How to add Google Tag Manager to Blogger when it fails

Have you tried adding Google Tag Manager to Blogger but when you save it, you get an error? No problem, today BBlogger will guide and help you fix this problem quickly to help you follow your blog easily.

What is Google Tag Manager?

How to add Google Tag Manager to Blogger when it fails

If those of you first heard the keyword “Google Tag Manager”, then you will probably wonder what Google Manager is, right?

If you look at the Google support page itself, it will be explained in detail like this:

Google Tag Manager by Google is a tag management system that allows you to easily and quickly update tags and snippets on your website or mobile app, such as tags and snippets for traffic analysis and marketing optimization. You can add and update AdWords, Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics, Floodlight, and 3rd party tags or custom tags from the Tag Manager user interface instead of editing your site code. This will reduce errors and save you from having to rely on the developer when configuring the card.

Google has explained very fully, however, reading is very difficult to understand, isn’t it :)) It is really quite confusing if read according to Google’s “like Google translate” explanation. Therefore, I will explain more simply, as follows:

  • To use tracking tools like Analytics, Adwords, Facebook… most of you have to add the tracking code to the website, here is the code of Blogger. This can make it difficult to manage these pieces of code, and can even make the web load slower by running too much js per code.
  • With Google Tag Manager, it will help you manage all of the above tracking codes with just a single code added. 
Well, simply put, Google Tag Manager is to manages all the tracking code that needs to be added to the website.

How to add Google Tag Manager to Blogspot without error

Blogspot’s source code system is a bit different from other systems, so adding tracking codes like Facebook Pixel or now Google Tag Manager is often wrong. However, all of the above problems are solvable. In this article, I will show you how to add Google Tag Manager to Blogspot, Facebook Pixel, please see the article How to add Facebook Pixel to Blogger.

Adding is very simple:

You copy the code Google Tag Manager add to the tag <head>, and replace the following code:


Then save it and you’re done.

See, adding tracking code like Google Tag Manager or Facebook Pixel to Blogger is really not difficult. If you have difficulty, just ask ^_^

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