25 blogging ideas to grow the fastest blog

25 blogging ideas to grow the fastest blog

You already know how to create a blog, but what about blogging ideas? Do you know what interests or ideas you would like to share with your readers? Do you want to make money blogging? If not, or join us to refer to the 25 blogging ideas below to choose a topic. Concentrate 100% of your ability on it. With patience, persistence, and regular updates, your blog is sure to succeed!

Start preparing to blog

First, you will need to choose a platform – the application used to create the blog. Currently, you have a lot of options like ZyroWeeblySquarespace, and WordPress.

Note that some platforms are pre-hosted and some are self-hosted. The self-hosted platform gives you more control, the host you rent is used to host the blog and blog database. To ensure performance, therefore, you need to choose a  hosting service with good uptime.

After choosing a hosting service, you need to install the blogging platform. Many hosting providers support the quick installation of popular blogging platforms like WordPress.

Then you will need a domain name. It is the address your blog will use. Remember to choose a domain name that is cool, unique, and relevant to your niche. Try different variations with the domain picker if your main choice is already bought by someone else.

Finally, the step is to choose a theme and some add-ons. The theme will determine the look and feel of your blog, and the addon will add features to the blog. Popular blogging platforms often have more free themes and addons/plugins to choose from.

Blogging ideas

25 blogging ideas to grow the fastest blog

25 blogging ideas to grow the fastest blog

Not sure what you want to write? Here are 25 blogging ideas you should consider. We will explain why people love reading these topics!

1. Rating

People often like to find unbiased reviews before buying certain products/services. For this reason, online reviews are often viewed first, especially trending ones.

If you can write quality reviews, your blog will quickly attract viewers! Moreover, if you write long enough and still maintain quality, viewers will consider you as an expert in that field.

So you should aim for a certain industry. If you like different industries, then create different blogs for each industry.

When you write a review, you’re not just evaluating a company or a brand. Pay attention to investing in the pros and cons of each product to increase your credibility.

2. Write How-To…

If you have knowledge in a certain area – then why not write “How To…” tutorials? This blogging idea is very useful.

Nowadays, people often look for solutions to problems online first. So, if you can solve people’s problems, why not systematize them and blog on your knowledge? One of the ways to do this is by writing a how-to article. People in search will find your website and read it.

Depending on your content, you can target readers looking for quick answers or detailed tutorials to improve their projects. The ideas and potential are almost limitless!

3. Beginner’s Guide

Beginner tutorials are similar to “how-to” articles. But as the name suggests, they focus on people who have no knowledge of the subject they want to know. If you enjoy helping people learn – then these beginner tutorials are a good idea.

4. Recipes

If you love to cook, why not start a recipe blog? We recommend writing your own unique recipes! Expand the recipe to build a loyal readership.

In addition, you can also discuss other people’s dishes, evaluate kitchen appliances, try imported spices, and so on.

If you need more ideas, check out this example from Food52.

Food52’s blogging idea isn’t just about food. In this blog, you will find articles about interior design, restaurants, drinks. It also has a store where you can buy furniture and kitchen utensils.

5. News

Building a news blog can be a bit tricky if you’re a beginner. But if you use a news blog then you don’t have to compete with the big news sites.

Instead, try writing stories around topics that are familiar to you. Find out the recent events of the region and city. Assuming you’re a fan of street art, you can keep up with what’s happening around the city.

Even if you’re only reaching a small market, establishing your reputation and character is an important preparatory step. Of course, you need to adjust it to suit the audience! Find a style of language that is interesting to your readers so you can connect with them more easily.

6. Consulting

Instead of writing reviews and tutorials, writing about tips/advice can also help others and find a specific audience. Many category pages can write about life issues, fashion, etc.

Whatever your specialty, you can run your advice blog in two ways: write about a problem your readers have, or your blog has a live chat feature for advice.

7. Travel

If travel is your hobby, then why not share it with many people through a travel blog? The travel blogging industry is flourishing, not only for entertainment purposes but also to help others connect because of similar interests.

Travel blogging ideas are adventure travel, hotel reviews, budget advice.

8. Fitness

More and more people practice sports in the direction of fitness, ie have a balanced body and healthy life. For that reason, a fitness blog will never go out of style! It can even grow big

There are many ways to talk about this topic, depending on your preference. Fitness training, nutrition advice, mental wellness, yes. Are topics you can write about.

With a fitness blog, you can market your services! Take a look at Badass Fitness.

Shannon, the owner of this blog, is a professional trainer on the Tabata style. She has inspired everyone to join and fitness centers in Florida.

9. Self-defense

Self-defense skills are sometimes very important and can help a little in dangerous situations. However, it doesn’t need to know martial arts to defend itself.

These days, people usually only see self-defense techniques on blogs and video blogs. This is a big theme, you can create a popular blog using this theme.

The kinds of posts that you can write include security advice, self-defense moves, and non-lethal weapons.

10. DIY (Do-it-yourself) project – Do it yourself

Many people like to decorate their homes without spending a lot of money. So thousands of people have liked and followed DIY craft blogs

Moreover, you can create DIY blogs about products other than interior decoration. Like cosmetics, accessories, life tips, and other useful ideas.

11. Game Instructions

Who doesn’t like to play games? The game industry is so huge! So a video game blog can grow huge!

If you want to make a blog about games, then why not write how to play games. Especially it is very useful when players encounter difficult games.

Gameplay guides appeal to all kinds of readers, especially if the game is massively popular and popular.

12. Gardening

Gardening is a relatively uncompetitive subject, but well worth a try even though it’s a bit unfamiliar to those living in the city. You can start a gardening blog to attract readers interested in green spaces, which are lacking in urban areas.

There are thousands of gardening ideas you can find on the internet. If you need inspiration, check out Stepanie Rose’s gardening blog: Garden Therapy.

Garden Therapy isn’t just about gardening techniques and how to use its tools. In this blog, you also learn how to make crafts and cosmetics from leaves and fruits.

13. Photography

Digital technology has made photography accessible to everyone. So, more and more people are good at taking pictures.

So, why not make a photography blog, it is a great advantage and can also be used to make money. For example, you can create a live online photography course.

A photography blog can also act as a portfolio. On the other hand, some photographers also want to use it as a diary to record their photos. You should never pass up this blogging idea!

14. List of interesting websites

Some people use the internet to relax. They often look for entertainment websites and unusual sites. Such sites are often difficult to find.

If you find sites like BuzzFeed and Bored Panda, you can use it to talk about them in your blog. Even if it’s strange, sharing such interesting sites generates quite a bit of traffic.

15. Learn an Instrument

You can teach online to increase your income. One way to teach is to teach others to learn an instrument, and you can set up a blog to serve as the foundation for your course.

To attract students, you can offer a free manual version. Show off your musical abilities! Maybe someone will like you and subscribe now!

16. Learning a foreign language

Everyone needs to learn a foreign language. For some people, this is extremely difficult. But if they follow a good foreign language blog, their learning will go more smoothly.

In a foreign language blog, you don’t always have to post lessons. Check out Ellen Jovin’s blog: Words and Worlds of New York.

In their blog, Ellen talks about foreign grammar and vocabulary in New York. She also posts language books, seminars, and reviews of places to eat in the city.

17. Web Design

Currently, there are many platforms that can help you build a website. So web design is always a big and hot topic to talk about.

Web design blogs are often used as a learning platform for new developers. The type of article you can choose from website builder reviews, coding tips, best features you know. These blogging ideas you can apply when creating a design blog!

18. Interior Design

The interior design blogging idea is to bring in more real customers. When you blog, you can interact with potential customers through useful articles.

For example, you can give tips for home decor, color combinations, interior reviews, and so on. And this will also be the place for you to present your design progress.

19. Sports

If you like to play sports, then the idea of ​​sports blogging is great, right? More fun again. You can interact with like-minded people and share with them your own opinions. Also, another idea is to turn your blog into a sports news site. For example, news about soccer leagues and local events.

On the other hand, your blog can also review equipment or event venues.

20. Animals

Blogs about animals/animals can easily appeal to anyone who loves animals. Blogging ideas can be geared towards entertainment or education. For example, if you blog about an animal, in addition to posting photos/videos of its daily life, you can also share tips or the process of taking care of it growing up with it.

Several animal blogs advocate against animal cruelty. For example the Animal Justice Project project.

In addition to spreading awareness against animal cruelty and raising awareness for their protection, this nonprofit also invites many people to participate in this project.

21. Self-development of personal skills

There are no schools that teach life, and many people are not really happy with where they are. Therefore, they often rely on self-development blogs

From sorting through priorities to finding a blog about food and healthy food, you can write about everything around this blogging idea to make someone’s life good. than. Very meaningful, isn’t it?

22. Self-employment

Working in a company is not for everyone. Today, more and more people are becoming business owners and freelancers. However, getting started is not easy. So you can use the idea of ​​blogging to help people start their own businesses, introduce the whole process from AZ, for example.

Such self-employment blogs can be useful to a large community and motivate them to pursue this profession. Some other ideas are how to create a relationship with freelancers and how to organize a good schedule.

23. Speaker

Public speaking is a horrifying experience or so for some people. But there are many blogs that use the idea of ​​blogging to teach people to speak better in public

The biggest name in public speaking blogs is TED Talks.

TED Talks is a hub for video presentations. This blog covers a wide range of topics, but you can also find courses to help you speak better.

24. Minimalist living

Sufficient living and minimalist spending are increasingly popular. The number of blogs writing about this idea is also increasing, so why not write and experience this life for yourself.

Topics you can write about are eating frugally, recycling, consuming less, using natural products, and reducing waste. A simple life can bring the greatest happiness.

25. Share the story

Do you like interesting stories? Did you know you can use this blogging idea to generate your own traffic and readers? This is a very good idea, especially if you want to improve your blogging skills.

You can also get people involved in blogging. This way, you will learn from others too.


In addition to the blogging ideas mentioned above, there are many other blogging ideas you can take advantage of. If you think of something – you can almost certainly write it down! Think about what you do best! Share it, you will surely have a loyal readership, and in fact, they will only read blogs written by writers who are confident about them. Wish you have a unique idea, and have a blog of your own.

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