How to create a sales blog (2022) for beginners

How to create a sales blog (2022) for beginners

Want to create a sales blog? Don’t know how to start a sales blog? In this article, I will show you how to create a very simple sales blog, without you needing to know any programming techniques.

Really, creating a sales blog is extremely simple. You can completely start a sales blog yourself without spending a large amount of money to hire someone else to do it. Your job is to start creating a sales blog today with my extremely detailed instructions.

Now, let’s dig deeper.

1. Name the sales blog

How to create a sales blog (2022) for beginners

How to create a sales blog (2022) for beginners

First, you need to choose a name for your blog. Choosing a domain name for your blog is extremely important, it helps users find your site on the internet. Therefore, you need to choose a domain name that users can easily remember.

So, you need to know how to choose a suitable domain name. Basically, there will be 3 main ways below to name the blog:

  • Make your own name: Naming after your own name is an easy and effective way to name it – making it possible to build your personal brand. However, you need to keep the name very short, no more than 2 words. Some brands are named after their own names that you may know such as Phong Vu, Trung Nguyen (Trung Nguyen cafe).
  • Names that don’t make sense: This is the most common naming scheme used by most major brands. Naming this way makes it easy to build a brand that works for all types of products, and it’s usually short, rhyming, and easy to remember. For example Shopee, Lazada, Tiki.
  • Naming with meaningful words: This is also an extremely effective naming method, when readers see the domain name, they know the product that your blog is dealing in. However, it is necessary to give a really meaningful name eg: thegioididong, noithathoanmy.

Above are 3 ways to name your blog. Depending on the product industry you do business in, you can choose the domain name that is really suitable. Usually, you should name with words that have no meaning because this naming is suitable for all types of products that you do business with, short, easy-to-remember names make it easy for you to build your brand.

If you have no idea how to choose a name with meaningless words, you can visit Feldarkrealms – this is a site where you can search for meaningless words to name your sales blog.

After choosing a suitable name, you need to choose a domain name registrar to own (buy) the domain name you have chosen.

With more than 2 years of blogging experience and through the process of researching domain name registrars, I recommend you to use the domain name at Namesilo. Because this is a cheap domain name provider, especially Namesilo is a rare provider with free domain security features, usually, you have to pay fees at most other domain name registrars.

2. Choose Hosting Service

Your sales blog needs to be hosted online by a web hosting company before you can do anything else (and display it on the Internet).

The web hosting company that I recommend (to get your selling blog online) is HawkHost. This is one of the oldest, reputable hosting companies that bloggers use to get their websites online. The recommendation of this Hosting provider is evaluated by me on 3 factors:

  • price
  • customer support
  • Hosting quality (uptime and loading speed)

Now, choose a name and hosting plan for your sales blog.

Choose a domain name for your sales blog

When you select “GET STARTED” you will be taken to a page where you can choose a domain name for your blog:

HawkHost also provides domain name services. So when you start to register Hosting here, you will be suggested to choose a domain name for your blog.

Here you will have 3 choices: 

Register a new domain: Register a new domain name.

Transfer your domain from another registrar:  Transfer the registered domain name to HawkHost.

I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers:  Use the domain name from another provider and will update the Nameserver information.

If you have purchased a domain name at  Namesilo or already own a domain name at another registrar, you will enter your domain name in the final selection HawkHost will assist you in adding the domain name and updating the domain name information for you…

In case, you do not have a domain name, you just need to enter the domain name you want at  Register a new domain  (mine is When entering the domain name you will select “Check” to check if your domain name is available. If the domain name you selected is still available, select “Add” to add the domain name to the cart and select “Continue” to continue.

If the domain name you selected is not available, you can try a few other options that come to mind. Also, if you don’t have a domain name idea yet, you can refer to my guide to choosing a domain name to be able to choose the most suitable domain name for your blog.

Choose the right hosting plan for your blog

After you have chosen a domain name that is suitable for your sales blog, this will be the next step you have to take. This is where you will choose your billing cycle and hosting location.

Note that  HawkHost only offers options for you to prepay for 1 month, 12 months, and 24 months. Personally, I recommend choosing ” 24 Month Price” if you want to latch the lowest price possible for hosting service and Google will evaluate the credibility of you higher on their stuff – because Google knows your hosting time and they rate your blog authority if you sign up for the long term plans – that’s what I use.

And it guarantees your blog hosting at its lowest for the next 2 years. Because this low new customer rate applies only to the first payment you make, if you choose a 1-year plan, your price may go up after that first year.

That’s why if you choose the 24-month plan, your price will be kept at this level for 2 years. For that reason, I recommend using the longest-term plan your budget can afford.

Regarding the Hosting location, HawkHost has both servers located in Hong Kong and Singapore. These are the two server locations for the fastest speed to Vietnam currently. I am using location in Hong Kong and I recommend you to use location here because for very fast, stable speed and not affected by underwater fiber optic cable breakage.

Select the add-on package (Available Addons). I recommend you skip all the extra packages above. Later in this guide, I’ll show you many free plugins & tools that you can use for things like SEO optimization, additional security, and web backups.

After you have made the necessary settings, you will select “Continue” to continue.

Choose an additional package for your sales blog

If you use a domain name at another registrar and already have it protected like at  Namesilo, you will not have this step and there will be no fee to protect the domain name.

In case, you buy a domain name at  HawkHost, they will take you to the domain name setup section. I recommend keeping the “ Domain Privacy Protection” extra. Having the added privacy of your domain keeps all your personal contact information (name, email, phone number, and address) private.

So, keeping domain information secure is very important to add privacy protection. You will check the box “ID Protection” to add this extra package for only $3 and you will save yourself the hassle. worth having. 

This is the last step before you pay.

You need to double-check the configurations you have made about your hosting service and your domain name. You need to review the location of the Hosting server and the amount that needs to be paid.

Here I register hosting service Hosting server located in Singapore and domain name “” are 2 years for Hosting service, domain name, and privacy protection service.

Note,  about applying discount code, here  HawkHost has automatically applied a lifetime discount code up to 25% to the total bill. The total bill you need to pay this time is $ 99.66 after applying the discount code then you only have to pay $ 81.72. 

After checking, you will select “Checkout” to initiate payment.

Enter payment information

The last step, so that you can own a domain name and Hosting to start a sales blog.

You should note when completing the payment procedure:

1. Email address: You need to enter the exact email address you use because HawkHost will contact you via this email address.

2. Postcode: is the postcode

3. Password: password, you should have uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numbers, and special characters

4. Payment method: If you pay by Visa or Mastercard, you will choose the first payment method “Credit Card”. In the first column, you will enter the 16 numbers on the front of your Visa or Mastercard, the next column is the expiration time of the card, the last column is you enter the last 3 numbers on the back of the card.

After completing the payment, HawkHost will send you a confirmation email including billing account information.

Great! You have officially completed the first important step to starting a sales blog.

With the initial signup complete, it’s time to move on to the next stage of setting up and optimizing your blog.

Disclosure:  Please note that when you purchase hosting using my HawkHost affiliate link they compensate me which makes it the ultimate guide to starting a free blog for you. Know that I also use HawkHost hosting and I would never recommend a product, tool, or service that I do not personally use & endorse.

Connect domain name with Hosting

If you use a domain name and Hosting without a provider, you need to connect them together (also known as pointing the domain to Hosting). To be able to point the domain to Hosting – you need to change the default NameServers address of the domain name to the Hosting NameServers address.

First,  you will log in to your domain name provider at  Namesilo,  select My Account > Domain Manager (in the right corner of the screen) > Choose your domain name. 

This is the default NameServers address of Namesilo. You need to change this NameServers address to the Hosting address.

To get the Hosting NameServers address, you have 2 ways:

Firstly, when registering Hosting successfully, you will receive an email from HawkHost about account information including NameServers address as shown:

Second, you can log in to the Hosting manager to get the NameServers address.

So you already own the domain name and Hosting for your sales blog. Let’s get down to the basic settings before your posts can be seen by readers on search engines.

3. Design your sales page

Once you have completed purchasing a web hosting plan, then you need to choose a blogging platform. The blogging platform that 93% of bloggers in Vietnam use is called WordPress.

WordPress is a content publishing platform that has been around for almost two decades and now hosts over 35% of all websites on the Internet (including my blog right here).

First, you need to install WordPress on the hosting where you signed up. To install you need to login to Cpanel in your Hosting manager.

Here you go to SOFTWARE > Softaculous Apps Installer

Then select Install on the WordPress icon to start the installation. And here is the information you need to add to complete the WordPress installation.

Here, you need to choose the domain name where you will install the WordPress platform as shown in the picture above, the domain name I installed is ( and create an account and password you will use to access the blog management yours on WordPress.

The remaining options like Plugins or Themes you will be able to customize after installation and I will guide you to do so with the instructions below.

After completing the WordPress creation, you will be provided with an address where you can administer your sales blog. The path will look like this: ( From now on, all the things you want to publish to the user will be done on this.

Set up the interface for the sales blog

The WordPress platform offers you thousands of free themes. So, you can easily choose a suitable interface to start with. 

First, you will choose the interface and add new.

Here, there are more than 4000 free themes for you to choose from. However, you need to choose a theme that really suits your sales blog.

The good news is, WordPress supports you with theme filtering so you can easily choose the right theme for your blog theme.

You just need to choose a suitable sales interface. Then select Settings and activate the skin. After activating the interface, you just need to select the customization section to set the interface accordingly. Since the theme is free, there are also some limitations in setting up your sales blog.

If you want to use a paid interface to make it easier and faster to set up a sales blog, then Flatsome is a great choice for you – this is the best sales interface used by most users. used sales blogger. You can easily customize everything on your blog easily and beautifully.

Free WordPress plugins for your sales blog

WordPress plugins play an important role in how your blog will perform.

There are many plugins you can use and are completely free on WordPress. However, it is also difficult for beginners to choose the plugin to use. So, I will give you the most essential plugins that every blog needs to start blogging and the necessary plugins for your sales blog:

1.  Rankmath: This is a very powerful plugin, they are confident that with using Rankmath you will not need to install any other SEO support plugins. The more people can find your content, the better your blog will perform. The Rankmath plugin helps you optimize your blog post title, description, content length, and other factors across your entire blog so search engines can find you more easily.

2.  Jetpack: This is a plugin used to increase online traffic, secure your website, monitor performance and much more. It includes several modules that can be activated (or not), and install themselves as a new feature of WordPress.

3.  Contact Form 7: You’ll want your readers to be able to contact you easily, which I highly recommend – as it will encourage other bloggers who want to collaborate with you to have an easy opportunity. easy contact.

4.  TinyMCE Advanced: Because WordPress’s text editor is very simple and has few manipulations. So you need to install this plugin to be able to enrich your text editor.

5. Woocommerce: this is a plugin that every sales blog must have – so you can create an online sales blog. Moreover, it also provides you with the functions that a sales blog needs such as: order cart, quantity of goods, payment, promotion and customer registration, etc.

6. LiteSpeed ​​Cache: This is a plugin that helps increase website speed completely for free. Google is very concerned with user experience, so pages with slow loading speed will not be ranked highly by Google. What’s more, users themselves will leave if your site is slow to respond. 

4. Create content for your sales blog

Of course, if only having a sales page is not enough, it is not natural for users to know and buy your products. To sell products you need to create content around the product on your blog. So that customers can know about information, uses of products and whether they are really suitable for those products.

First, when you start blogging, you need to write about what your readers are looking for. To know this, you can use the following completely free keyword research tools:

And here’s a search I did on Google Ads 

Example: You create a blog that sells guitars, then you need to create content around it. And a tutorial on how to play the guitar is an idea where you can start writing. Here, the extremely good article writing keyword phrase is “How to play the guitar”, this keyword phrase has 1N – 10N searches per month and low competition, great for you to start…

Once you have an idea of ​​​​the content of the article, you need to know how to write an SEO standard blog post to be highly appreciated and ranked by Google every time a user searches for the keyword “How to play guitar”. 

Once you have identified the first post that you want to write, you will navigate to the “Posts” section from the WordPress dashboard.

Go to Posts   Write New Post. Next, you will be taken to a brand new posts page that looks like this.

From now on, to attract customers to your sales blog, you need to create a lot of content around the product on your blog, when readers know the information and features of the product if really. appropriate, then they will make a purchase decision.

Now, let’s move on to the final step of “promoting a sales blog” so that your blog can quickly gain revenue.

5. Promote your sales blog

You need a specific blog promotion strategy to be able to attract readers ( increase visits ) to your blog.

Of course, before you can promote your blog, you also need to have value for your readers if you want to attract them to your blog – by publishing content on the blog.

So, you need to publish content regularly so that you can drive more traffic back to your blog in the long run – you have to actively promote the blog.

It won’t happen overnight, but by focusing on these promotion channels, your blog will grow faster than you think.

Here are some proven ways to promote your blog.

Start building an email list

I always recommend that if you’re just starting a blog, build an email list with it. Because email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your content.

An email list is a group of people who have provided you with their email address so that they can receive email updates from you when you publish a blog post. Readers won’t automatically join your email address, so the strategy here is to give your readers a free gift in exchange for them joining your email list.

This will get you a list of your target audience. Because they have to be interested in your blog content in order for them to join the email list. The gift could be an ebook of content that the reader is interested in but isn’t on your blog.

Then you need to create a signup form on your blogs and in each blog post so that it can be easily seen by the readers. And write personalized emails to grow the relationship between you and your email subscribers. Then you can market the products you want.

The best platform where you can create your own email signup forms and create marketing campaigns is  Mailchimp  – it’s a free platform where you can get started.

Share your personal blog posts on social networks

As a new blog, the easiest and most effective way to promote the blog is to share your posts on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram or any other group of people who are interested. to your blog.

All you need to do is find groups on Facebook that have people interested in your blog and start sharing your posts. If you are just starting out, you should start with moderate groups and groups of about 5000 members or more.

This is also the way to find the target audience for your blog. Because most of the team members are interested in the topic you are building.

To really be effective, you need to share a lot – this helps connect you with your team members. If readers regularly see what you share, they will remember you and trust your articles.

Final thoughts on starting a sales blog

Starting a sales blog in 2021 shouldn’t be difficult – my 5 easy steps will help you start a sales blog today.

You need to be consistent with the content you choose, publish content that is useful to your readers, and use my blog growth strategies. Believe that, you will get unexpected results with the effort you have put in.

Good luck! If there are any difficulties getting started with your sales blog then leave a comment below – I will reply as soon as possible.

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