8+ Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO

8+ Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO

Keyword research tools are one of the most important and important parts of SEOThen other factors like on-page optimization, Writing SEO- friendly content, good UX, content that meets user intent, and a few more will come into play. Once you have all of this in place, you can expect significant amounts of organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, and others.

8+ Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO

8+ Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO

Many companies invest thousands of dollars to pay for keyword research to get such targeted content.

But you don’t have to do that. Just follow this guide…

The keywords you choose to focus on for your digital marketing efforts are crucial to the success of your website’s organic ranking.

Choosing the right keywords isn’t always easy or intuitive, and you need a lot of data to know if a certain keyword is right for you.

If you are completely  new to keyword research tools and the keyword research process,   here are some past tutorials that will help you understand the basics:

  • The importance of keywords in SEO
  • Google Keyword Planner Guide

So now you know the basics of keyword research and you understand its value.

Fortunately, there are many tools available that can help you figure out which keywords work best for your overall web strategy. Most have two types of Keyword research tools:

  1. Basic Keyword Research: Use Original Keywords to Find Beneficial Keywords
  2. Competitor-based keyword research: Find proven keywords that are helping other websites drive traffic.

Personally, I find Competitor based Keyword Research to be more effective because the purpose of Keyword research is to find beneficial Keywords. What could be more profitable than something that already works for someone?

All you need to do then is create a page targeting that profitable keyword & reap the benefits of keyword research.

In this exclusive guide, I have covered both types of Keywords. Most of these keyword research tools are paid,  and only a few of them are free.

The best keyword research tools: 2022 edition

1.  SEMRUSH <14 Days Free Trial ($199 value)>

“What is the easiest keyword research tool for a blogger?”



SEMRUSH is not a typical keyword research tool; It offers more than just keyword research.

It allows you to do keyword research in several ways:


  • Find keywords using Original Keyword
  • Find Keywords That Drive Traffic To Your Competitors
  • Keyword gap analysis

The simplest thing I like is being able to find keywords based on the URL. All you need to do is add a URL (or your competitor’s URL) and it will show you all the keywords that are ranking for that page or for the entire site.

Along with Keyword data, you will see monthly search volume, Keyword Difficulty, CPC for PPC.

Keyword suggestions are another handy feature of SEMRush, where “Keyword Variations” and “Related Keywords” are displayed. This helps you discover more search terms you can target.

This makes it easy for you to find short- and long-tail keywords that you can target and beat your competition to.

You can get in-depth keyword data like:

  • Keyword traffic volume
  • Keyword difficulty score
  • Search engine reports
  • AdSense CPC
  • and so many other details you need to do Keyword research correctly.

You also have an option to sort the keyword list based on the keyword difficulty score, this helps you to find low competition keywords and with one click you can add them to the Manager. keyword management.

It also offers features like:

  • Keyword Manager: This allows you to add keywords to the list and view updated data. It helps with better keyword management when you are researching profitable keywords.
  •  Keyword  Difficulty Tool:  To check keyword difficulty score.
  • Backlink analysis: It also recommends the exact website from which you will get backlinks to rank #1 in Google search.

SEMrush is highly recommended and the #1 keyword research tool.

2. KWFinder

If you are looking for a tool purely dedicated to Keyword research, KWFinder is the best choice for you. They are new to the market but they are one of the fastest-growing SEO tool providers.

KWFinder helps you to get Keywords that will help you drive highly targeted traffic. Using the Question-based Keyword Research option, you can quickly find long-tail keywords relevant to problem-solving. There’s no question that problem-solving content helps us get more targeted traffic and conversions.

KWFinder offers both free and paid plans. For most users, the basic plan is best.

However, use the free 10-day trial account to see the effectiveness of the keyword research app KWFinder.

3. Answer The Public (Free Keyword Research Tool)

For anyone looking for a free keyword research tool, Answers Public is a great place to start. This keyword tool will allow you to find long-tail keywords based on your original keywords.

You will be able to see keywords in different formats like:

  • Question
  • Ingredient
  • Compare

The free plan allows you to search 3 keywords per day, which is great for those looking for a free option. You also have an option to choose the country and language for your searches.

What it lacks is keyword volume, and as long as this isn’t too important to you at the moment, “Answer The Public” is for you.

4. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool

Ahrefs is one of the most popular keyword tools out there.

What I really like about them is the detail including keyword difficulty. Ahrefs uses clickstream data to show how many clicks you should get from search engines. You can use the keyword generator to generate ideas for Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, and several other search engines.

This is very useful after knowledge graph integration, as many keywords can get a lot of traffic but they hardly get any clicks from search engines. The reason is, they get answers directly from Google search results. An example of such a query is: “birthdate of any celebrity”

Another thing that makes Ahrefs Keyword research tools stand out is their great user interface and the amount of data they provide. There are many other features provided by Ahrefs like Backlink analysis, SEO website check.

You can also create keyword lists to target directly from the Ahrefs dashboard. You don’t need to use excel and save a lot of time.

5.  Google Keyword Planner   <Free>

The Google Keyword Planner tool is one of the most used and most popular keyword research tools available today.

The only reason it’s so popular is that it’s free and integrates directly with Google AdWords.

To start using this tool, you need an AdWords account (you can create one for free).

  • Feature: The biggest feature of the Keyword Planner tool is the insight it provides on Google (the largest search engine).
  • Limitations:   In a sense, it is also a limitation. If you want to know how your website or a certain keyword is performing on other search engines, you won’t find it here.
  • Price:   Free to use.

The Keyword Planner tool is a good basic tool for the early stages of website SEO.

This is my favorite free tool,  but if you need more detailed and competitive analysis, I recommend using one of the advanced tools I’ve listed below.

6. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a chrome extension that allows you to see keyword volume and keyword CPC right from the SERP page. This is a  free keyword research chrome extension brought to you by SurferSEO, an SEO content optimization tool.

It allows you to take advantage of the autocomplete feature of Google search to discover new search queries. Since you will be able to see monthly traffic and related keyword data in the SERP page, it will be easier to create a keyword list for your project.

For your content marketing efforts, this free tool can be a great addition to other feature-rich tools.

This extension also shows more keyword ideas based on your search, allowing you to discover more profitable keywords.

7.  LongTailPro

LongTailPro is a   cloud-based software for keyword research and is one of the most popular on this list.

This is a paid keyword research tool that will help you find great keywords for your niche/micro-niche websites. With their “platinum” version you can get really great and really detailed keyword analysis.

They also test tools to compete, to help you choose appropriate keywords easier.

8.  Serpstat

Serpstat is another comprehensive keyword research tool that I discovered recently. They did some really good work helping us identify the winning keywords.

The Serpstat keyword tool gives you the following details:

  • Search volume
  • Compete
  • Max
  • Keyword difficulty score

You have the option to search in Google.com.vn based on country or in the Yandex search engine. The Keyword Trends section helps you understand how keyword search trends are.

There is a detailed keyword difficulty score section that shows the top 10 sites that have ranked for the keyword along with details like page rank, external backlinks, and referring domains. This type of data is useful when you need to evaluate if you can rank them for a particular keyword.

For the folks at PPC, the keyword research site SERPstat also shows all of the domains that are advertising for your target keyword in the search and what types of ads they’re running. Something is uncommon in this list of the best Keyword research tools.

Serpstat is used by small businesses for keyword research, new link building, and strategic SEO platform development.

  • Pricing:  Serpstat includes free data just for the subscription.

The monthly price is  $19  per month.

9. SpyFu

SpyFu is one of the best SEO optimization software products on the market. It is especially useful if you are trying to analyze and stay ahead of the competition in a narrow niche.

Here’s what you need to know about this one:

  • Uses:   SpyFu is useful for two important reasons.
    1. Understand your competitor’s SEO background.
    2. Explore underserved, untapped, or emerging markets.
  • Features:   SpyFu also has several modules.
    • Site Module Comparison
    • Keyword History Module
    • Domain History Module
    • Related Keywords Module
  • Cons:   This program doesn’t have the keyword depth of some of its competitors, although this is changing. Also, data for SpyFu is monthly,  rather than real-time.
  • Pricing:   SpyFu offers two basic pricing plans as well as a “Reseller” plan.
    • Basic plans are  $79  and   $99 per month (with more than a 40% discount if you buy a one-year term).
    • The “Agent” price is  $999  per month.

SpyFu is a solid SEO product.

It is useful if you want to check out the competition as well as find new areas to market.

I  do not recommend that you should select all of the tools listed above,  but instead, use one or two software research keywords and be familiar with its system.

If you have been using the Google Keyword Planner tool for a while, you have a good base to start with any of the professional and paid tools listed here. Take a look at some of this stuff and decision tools are best suited for your business strategy.

Google Trends is a free keyword research tool that provides great data straight from Google. You can trust all the information like keyword popularity, Regional Interests, related queries.

You can also compare two or more search queries to see traffic trends. This is the only tool that allows you to see the popularity of keywords in different countries.

Once you know what region/country your target keyword is popular in, you can use other keyword research tools to measure keyword search volume. Overall, as a free keyword tool, this should be part of your keyword strategy.

My suggestions:

  • If you are looking for an easy but still great solution,  go for SEMRUSH.
  • If you are doing keyword research  for micro-niche sites,  use KWFinder

Whatever you choose, use these tools to aid your SEO.

For more on SEO, see:

Are you using one of the keyword research tools from the list above? How has your experience been so far? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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