How to name a good blog in 2021

How to name a good blog in 2021

How to name a good blog? Thinking of starting a blog? One of the most difficult decisions potential blog owners often face is finding a suitable name. Things like relevance, brand recognition, and catchiness all come into focus. Do people in your target audience find your blog name appealing? Is it a name that can grow with your brand? Are the possible options easy to spell, pronounce, or use in a sentence? Does the name you are thinking of accurately reflect the type of content and writing style that will be posted on the blog?

As you can see, there is a lot to think about before naming a blog. If you’re having a hard time trying to find the perfect blog name, there are several things you can do. First, it’s important to do some research:

1. Focus on what’s important to your target audience

A good naming strategy is to look for words or phrases that highlight the main thing your target audience is interested in. Example: Biz Tips Denise Wakeman’s Blog is a blog that shares with readers various tips on how to make money from different types of businesses. In this case, the blog’s name clearly alludes to the needs of its target audience – people who are looking for advice on how to start a business and make money.

2. Research Your Niche

Finding your niche in a crowded industry is crucial, and the right blog name can help set you apart from your competitors. That’s why fully understanding your niche should come before you launch your blog. What topics do famous bloggers in your industry write about and how do they engage their audience? How will you make your blog and content different from what already exists? Are there any notable trends among blog names in your industry? Getting answers to these questions will not only help you define your niche but can also assist in narrowing down potential names for your blog.

3. Consider Your Brand’s Long-Term Goals

A blog name that sounds great today may not be as great a few years later if your blog or business expands. For example, a web developer might start a blog with a name that focuses solely on CSS. Let’s say it’s called CSS Tips for Beginners. If the blog owner later starts creating content in JavaScript, Python, or other programming languages, that blog name will likely become obsolete. Therefore, you should choose a name that will grow with your brand rather than one that just sounds appealing at the moment.

Another consideration when thinking of branding as a blog name strategy is if the domain name contains relevant keywords. Keywords in the blog domain are not necessarily helpful as far as SEO ranking is concerned. However, blog names with keywords related to user search intent will likely be clicked on blog names without keywords. For example, if you are searching for physiotherapy-related information on Google, you will be attracted by clicking on domain results containing physiotherapy, health, medical and related words. other meanings instead of vague words.

Strategies to choose a blog name

Try a blog name generator.

Try puns.

Use your own name.

Go for a completely generated word.

Consult the thesaurus.

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