In 2022, what topic to blog about to get money?

In 2022, what topic to blog about to get money?

What topic to blog about to get money? – If you are still planning to become a blogger in this new year of 2022 and want to maximize your ability to earn more passive income from blogging, these are the topics that you can consider pursuing!

These owners are purely due to Quyen’s personal observations, through the bloggers in the same field sharing about the income and potential of the niche they are pursuing.

Besides, because Quyen is also on the way to becoming a professional flipper blog and closely follows major blog exchanges in the world, it is also easy to notice some popular topics/trends. pop up today on the blogging market.

New year, blogging topics to… have money?

In 2022, what topic to blog about to get money?

In 2022, what topic to blog about to get money?

1. Personal Finance

Finance/money/investment, in general, is always a topic that attracts many readers, simply because… who doesn’t like money, right!

However, only when COVID-19 passed, causing many people to lose their jobs, or to lower their incomes, change careers, etc., did the topic of personal finance begin to be interested in a meaningful way. more special.

In the blogger community in Vietnam, Quyen noticed a lot of new bloggers appearing in this field. Even people who have expertise in the field of finance / personal finance also have, and bloggers who share based on personal experience also have.

Also a Vietnamese blog, but your blog Ngan Jones (a finance and accounting person, living in the UK) and Chi Nguyen (an education researcher, living in the US) also share quite complete and detailed information on the topic. personal finance.

English blogs are countless. Just search with the keyword finance blog or personal finance blog and you will be overwhelmed with online resources from Google!

Niche content topics that can be developed from this topic include:

  • A frugal living (English is frugal living, Quyen is currently investing in “raising” a blog on this topic, waiting for the day to bring it to the “market”, hahaha!)
  • Early Retirement (how to achieve financial freedom and be able to retire early)
  • Passive income (usually suitable for full-time nursing mothers)
  • Investments (stocks, stocks, Bitcoin, etc.)
  • Side-hustle (This is Vietnamese Quyen doesn’t know how to explain, but roughly in the spirit of “from hobby to money”, a kind of “side-job to make money” online. Create a blog and become a blogger as well. is one of them.)

As you can see, the potential for growth and leadership for this type of blog is huge! If you have enough knowledge and experience, why not try it out in 2021!

2. Health & Fitness

Besides money, health is what we all always put first. So, this is a topic that can attract a large audience (if you make it out, of course), with great potential for income generation as well.

Fitness (roughly “keeping in shape”) is a bit picky to read, because not everyone is really interested in whether the body is fit or not but mainly focuses on healthy living, disease prevention, and healthy eating. For most.

However, with Gen Y and Gen Z, it is different. Readers at this age are relatively young, and they care more about body shape/appearance than the previous generation (from Gen X and earlier). They are also the target group with the biggest online shopping and consumption habits.

So, if you intend to set up a fitness blog for this group of readers, the potential for making money from blogging is huge!

Some niche topics:

  • Eat healthy without spending money
  • Physical exercise (running, gym, yoga …)
  • Popular diets with recipes (Keto, Paleo, Low-carb …)
  • Nutrition and health for children

3. Cuisine

As one of the “four pleasures” of human beings, but without “pleasure”, no one can live without eating, so the food blog is always a sustainable topic with time, lasting through the ages. Translate!

Niche topics to explore:

  • Cooking instructions (can be a specific guide to a certain type of food such as cake, chocolate, vegetarian dishes, savory dishes, etc. or a general guide to all dishes)
  • Culinary review
  • A certain style of cuisine (Korean food, Japanese cuisine, European food, etc.)
  • Eat and drink sparingly
  • Quick-cooking for busy families
  • Cuisine combined with travel (where you go, eat traditional dishes, learn to cook traditional dishes in that country …)

4. Lifestyle

Contrary to other types of blogging and/or blogging advice that says “you need to have a niche” to be successful, lifestyle blogging is a whole different realm where you can write a combination of several things. topics at the same time can still make a difference from other blogs!

It sounds so virtual!

Currently, in Vietnam, Quyen has not found a blog that can be called a true lifestyle blog following the common style of the international lifestyle blogger community. Most bloggers are still loyal to the type of mood sharing like an online diary page rather than a well-organized lifestyle blog in terms of content and can generate revenue from it.

In English blogs, Quyen regularly follows Advice From a Twenty-SomethingAdvice From a Thirty-Something (both of these two pages were founded by the same person, but for 02 different groups of readers & you can see through the blog’s domain), The Elgine Avenue , The Every Girl , That Scandinavian Feeling and Life Goals Mag.

5. Parenting Blog

Usually, this blog is more popular as a mom blog than a parenting blog, although there are a lot of moms out there who are also blogging about parenting and full-time careers. at home.

The emergence of the trend of working online, freelance, working from home (especially after COVID-19), selling online, etc. has made more and more parents decide to stay at home to raise their children all the time. time, accompanied by homeschooling (if desired). And from there, the parenting blog was born and quickly became one of the most profitable blogging topics today.

The blogs often focus on sharing about parenting, pregnancy/pregnancy journey, health care for children, eating (from birth to weaning, learning to feel like an adult), and so on and clouds.

In the US, many mom bloggers started from a personal hobby during maternity leave (blogging & sharing) and became bloggers earning tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars/year from my blog!

In Vietnam, Quyen has not yet found a parenting blog she likes to introduce to readers. Hopefully one day soon, there will be a delicious blog on this topic!

Some niche topics:

  • Being a parent and working from home
  • Traveling with children
  • Homeschooling
  • Parenting in a certain style (e.g. English/French/American/Japanese/Korean/Jewish parenting…)
  • Raising children by age (infant, preschool, teen …)

6. Blog marketing

Blog marketing can include traditional marketing, digital marketing, content marketing or anything related to the field.

Along with the development of technology and social media, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing are always forecasted to continue to develop further in the future. So, if you are struggling with blogging about any topic to make money, try your hand in this field!

Some niche topics:

  • Marketing for small businesses/start-ups
  • Marketing is less expensive
  • Industry news and forecasts
  • Digital Marketing Strategy (SEO, email marketing, website analytics…)

7. Blog DIY

The year 2020 witnessed the rise of the trend of “house addiction”, repairing and renovating old houses from dilapidated to shimmering, from a tattered balcony to a small green garden… Accompanying that, in the country In addition, DIY blogs (in general) thrive. And in Vietnam… Quyen still hasn’t seen it!!!

Blogs like this often hit the mentality of liking beauty and like to do it with their own hands, along with extremely harsh before – after visuals that make people admire and praise.

With these types of blogs, as long as the blogger masters the techniques of affiliate marketing, the revenue from affiliate marketing for the blog will not be small.

In addition, the life of the DIY blog will also be very long and is hardly influenced by objective factors (compared to other blogs, typically travel blogs).

Some niche topics:

  • Repairing, renovating (partially or completely) houses/balconies, gardens…
  • Handicrafts, can be combined with the sale of products such as gifts, cards, handmade jewelry…
  • Handmade cosmetics

How to make money with these themes?

It’s not just choosing a topic and writing that your blog can make money instantly. In order for the blog to be profitable, you need to put in a little extra work to do the following:

Create valuable content

A blog with a hot topic like personal finance, but the content inside has absolutely no value / brings too little value to the reader, it is also difficult to make money compared to a blog in a niche. The area is less hot , but bloggers invest in more thoughtful content!

Today, valuable content can be understood as follows:

  • Focus on the reader, instead of trying to SEO keywords to satisfy Google’s algorithm like before.
  • The presentation is clear, the interface is bright, the font is error-free.
  • In the end of course still have to SEO, but again, not SEO keywords bluff to get to the top (and will also quickly… down)!

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the simplest way for you to start generating revenue with your blog. As long as you have a blog with full, long-form content, pages, categories and articles that are logically and clearly organized, the blog’s content doesn’t violate Google’s ToS and you’re good to go. can register to run ads with Google Adsense.

However, the minus point of Google Adsense is that the payout is not high, if not… too little. After a period of blogging, if you can achieve at least 10,000 views per month , you can immediately switch to Ezoic – also an advertising platform, with a much higher payout.

Currently, within less than a month of launch, this page has achieved that number of views and is currently running ads with Ezoic here. No matter how humble, Quyen still has to pat herself on the shoulder to praise herself!

Affiliate Marketing

If you intend to become a professional blogger or are even on this path, you already know that affiliate marketing is one of the keys to creating a sustainable passive income from blogging.

But knowing is one, and how to apply it to the blog properly and effectively is another matter. For Quyen personally and the types of blogs that Quyen is pursuing (travel blogs, blogs about blogging), to be able to successfully apply the knowledge of affiliate marketing to the blog and see the results from it requires Asking blogger takes at least 3-6 months.

Hopefully, the sharing and answers to the question of what topic to blog about in 2022 will help you somewhat gain more confidence and direction for your blogging career to make money!

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