

Unfortunately, even though Ahrefs is tool strongest on this list, but you must need pay a fee to use this tool. do not have package free of charge any, but byou can to watch review version trial Unlimited for 7 days for $7 (161,000VND). After there, expenses for the lowest package minimum is $99 (2,292,000VND)/month. KYRefunds very expensive, However data compensation ability exploit Not impeccably.

8. Alexa

check website traffic

Alexa is probably the thing Firstly happening in head When you Looking for a tool to check website traffic. Unfortunately, Alexa ignored the option free of charge for so many years and now it almost useless.

Search any Website which and you will see Global Alexa Rank and Country Alexa Rank (board places Global and the table places within the country), along with a graph easy shows the rise and fall of Web in the table ratings last year. You will also see content key word and limited demographics. Not much but enough, if you only would like compare two webpage and to watch Which site is more popular?

If we want watch much more, beyond the limited data you get with capacity to be user Alexa free of charge, you will need to upgrade to Insight package and pay expenses $79 (1,840,000 VND)/month. You can registration trial free of charge 7 days, However you will must enter your credit card details and please guaranteed cancel before copy trial free of charge finish.


With 8 tools support Friend check web trafficwebsite but Content Career introduced above expected will help you fast measure get results exactly most when use service SEO quality. Let’s dependent desire use and consider cost for search give yourself a tool check traffic Website unify.


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