Free Super Fast Load Blogger Template v2.0

Super Fast Load Template v2.0.0 is an SEO standard personal blogger template designed and developed by myself.

Free Super Fast Load Blogger Template v2.0

This is a free blogger template with the advantage of not using javascript outside the home page, in the article page using javascript of Facebook comment, if the user does not like it, it can be removed to become a pure HTML CSS template…

The template has a Google PageSpeed ​​Insights score ranging from 96 to 100.

With a fast loading speed and almost maximum Google PageSpeed ​​Insights score, this is a template with very good SEO capabilities, more attention from Google.


  • Superfast loading speed
  • Don’t use javascript
  • Google PageSpeed ​​Insights score is 100/100

seo standard blogspot templates

free beautiful blogger template

Feature Kiểm TRA
Layout Version 3
Widgets Version 2
Responsive Check
Mobile Friendly Check
Related Posts False
Fast Load Check
404 Page True

Download Super Fast Load Blogger Template v2.0

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