How to become a blogger in 2022 & make money from it?

How to become a blogger in 2022 & make money from it?

Become a blogger in 2022 and making money from passion is a phrase that sounds very…passionate, because who doesn’t like…make money from passion? But to make money from your passion is not an overnight thing that counts in years, even many years.

Just having passion is not enough. Setting up a blog is not enough (of course, blogging here includes writing articles, sharing content, doing marketing, etc. for the blog) but also a lot of behind-the-scene things that perhaps There are few bloggers who wholeheartedly share on newspapers or social networks.

Not sharing is not because they are bad-tempered and hide their jobs. Do not share, sometimes simply… do not know how to share for logic.

Working as a travel blogger since 2016 until now, Quyen has met a lot of bloggers who have worked hard to get the fame they are today, but also many people who follow the style of “not in time” as well.

Bloggers of the first type will of course have a lot to share with you about their path to becoming a blogger (if they want to). However, the second type is also a bit difficult to share, perhaps recommending people to #stop creating a career to hope in the next life to be a blogger!

Stop joking around, but the compilation below is a very serious card!

How to become a blogger in 2022 & make money from it?

How to become a blogger in 2022 & make money from it?

How to become a blogger in 2022 & make money from it?

1. You have to be REALLY passionate

Simple to understand: To be able to make money from your passion, you have to be REALLY passionate about what you are doing and/or want to do.

A person can have only one passion, but there are also people who have many different passions. People who have such a bunch of passions and interests are called “multipotentialites”. Quyen is a genuine multipotentiality the golden deer has stopped bewildered here!

However, a passion or a passion is not as important as when you start making money, that passion must be really big.

Before and during the establishment of, Quyen also set up many other blogs: gardening blog, home decoration blog, cooking blog, vegetarian blog… ”, only Quyen’s European travel blog and now Writing Blog Make Money is “still running well” up to now.

After a while, Quyen realized that she really liked the above fields, but just liking them was not enough. The “like” is just enough for Quyen to go to the garden every day, prune leaves to catch worms, redecorate the house, cook a few vegetarian dishes during the week. But that’s all, nothing more.

It is the passion for travel and writing about travel, the passion to learn new things in the world of blogging, the passion for making money online from blogging and blogging that is the driving force and the source of energy for Quyen to start and work. maintain these 2 blogs until now.

So, when you start to make your own blog, among many different interests, choose the one you are really passionate about, you can give up eating and sleeping for it the most, and blog about it.

That’s the first step to being successful on the road to becoming a blogger in whatever niche you choose.

2. Have knowledge of the field you want to write about

Passion alone is not enough, but besides, you must have (a lot of) knowledge about the field you want to write about. You have to really understand what you are writing in order for your readers to understand what you want to share with them.

No one becomes a food blogger after successfully cooking rice, fried eggs, and boiled water spinach. No one becomes a beauty blogger after using all eight boxes of Thorakao turmeric cream to get acne-free skin without blemishes. Similar to travel bloggers, according to Quyen, until now, no one has become a professional blogger after going to Vung Tau 2n1d tour or 5n4d Thailand tour!

A professional blogger is not simply a matter of sharing that Saigon is too empty today or it rained a lot in Hanoi yesterday. Professional bloggers, when they reach a certain level, will become experts in the field they write about.

At that time, when readers come to the blog, it is not simply “for fun”, but they really have a need to learn about that field & want to find accurate and in-depth information from the blog. that blog and blogger.

Once you have created a name and trust from your readers, you have stepped into the world of making money from passion!

3. Work seriously and patiently

Many people have heard that bloggers think this is an easy job like just sitting and gossiping on the internet. Oh no!

You can’t become a  pro if you’re not serious in the first place.

Be serious about your work hours (e.g. 4 hours/day), personal schedule (e.g. 3 posts/week), or other goals and deadlines you set for yourself.

Seriousness not only helps you to complete your work more efficiently but also helps you become more professional in the field you are pursuing. If you decide you want to make money from blogging, then from the very first day you open a blog, work seriously.

As for the patience factor, it’s because no one can succeed overnight. Unless the night before, and many nights before, you worked hard and hard.

Like everything else in life, being a blogger and possibly making money from blogging is a “long-distance game”.

And of course, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”!

4. Try before you start

Similar to when you are accepted to work at a company with a probationary period of X months, being a blogger is almost the same, except that you challenge yourself and do not have more ties to anyone else.

Not everyone is suitable for blogging, even though they love to write (and blog). And it is not enough to become a blogger and then be successful with the goal of making money from blogging.

So, before going “big” with investments in hosting, domains, theme design, etc., try starting with a free version, for example, and are the two platforms. Free blogging is great. It’s okay in the freestyle, which means just enough to use it!

After a period of at least 6 months, if you are still enthusiastic about your blog, your readers are responding positively, and you are able to chart a clear direction for your blog and for yourself for the next 6 months, then Then think about long-term investment.

5. Have a clear plan

Once you’ve passed the “probationary” phase and you’ve clearly determined that you want to pursue this career, create a detailed and clear plan for each month, quarter, and year.

Usually, it’s rare that things go as planned, life, but it’s better to have something for you to look at and work on than to just keep blogging, plugging in. I started sharing the link but I didn’t know who I wrote for, what I shared for, right?

In this section 5, see you in another article, Quyen will share about how to let bloggers set goals (also known as KPIs for its luxury) and strive to achieve them without having to… rush!

6. Understand your self worth

New bloggers often fall into the “viral” trap like this: Many companies or websites, one fine day, find your blog and start sending out email offers.

This partnership offers usually follows a common formula, which is to put a link to their page in a relevant article on your blog, ABSOLUTELY FREE, with the promise of sharing your post. With hundreds of thousands of their readers worldwide, your post will quickly go viral blah blah blah…

At first, Quyen fell into this trap a few times.

Then it’s wiser. Probably thanks to taking Omega-3 every day.

Now, every time I receive such emails, Quyen will say straight away, “Tahiti, I know, you guys are trying to make me share the link for free, right? Your link fee is 100USD, please pay 1 time via Paypal, thank you!

The result: The good companies will negotiate, and the crap will die. Save each other’s time! With a travel blog in the “pre-Covid” era, Quyen received about 3-5 emails like this every month. Usually 1 out of 3 is decent and 2 is badass!

The important thing here is that you clearly understand the value of yourself and the blog. The first time may not really need money, just need to be known by others. But then, surely blogging must be profitable, and the profits must be commensurate with the gray matter you spend.

Otherwise, I’d rather write for fun than sell my “quality” cheap, right!

7. Financial Planning and “Plan B”

If you decide to become a professional blogger, you must at least have a clear financial plan for your investments and the profitability of your blog.

Previously, Quyen had been in a situation where she had invested a lot but did not have a plan to earn a reasonable profit. What is the result? Is stress!

If you feel that the profitability from blogging is too low (for example, you write about less popular topics such as politics, religion …) then you should limit your investment to help avoid pressure for yourself later.

On the contrary, if the possibility of profit is high (especially for bloggers in popular areas such as travel, food, MMO, beauty, finance, mother & baby, family, etc.) have a more detailed financial plan to be able to decide whether to invest in the long term or not. Sometimes the times see it that way… it’s not!

And especially, there should always be plans B, C, D, E, F… for back-up in the worst case. A specific example is always in the current COVID-19 situation, Quyen’s European travel blog has almost no readers, making money from advertising and affiliate marketing seriously affected.

8. Know how to motivate yourself

Blogging is a very #codonqua job.

Going to work at the company, if you make a mistake or get yelled at by your boss, at least you still have the same karma to vent your heart out. Otherwise, go eat snails and gossip with your close friends (everyone takes care of it). If you can’t keep up with KPIs or anything, maybe there are people who can help. If you get sick, the work will also be shared with others.

But what about being a blogger?

Being a full-time blogger taught Quyen a lesson, which is to learn how to motivate yourself!

There will be times when you are stuck, want to give up, get discouraged, even GATO with the success of others. Then there are other times when you doubt yourself, whether you choose this path is right or wrong. Of course, full-topping adds to the doubts and fears of those around.

At such times, if you can’t motivate yourself, don’t have clear goals in front of you for you to look at like seeing a lighthouse in the dark sea, bloggers will surely give up very easily…

Stay calm, take a deep breath, and say to yourself, “It’s going to be okay!”

9. Learn to face… the mother of success

Bloggers are dreamers. Because if I didn’t dream, I would have gone to work for a foreign company, until the month I received a healthy salary, I would write a blog there to make my brain tired, but I don’t know what the income will be.

But no matter how dreamy, a blogger must always be prepared to meet the mother of success at any time, especially when about the first year of blogging!

Blogging is never easy, whether you are a professional writer or someone who has mastered all the latest marketing techniques in the market. In addition to passion and knowledge, sometimes there is also a bit of luck.

For some, good fortune can come very soon. But for many others, luck comes later, or even worse, they have absolutely no luck at all, and every success on the path of blogging requires sweat and tears to get there.

Therefore, if you want to become a professional blogger, you need to both keep yourself a warm heart so that you can devote yourself to pursuing your passion, but also have a cool head so that if you fail, There are still other options to calculate further.

Sometimes we fail simply because… fate did not choose us to do that job. Be wise to recognize when it is possible to continue, and when to stop to choose a new and more appropriate direction.

10. Blogging with your heart

This sounds like a contradiction to the site’s criteria of blogging… making money ha! But if you only focus on making money, you will forget the more important thing of a true blogger:  SHARE.

If you just need to make money, you will easily receive PR articles or advertising posts with light content, seeding 100 articles as one. Or just engrossed in making money at all costs but forget that people come to your blog to read information, not to buy goods.

Of course, Quyen is also a person who makes money from blogging. But that’s not an overnight thing.

To make money, you must first sell products. To sell a product, there must be a buyer. But if people don’t know you, how can they come and buy it, right?

So, before just thinking about how to make money, how to get sponsored products/services for free, how to get ABC XYZ blah blah blah… you should focus on  ONE  thing only. Best: How to Be a Mindful Blogger.

When you work with MIND, gradually you will become VISION.

And then, new doors and opportunities will automatically open before your eyes!

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