Instructions on how to add Podcasts to Facebook

Instructions on how to add Podcasts to Facebook

Do you own a podcast channel? Want to add podcasts to Facebook? In this article, will guide you to add your podcast channel to your Facebook Fanpage. In addition, bblogger will also share more about why you should have a podcast channel soon & add it to Facebook soon.

Instructions on how to add Podcasts to Facebook

Instructions on how to add Podcasts to Facebook

Why should you add podcasts to Facebook ASAP?

Not much to say, you also know how influential Facebook is. The number of users in Vietnam is extremely large and so if you want to reach more listeners, this will be an opportunity.

After you add a podcast channel to Facebook people will be able to listen while surfing, without leaving Facebook. They can also leave a comment right under the podcast episode, sharing it with more people.

In addition, there will be some other reasons (future features, opportunities)

  • With Facebook Podcasts, anyone can start producing short-form audio with a live recorder, or can connect your existing podcast data through a feed (RSS Feed).
  • For more detailed information, Facebook will also have Audio Rooms for groups, like organizing live radio broadcasts. You can also organize Q&A sessions with fanpage followers, for example, that’s great!!!!
  • Even the ability to monetize podcasts will gradually be integrated to generate income for podcasters!

Step-by-step instructions for adding podcasts to Facebook

First of all, you need to have a Fanpage (you will not be able to add podcasts to your personal & Group Facebook accounts)

First of all, go to the Fanpage page, on the left side you will see the “Podcasts” section.

Next click on “Add podcast”

Right after that, a window appears asking you to enter the RSS feed link of the podcast channel.

So where to get the podcast’s RSS feed?

The answer depends on the podcast hosting you are using. For example, if Ngoc uses the Buzzsprout service, she will get the RSS feed in the “Directories” section.

If you save the word podcast in Anchor, you can go to “Settings” -> “Podcast availability” -> “RSS Distribution” as shown below.

Ok, now you go back to Facebook and paste the RSS feed link and then click “Add”

Right after that, Facebook will send you a verification code via email address, copy this code.

Go back to Facebook and you will see an unverified message (Unauthenticated), click to go to the step of entering the code

Click on “Authenticate Podcast”

Paste the verification code in, click “Authenticate”

Click on “Publish Podcast”

Ok, so you have successfully added the podcast to your Fanpage. If you have another podcast channel you want to add, then continue to click “Add podcast” and repeat the steps!
Now you can go to the settings of the Fanpage then select “Templates and Tabs” then turn on the “Podcasts” section then you can arrange the position of the tabs.
Now when you go outside the Fanpage, you will see the Podcast tab as shown below.
***Note: Currently, Ngoc sees that if we interact with Fanpage as an administrator, we will see the podcast tab and can listen to podcasts very well. However, if I change my role as a Fanpage follower, I see this tab has not appeared. Perhaps Facebook is in the process of testing & will complete the update in the near future.
When clicking on a podcast episode, the listening interface will look like the image below. Listeners can drop hearts, like or comment, share…

Adding podcasts to Facebook shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Surely there will be more good things coming with podcasts on Facebook’s platform. The podcast listening experience and features will also get better and better.

So if you’re doing podcasts, take 5 minutes to do the same things as bblogger shared above!

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