Is it difficult to write a personal blog?

Is it difficult to write a personal blog?

Is it difficult to write a personal blog? Difficult, extremely difficult because the fact that to be able to sit and write is already a luxury. Life, family, friends, money… have run out of time. So, how much time do you spend writing articles for your personal blog?

Passion?  It’s not enough. Passion is just something we say for fun. In fact, blogging for whatever purpose, everyone will have their own purpose. Some people write because they want to share, some people write because they want to make money, run ads, etc.

Note that this article is about creating a personal blog, not a certain topic website. A personal blog is a place where we share our knowledge, thoughts, and life. Not making news websites or services.

Is it difficult to write a personal blog?

Difficult  – For me, this is the second time I restart a personal Blog project. Before that, I worked for Blog, at first I was very diligent in writing. I have to publish an article almost every night. One post a day like that.

Then gradually time separated 1 week 2 posts, then 1 month 1 post, then finally 2 years without any posts. The end for Blog is that I have the idea of ​​​​breaking and rebuilding a new topic for it.

The second time is this Blog  here. Up to now, I’m still in the same diligent stage as the first “one lesson per night”. Hope I don’t get stuck with the old Blog.

That’s it, guys. Writing a personal blog is basically not difficult. But to create the motivation to write and have the conditions to write is the problem.

For those of you who are unmarried and still receive financial support from your parents, blogging is very simple. But you guys just try to work, be independent, or have a family to see. It’s really hard to sit and write blog posts.

We still have to worry about many things that Blog has not brought us anything. Even the thank you comment from readers sometimes waits forever to see.

When should I write a personal blog?

Is it difficult to write a personal blog?

Is it difficult to write a personal blog?

As above, you probably understand what I mean. To be able to launch a personal blog, we need to be really comfortable and at least not be eating every meal. I don’t use fancy words because I myself used to eat instant noodles for a whole month to learn web making and graphics. So these are the issues that I learn from my own experience.

We need to understand that Personal Blog is the representation of ourselves on the internet. The blog is our online home for everyone to access to read news and knowledge. Building a personal brand from blogging is extremely effective that anyone should do. As in the personal brand domain name I mentioned.

To start implementing your personal blog, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. When you have a clear theme for your Blog

Sure, making a blog or website, before searching for a domain name, we must have a clear topic. The same goes for writing personal blogs.

In my opinion, a personal blog is usually to share knowledge, share about life and guide a certain area that the blog owner understands best. We need to make the topic we really understand, really good at it to be able to write for a long time. Let’s not try to follow the crowd or the trend.

My profession is to do web design services, graphics. I myself work from home, so the areas I write about will be WordPressSeo, and freelancer.

Take a look at the fields you’re working on, which one do you like the most, which one you’re the best at. Use that array to write personal blogs. Make sure you will not be bored when entering the writing area of ​​the blog.

2. When you are really comfortable economically and in control of your time

We need to accept this issue and think carefully before you start. I myself have had it once and now that Blog I don’t want to develop anymore. At that time, I was still struggling to earn a living, so I started a personal blogging project. And now how that project is, I present it above.

Calm down, maybe buy the domain name first and leave it at that. Do not rush, wait for the right time, when you are really comfortable, deploy. The most beautiful is when I have a stable job, a regular income without being dependent on anything.

In fact, we can hardly know when the economy is comfortable. But consider, at some point when you feel ENOUGH, then you should start.

Only then will you really have time to create content, have time to sit down, and write articles for your personal blog.

3. Do not attach importance to personal blogging to make money

When you already know the website or know how to make a website. If you have a purpose to make money on the Website, then build another money-making website. As for personal domain names, when you start this project, don’t put too much emphasis on making money with them.

I said above that when doing personal blogging, you need to be comfortable economically. Therefore, please share, do your best to create a Blog with your brand first. For the first few years, don’t think about making money on your personal blog.

Let Blog grow your own way with your quality content. You should focus a lot on content so that your Blog is useful to readers.

Do not try to insert ads to attract clicks because there is not much. Do not insert affiliate links that are too obvious for users to click, if so, insert them delicately in an acceptable context. You also do not try to do dropship on your Blog, because then your sentence will be very attractive to users, really.

Personal blogs are not like service websites. We write personal blogs, we share all the knowledge we have. Readers see our articles, they understand the enthusiasm of the Blog owner. So let’s build a brand,  develop a good website. When your Blog is really big and strong. Then think about making money with a Blog.

That’s all

This article is really what I share with you and also to remind myself. Currently, I have a stable life with an acceptable income. But who knows, I’m busy with work and don’t have time to take care of the blog. I hope that after this article, you and I will spend more time on the Blog.

Writing a personal blog is simple, but implementing and maintaining it is not. Hope you will find inspiration to build and take good care of your blog. Wish you are always happy and successful in life.

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