Blogging For Businesses


Blogging, for some people, has a bad reputation. Critics think it’s just for hipsters or digital nomads. They think it’s just a fad.

But blogging can help any business. Here’s how and why.

Done correctly, a blog prints money.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the lifeblood of any blog. It is how you get Google to put your page high up the rankings when people search for things.

Google makes billions of dollars from ads, companies paying them to put their site first for certain keywords (what people type into Google). But you can get up the ranking for free.

Online shops and static pages find it hard to rank highly on Google. This is where your blog comes in. It can shoot your site up the rankings list and attract many more leads by targeting profitable keywords.

Keywords are the most basic part of SEO. By using the phrases or words people search for in your blog posts, Google will know that if it sends people to your post it will help people solve their problem.

Research keywords, I have guide here[link], and target high traffic, low competition ones.

Updating your blog consistently will help it rank higher on Google. Google gives each site an authority score for keywords. It trusts sites update frequently and recently over those that might be years out of date.

New blog posts every week will help boost your sites authority and help you climb the ranking list.

Authority is also boosted by well written, researched and lengthy blog posts. Producing those types of articles is called content marketing, attracting leads with the content you produce. A blog is the best place to start with content marketing.

You must build trust with your audience. Keep them coming back by giving them valuable content. It’s hard to sell something to a first-time visitor. By making them come back to your site you have a greater chance on converting that lead into a sale.

It takes around 8 interactions before a sale is made. More touchpoint, such as reading a blog post, signing up for a newsletter, watching one of your videos, you have with a customer the better.

Blogs also allow you to show you personality. People like buying from other people. Use your blog to show off the human side of your business.

Blogs are also a great way to engage with leads. Let people comment on your posts and then reply to them. It’s a great way to build trust.

Blogs also tell you what people are interested in. The traffic on certain posts tells you what people are looking for. Now you can go and provide them with that.

Blog posts can also go viral. People share content they find interesting or useful. Giving them that type of content expands your audience.

It may sound tough, but I’ve got some advice on how you implement and achieve all these things here.



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