Choosing the Best Hosting Provider (2022)

Choosing the Best Hosting Provider (2022)


To run a blog, you need to use a web hosting service (Hosting). And need to use a quality Hosting service – to build and develop a blog. The topic of this article is: detailed comparison and evaluation HawkHost vs Azdigi – to choose the best Hosting service provider in 2022.

Really, there are hundreds manufacture different web hosting services, making it really difficult for you to choose. When you are new to blogging, variety of features that they offer can confuse you.

So, in this article, I will compare and evaluate the two best Hosting providers in the country (Azdigi) and abroad (HawkHost) so that you can easily choose.

1. My personal choice

If you’re in a hurry, you won’t need to read the rest of this article. And the best option is HawkHost.

HawkHost is reasonably priced ($2.24/month when you start – with discount code applied) and has great customer support. Their cheapest package also has Better features much more than Azdigi’s.

Moreover, HawkHost also provided lots of add-ons (which Azdigi doesn’t) and you can easily upgrade your web hosting plan as your blog grows.

It can be said that HawkHost is an extremely famous web hosting company, with millions of websites using their service. And in Vietnam, HawkHost is also rated as the best cheap Hosting provider for you to start.

If you are going to start a blog and make money, HawkHost is a very secure option and is definitely your best bet. If you’re ready to start blogging today, then visit HawkHost and sign up today.

2. Compare and evaluate the features of HawkHost vs Azdigi

Both HawkHost and Azdigi offer a bunch of useful features for bloggers or someone just starting a website. Even their basic plans give you everything you need to get started.

However, the comparison of services at a foreign company with a domestic company may have unbalanced right from the start. By foreign hosting companies they have many years of experience in hosting. As for hosting companies in Vietnam, they are all newly established – so it is difficult price competition compared to foreign hosting companies.

However, I still want to do this review so that you have the best view of domestic and foreign Hosting services so that you can choose the right service.

Hosting Plans


Usually, for a beginner to blog or a small business, they all start with a Shared Hosting plan (this is the most basic hosting plan). Thereby, I will do a package review Shared Hosting of these two Hosting providers.

Simply put, a Shared Hosting plan means that your website is hosted on a large server (sever) along with a lot of other people’s websites.

Note, the cheapest Shared Hosting hosting plan of HawkHost and Azdigi There is a price difference. So, I will choose Azdigi’s 2nd cheapest plan to evaluate (same price as HawkHost) – because Azdigi’s cheapest plan (which is AZ PRO 1) is pretty basic, almost you need to upgrade right after. .


A domain name is the address of your website – all websites need a domain name. Both HawkHost and Azdigi offer domain name services. The price for the .COM domain name extension at HawkHost is $11.95 (270k) and at Azdigi is 275k (excluding VAT).

Overall, domain prices at Azdigi cost a bit more than HawkHost. Domain name renewal fees for the following years at Azdigi are also higher than in the first year, and at HawkHost are unchanged.

Better service: HawkHost.

Number of sites

The number of websites allows you to run multiple websites on the same Hosting package. The number of Addon Domains indicates how many websites you can add to your Hosting.

For example: 1 Addon domain – means you can run 2 websites on the same Hosting (including 1 main domain and 1 Addon domain).

Azdigi allows you to run 2 websites (allows Addon add 1 domain) for their AZ PRO 2 package. As for HawkHost they allow you to add unlimited sites.

Better service: HawkHost.

Storage capacity

Your website’s files (text, images, data) take up storage space (SSD space) on your hosting provider’s server. Like your personal files taking up space on your home computer.

If your site has hundreds of articles and lots of images, it will need more storage space a website with only a few articles and images.

HawkHost offers 10GB of storage on their cheapest plan and Azdigi offers 1GB for the AZ PRO 2 plan. Personally, I think 1GB is quite a bit of space because my site doesn’t have too much data but also used up to 1.5GB. So, if your site uses a lot of features and has a lot of data, 1GB is not enough and you will need to upgrade to it shortly after it is up and running.

Better service: HawkHost.


Bandwidth measures how much data is being transferred from your website’s server to people’s computers. If more people visit your website, it will use more bandwidth.

Whether you choose HawkHost and Azdigi, you get unlimited bandwidth – even on their cheapest plans.

Better service: Balance.

Control Panel Cpanel


The Cpanel control panel is how you make changes to your web hosting settings. For example: You can use the control panel to set up new email addresses on your website domain, install SSL certificates, manage databases, and more.

Both HawkHost and Azdigi use Cpanel which is the most popular control panel software out there it is very intuitive and easy to use.

Better service: Balance.

SSL Certificate

Websites with SSL certificates provide a secure connection over HTTPS instead of HTTP. Visitors to the website will see a safe padlock icon in their web browser.

The use of SSL on webpage Your site is required because Google prioritizes secure sites in search results, and users will also favor sites with HTTPS connections.

Both HawkHost and Azdigi offer free SSL certificate will be automatically installed and activated when you set up your website.

Better service: Balance.

Website performance

Website performance consists of two main factors:

  • Operating time
  • Speed ​​(how fast your website loads)

Obviously, you don’t want to choose an unreliable hosting provider that has a lot of downtime – where your website goes offline.

All reputable Hosting companies will have very high annual uptime: at least 99.9%.

HawkHost has around 99.99% uptime (meaning your site will be unavailable for about 50 minutes per year). And so is Azdigi.

When it comes to loading speedAlthough HawkHost is a foreign hosting company, it has 2 servers in Hong Kong and Singapore for very fast speeds to Vietnam. And through testing, HawkHost has a slightly faster speed than Azdigi. HawkHost’s average download speed is about 23.70 MB/s and Azdigi’s is 20 MB/s.

Basically, these numbers That means both HawkHost and Azdigi are high performing web hosts. They’re reliable and fast – so you won’t need to worry about downtime or about your site running slow due to hosting issues.

Better service: HawkHost.

Customer support

HawkHost and Azdigi both offer 24/7 live chat and ticket support.

Most of the time, when starting a blog or a website you will have a lot of problems during your website setup. So getting timely support from the Hosting provider is quite important.

I noticed support group HawkHost’s support team is faster (and more helpful) than Azdigi’s support team. However, HawkHost they prioritize helping users through tickets. So there are times when you won’t see the live chat on their homepage.

Thereby, it can be said that Azdigi support seems to be a bit bettert than HawkHost and is also more linguistically convenient. However, I personally still prefer HawkHost’s support because problems are answered quickly and helpfully.

Better service: Azdigi.

Backup data

Daily backup of website data is very important. Because when setting up a website, it is inevitable that errors will occur. If your site is not backed up daily, it will not be possible to restore the site when it is set incorrectly.

And both HawkHost and Azdigi allow you to backup your data daily.

Better service: Balance.

Beginner-friendly level

Both HawkHost and Azdigi are easy to use, with plenty of help for beginners. It’s easy to install WordPress on your site with its very intuitive and easy to use Cpanel control panel.

In general, when using Hosting service you usually manipulate and work with the control panel Cpanel – this is the standard control panel. So, you don’t need to worry about the language because the Cpanel panels are all quite similar and you can easily find the video tutorials.

Better service: Balance.

3. HawkHost vs Azdigi: Which Hosting Provider Should I Choose?

Through the above comparisons and reviews, you can easily see that both HawkHost and Azdigi are reputable and quality Hosting service providers. However, HawkHost has advantage than Azdigi. You will get more resources than Azdigi and the loading speed will also be better.

But the difficulty when using foreign hosting services is You need to be able to make international payments like: Visa or MasterCard. If you do not have an international payment card, you can go to the bank and ask for a Visa or MasterCard card – exactly like an ATM card. Or you can also create a virtual Visa card – for payment.

If you are ready to start website your? Let’s start registering for Hosting at HawkHost or Azdigi now.


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