A Beginner's Guide to Personal Blogging

A Beginner’s Guide to Personal Blogging

Personal blogging is very popular these days, especially for people who love to write. It not only satisfies your passion but also can make money if you know how to place ads. In this article, Vocational Content will guide personal blogging for people starting from zero. Let’s follow along!

A Beginner's Guide to Personal Blogging

A Beginner’s Guide to Personal Blogging

Benefits of personal blogging

  1. Self-growth.  P Gillian people arrested early blogging as how they share ideas and human and synthetic or deepen their knowledge. A well-invested blog is a place to showcase and refine your skills and expertise.
  2. A increases her power brand identity. If you are running one of the businesses, whether small or large, the spread of brand identity is the factor most prominent in cruise sales of you. N If such is done right, blogs can bring to new heights for now yours.
  3. Blogs can help expand the network when you are not interacting with customers,  you readWhen it comes to attracting new users, expanding your customer base can cost a lot of money (running GoogleAds, for example). In the meantime,  if they understand how to create a blog properly, after a while you will have a solid foundation and turned into a private channel for engaging customers and increase the delivery rate from the level of this channel.
  4. Increase visibility in search engines. Blogging is one of the best ways to get more organic searches. Remember, generating a steady stream of traffic to your  Website is the key point of any online project!

Advantages  of writing a personal blog  using  Blogspot

It can be said that Blogspot is  Google’s blogging platform, it’s the most popular and oldest. This platform, called Blogger.com, allows you to create a free and simple  Blog.

Blogspot has a  minimalistic layout and interface, is easy to use, and allows you to customize the interface and widgets. T hế but,  you need to know a little bit about the Code. When building a personal blog on the Blogger platform,  you will  get  a lot  of benefits:

  • You just need to use a Gmail account to be able to create a Blog quickly.
  • Save expenses for the platform completely free.
  • You can use  Blogspot’s default subdomain or buy and point the domain name.
  • Blogger.com is very easy to follow steps, allowing you to add Tracking codes.
  • The platform supports a fully formatted text basis.
  • You will feel free to choose from Blogspot’s many beautiful,  free layouts and themes.
  • You will customize and change the information displayed on the Blog easily.
  •  Compatible, mobile-friendly interface and layout. C stressed that your blog will appear beautiful on the whole type screen.
  • One advantage quite worthwhile Blogspot is very friendly to search engines. When using it,  you will easily bring your Site to the top of Google.

H -run  lead  way to create  personal blogs

Step 1: Understand how blogs generate conversions

People often like to set up a blog, but had no vision all the while catching the first initializing it.

Some will say that blogs make it easy for them to share knowledge, recommend services or make money from advertising.

However,  I wonder,  how long will they do that if they publish content that no one notices and can’t make any money?

In other words, you can not stick to a profession that does not bring meaning to you.

How does it make sense? Continually creating value is really good advice!

– Is your content engaging?

– How often do you publish content?

– You can share content outside and not run with your audience?

– T roasted eb your look with nice and friendly?

Blogging is how we build our brand from a series of the regularly published content.

It’s a cycle where you’ll see where the rewards happen  .

You may experience a  feeling  fantastic achievement and the  satisfaction  when you are  committed to the effort.

Step 2: Choose  a  blog topic

In fact , we see  too many  blogs completely lacking  focus on  one  topic .

e \ e a number  anyone  wants  to share  , and they wrote about all the knowledge in life.

Unfortunately,  that  makes readers think of them as a personal news site. They won’t remember who you are, fast in and quick out.

Therefore , to develop your own audience,  you need  to  start  with a  specific topic   and communicate all the information around it.

For example,  after  visiting  the page  w ebsite  this,  you will  remember it as a marketing blog  should not  do?

Now,  using  pen and paper, mark out a few  topics in  which  you imagine  you’re strong. After  that , choose a  topic  you are confident to  start  the journey.

In case you  don’t know  what to choose, I have a list of the 20   most popular topics for you  to think about .

Maybe they’re not your thing,  but  if you  don’t mind learning with a  clear vision , check it out!

Step 3: Choose a domain name for your blog

Buying a domain name is a fun thing to do.

I spent a lot of time to think about a domain name so  appropriate  to  the subject  I will write.

But  after  that , I  easily  make decisions  by  taking the real name  of his own .

Some  others can do it  very quickly , because they already  know  the domain name they are looking to buy.

Going into the competition  which  is an extension of the back,  or commonly referred to  as the tail of the domain name.

There are more than 1543 different domain extensions   updated. T hế but who also  want to  choose the most popular extensions such as  .com ,  .net ,  .vn ,  .com  to buy.

Do n’t worry ,  the important thing  is to act now.

Some helpful  tips   when choosing a domain name for your blog:

  • Put the name of your domain name  if you  are creating a  page  w ebsite  to build your personal brand.
  • Although  a domain name can be up to 253 characters in length,  it’s still  a good idea to keep it short. A. This in  avoiding trouble for  users  want to  access  directly.
  • N ế u you  were lisp letters or accents,  how  to say the name of  the page  w ebsite  your people? Make it  simple , easy to pronounce, and prevent typos.
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens, it will be difficult to  explain  the domain name to others.

You will  buy the domain name at  some  w ebsite  reputation as Mat or GoDaddy. N If such  does not have a domain name  appropriate  to the idea,  you’ll  get  a few  suggestions  related .

Step 4: L offers tr ữ your blog

For example, your website  is a house  built  on a piece of land at a fixed address.

You will  understand  simply  that:

  • Fixed address is the domain name (domain), are identified to  users  start  visiting c strikes  page  w eb  of you.
  • Home is where the show  all  the content, what  users  will find on  Page  w eb  of you.
  • The land is where your data is  kept , they are  also known as  hosting.

Domain name and hosting are two  prerequisites  for your blog to work. N If  one is missing,  the user  will not be able to  access the  page  w eb  online.

I recommend you  to use  the hosting service of AZDIGI. They are  now  providing  hosting services  best I’ve ever  used .

You will  ‘annoy them’ all the time, even in the middle of the night. A. That was the  one  example  worth  praise  for their service.

When you  start  blogging, you  don’t need to  spend  a lot of  money to buy a premium hosting package. Things  that  are  wasted .

AZDIGI  offers a standard  hosting service package   from only VND 50,000/month. B You’ll  use  it until your data grows and needs upgrading.

You will  visit  AZDIGI and consider to  start  using their  hosting service.

Step 5: Choose a blogging platform

Blogging platform or  system management  content  is a software  for bloggers construction  site  w eb  of them.

N ế u like you  can not give yourself a programmer to write software,  you may  have to  start  with a blog platform.

I  use  WordPress because it friendly  users ,  simple  and fast.

You should avoid free versions of blogging platforms. B You can cancel  not have to spend money to buy the domain name and hosting  but  it will not  give  you the autonomy to build and extend functionality.

A. Concurrently , address w ebsite  of  you will  end up with is a long extension. For  example [domain name].wordpress.com, [domain].blogger.com, [domain].weebly.com… Seems hard to remember and unprofessional,  right  ?

They also won’t let you place ads on your blog. A. This in  making money from blogging becomes more difficult.

My advice is, you should buy a domain name and hosting to self-  host your  blog on a   content management system like WordPress.

Personal blogging how to make money?

With a blog  you will  have many ways to make money. M OT few  common ways that most bloggers are applied  such  as:

  • Do affiliate marketing (i.e. recommend other people’s products on a blog and get a commission when a customer buys that product)
  • Sell ​​their own products and services. V F or example  , if you  blog about the  topic  of fashion, then you  business , opened a  shop  fashion parallel to the blog is completely possible and very  good results . Even if your blog is about food, you can sell a book,  google documents  or also provide cooking services…
  • Make an advertisement. When your blog has a large number of followers and prestige, placing an ad like Google Adsense can also generate additional income. N addition to tracking that  you will  get a lot of  proposals  of cooperation  from the  business  service  impact  to the  topic  blog  it .

How much money does it take to create a personal blog?

With each package, the  options are  not the same . B You can cancel  pay the fees  different  to create personal blogs.

A personal blog will ask you for different fees  . For example  :

  • Hosting:  the cost of  where your   blog data is kept . N If  using  the free hosting  you will  be very much limited. The free hosting is only  suitable  use  for the site  survey , introduce, ..  depending on  the features of hosting that will have a  price Cloud Hosting  is not the same . You should choose a  hosting  with  indicators  appropriate  to the needs  to use  his.
  • Domain:  depending according to  type the domain name that you  choose  will be the price  are not the same . B You’ll  read more  cost domain name  here.
  • Content management system:  if you  choose  to use  CMS software that has  many functions to  support you.

There will be no price  given ,  depending on  demand  using  blogs you subscribe to the corresponding service. However ,  the price can range from a few hundred to several million monthly to maintain the blog.


Above is a personal blogging guide for beginners. Hope it works for everyone.

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