Review of the 9 best rank checking tools 2022

Review of the 9 best rank checking tools 2022


Rank checking tools were born to serve the needs of SEOs and webmasters to see what happens on pages that affect their website rankings. Thanks to the rank checking and tracking tools, it’s easier for you to compare any domain name rankings. In this article, VietMoz will help you evaluate different types of rank checking tools that provide the best features for SEO.

What is a Rank Checker?

A rank checker is software that helps you track your keyword rankings and the progress of your SEO campaigns. The main role of this tool is to help you optimize on-page SEO performance through keyword research. Best of all, it provides important data including keywords, search volume, traffic… on SERPs. Besides the ranking checker tools like Ahrefs, Moz Pro, SemRush… there are other free tools, typically Google Search Console.

9 best rank checking tools today


It is a real-time based keyword rank checker and is the top choice for ranking tracking among business owners. SEranking ensures 100% accurate real-time ranking of keywords right on your website based on country and region preferences.

Besides, the tool also offers a series of features to help you better control SEO rankings. It includes checking backlinks, referring domain data, site performance for SERPs features.

Even if you don’t know who your competitors really are, the tool suggests and gives you insights into the top search results.

Characteristic features:

SE Ranking is a complete tool when it comes to providing full features to help improve the overall SEO performance of the website. You can leverage it to discover keywords or ads your competitors are running in paid and organic search campaigns.


  • Check and track rankings precisely because they are based on location.
  • Offers pretty good site testing.
  • Suggestions, keyword tracking
  • Detailed overview of SEO performance
  • Research and analyze competitors
  • Simple interface
  • Integration with web analytics tools

It can be seen that with this tool you have 3 payment options depending on your need to use more or less of its features. Include usage frequency, subscription period, and keyword count.

seranking rank checker tool

In addition, this tool also allows you to try it for free for 14 days before deciding whether or not to pay a sum of money to own it.


SEMRush must be a name that is no longer strange to those who have been doing SEO for a long time, this is the best support tool for Digital marketers and SEO experts.

SEMRush specializes in checking rankings or exact keywords for SEO professionals, and also collects data from Google and continuously monitors the daily rankings of any domain name. It is for that same reason that it has become one of the most reliable rank checking tools on the market today.

Now it’s easier than ever to check your site’s rankings, you can filter data through 1 of 16 SERP features to see which keywords make the most sense. for a chance to rank on search engines.

semrush rank checker tool

Characteristic features:

SEMRush specializes in examining keywords to help web pages structure them more orderly, into meaningful segments. From there, filter reports by tag to provide more comprehensive SEO data.


  • Check keyword rankings, any domain name quickly.
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Report website rankings worldwide, or from a certain region, geography.

SEMRush also provides customers with 3 options, suitable for newbies, small and medium businesses or even large enterprises. Depending on your needs, you can choose 1 of the 3 packages above.



Ahrefs . Tool is one of the best keyword rank checker tools that you must not miss. With an intuitive interface design, you will not feel overwhelmed by a lot of data as it retrieves. .


  • Check keyword rankings very quickly based on the analysis of user’s search difficulty and volume.
  • Provide domain ranking information
  • Allows tracking of your sitelinks, rankings and keywords.


  • Keyword tracking reports are not synced.
  • High cost of payment.

price Ahrefs


SERPWatcher is known for being a tab owner for the potential of organic traffic to your website on a daily basis. Your task is simply to enter the domain name and start checking.

SERPWatcher tool

In addition, with this tool you will also receive email alerts about important changes in ranking positions. In particular, the data you get from this tool can be shared with customers and team members thanks to the report sharing feature.

Special features:

Overall, this is a pretty simple and intuitive ranking checker for most people including newbies.


  • Monitor keyword ranking reports daily.
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop devices.
  • Reports are interactive and shareable.
  • Track the ranking of the whole website on 50,000 different locations.
  • Provides performance metrics for website organic traffic.

SERPWatcher is one of the few ranking checkers with a 48-hour money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. You can proactively request the cancellation of any subscription. Similar to other tools, it also provides customers with 3 options with prices ranging from low to high corresponding to certain usage features.


Wincher is a ranking checker tool that is used by many people and is considered to be affordable. It helps online businesses track their SEO efforts over time including a powerful ranking check, as well as improve overall SEO performance.

wincher tool

In addition, Wincher also possesses special features that help you find and focus on high-volume keywords that both you and your competitors may not be aware of.

Characteristic features:

  • Improve ranking position on SERPs.
  • Provide daily report sheet by email.
  • Competitor tracking, automatic keyword suggestions.
  • Compatible with many devices.

This is a tool with quite flexible pricing and cost effective. You can easily choose any monthly/yearly subscription plan depending on the size of your business.

Advanced Web Ranking

This tool helps you to report keyword rankings on demand for online businesses. Specifically, it collects accurate ranking data right across every device, search engine and language within an hour.

Advanced webranking tool

In particular, it also helps you create attractive SEO reports, in which the data arrangement layout you can customize flexibly. On top of that, you’ll also get an overview of your competitors by tracking the keywords they use to rank for on search engines.

Characteristic features:

Big name brands like Microsoft and Amazon, use this tool to grow their businesses. However, Advanced Web Ranking is constantly improving the functionality and optimizing the more intuitive user interface.


  • Custom SEO Reports
  • Find relevant keywords and let you know your chances of ranking with them.
  • Helps you keep track of the most important keywords.
  • Discover detailed competitor information
  • Unlimited sites and users
  • Get all the features of SERPs.

This is a tool that offers users a 30-day free trial, a money-back guarantee if not satisfied. After the free usage period, you have the option to pay for any package by month or by year.



Authoritylabs is the rank checker of choice for digital marketing agencies for its in-depth keyword tracking right on a website. Your task is to provide the keywords, domains and locations that you are looking to check. The tool will help you check and report keyword rankings daily.


  • Track keywords with high volume
  • Provide detailed keyword information
  • Monitor competitors’ keywords


  • No point of API integration
  • The fee is a bit expensive
  • UX/UI experience is not good compared to SEMRush

Moz Pro

Moz Rank Checker is one of a few seconds keyword rank checker, it predicts keyword search volume for terms and phrases with more than 95% accuracy. Best of all, this tool also helps you discover rankings for potential keywords that you might want to track


  • Get a comprehensive ranking check, sort keywords using predictive metrics
  • Determine keyword difficulty.
  • Quickly check the ranking performance of any website.


  • The cost of paying to have the tool is high.

Google Search Console

This is the perfect choice for those who want to check keyword rankings for free. However, the downside of it is that you can only see the data if you are the owner of that website.

To check keywords for your site, simply select the Search Traffic section and access the data the tool provides.

Google Search Console tool


Hopefully, through this article, you know how to choose the best ranking checker for yourself. It can be seen that most of the tools that give you a lot of value require a certain fee, but are worth it for us to use. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the article, we will try to respond as soon as possible! Thank you for reading the post!

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