Is Link Stability A Google Ranking Factor?

Is Link Stability A Google Ranking Factor?


How important is Link Stability in Google’s search ranking, given that editing of links on the web is always going to happen. Coming to this article, VietMoz will help you better understand link Stability, as well as answer the question is it a ranking factor of Google or not?

What is Link Stability?

Link Stability is a term for link stability and has a connection with search rankings that was coined in a patent with the name “link churn” appearing in 2006.

Some people think that the stability of links is reflected in the fact that they exist on a page without being edited. This can generate good signals used by Google’s algorithms. So whether that concept is really true or not, find out right below the following paragraphs:

Is Link Stability an Important Google Ranking Factor?

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Link Stability is considered a stable link when it has not changed for a long time on the site. You can understand changes that will break the link stability include swapping URLs and making adjustments to anchor text.

A website is said to have high “link churn” when it makes frequent changes to outbound links on the site. In it, a patent describing a possible update to Google’s algorithm was filed in 2005, and this is where it will be used as a ranking factor.

Here is an excerpt from the patent mentioned on the forum Webmasterworddetail:

  • Methods according to point 54, which also include: identification of indications of link discontinuity for linked documents providing linked data; and based on link churn, adjust the rating of the linked document.
  • Method according to point 61, in which the signature of link churn is calculated as a function of the degree to which one or more links provided by the linking document changes over time.
  • The 62 point method, where the ranking adjustment includes a ranking penalty if the link churn exceeds the threshold.

To simplify the content of the patent as above, we will interpret it according to the following 3 points:

  • The algorithm update will evaluate a site’s link churn, which is used to adjust the weighting for outbound links.
  • Link churn is calculated based on how often links and anchor text change on a particular web page.
  • Google may penalize sites if their links are broken above a certain threshold. However, they have not mentioned specifically what that threshold is within.

Ever since this patent appeared, most SEOs and webmasters have recognized that maintaining the stability of links is a factor for search rankings.

Through the content that we have just mentioned, anyone is probably hesitant to adjust external links due to fear of this signal having a negative effect on their web rankings or not. are not?

To demonstrate link stability as a ranking factor for Google, you need to go back to the time when Google filed the patent back in 2005. With this reading You can review it on the web, but the content has been modified many times.

Only version today’s patent It doesn’t mention content related to link churn, but according to content this is a strong indicator of link stability that used to be a ranking factor, but it’s no longer relevant.

In addition, Google also reminds us that not everything that Google patents are used in search results


Despite gathering evidence before, there is no good reason why Google measures how quickly websites modify outbound links for them. Furthermore, there is no indication that editing outbound links can generate a negative signal known as link churn. As such, link stability is hard to come by as a Google ranking factor.

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