From Zero To Earn Money Blogging – How You Can Make Money With a Blog


I know pretty well how much painful and hard could be try to figure out how to earn money blogging. And the worst is try to replicate the 5-6-7 figure Internet business looking at the incredible result of the big gurus out there.

Earn money blogging is possible and effective, but only if you practice blogging on a constantly basis, without fall into the trap of overload information and infinite distractions. Otherwise you risk seriously to never achieve your dream’s desires and your financial freedom.

Make money with blog is pretty simple:

“You Have To Figure Out What Are You True Passions And Strengths!”

And one you have done this…well you can build a loyal following of readers simply starting a blog, and talking about what you got really good!

Yes, some topics and some niches are better and more lucrative than others, but however there are always opportunity to earn money blogging.

For example I have chosen different topics and different niches and obviously I have achieved different results, personally and professionally.

So firstly, you try to spend some times really alone, better if in the nature, for discovering which might be your passions and your strengths and then build on them a real and solid internet business that allow you to achieve your financial freedom, forever!

After that, you have to design your own blog and make your blog interesting, attractive and pleasant for your future readers and followers. And don’t forget to add great contents on your blog on a regular basis. Infact the regularity is the most appreciated quality by Google robot spyders. So if you choose a monthly strategy, follow it…if you chose a weekly strategy, follow it, if you choose a daily strategy, follow it!

You should know that if you are really interested in standing out the crowd and obtain ranking in the search engines, conquering a pretty good positioning in your specific niche/market, posting on a daily basis or at least 2-3 times a week is better.

Start to follow this tips and you will be amazed by the results in just few weeks. Obviously it requires commitment, passion, determination, courage, force, will, entrepreneurship, sincerity and above all trust in yourself that you will respect your own blogging strategy plan.

Until few time ago, I was used to do not respect my own blogging strategy plan..too many times. But the day I realized that I was only kidding and fooling myself, I used that pain and I poured it into the creation of a new powerful habit to do blogging on regular basis.

And as soon as I did it, the results arrived!

Remember my dear Friend: it did for my mentor…it did for me…and it will do also for you! But only if you are really passionate and committed to succeed through the Internet! Great habits make miracles happen!



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