SEO Startup: Where should small business SEO start?

SEO Startup: Where should small business SEO start?


SEO is a term that is not too unfamiliar with the current digital age. Search engine optimization has become extremely important for online businesses. But for small businesses, specifically startups, learning the details of SEO is not an easy thing. Budget is always an issue for startups because they can’t afford to spend a lot of money for search engine optimization or digital marketing. The following article will highlight points to note for startups that are in the process of researching SEO.

3 things to note for startups about SEO

  1. Set up a local listing

Let’s say you’re a startup that offers car rentals and wants to attract local businesses. Make sure you’ve claimed and updated your Google Business profile listing. You can do the same on Yelp, Apple Maps, Bing Places, .. Fill in as much information as possible and don’t forget to add images and videos. You can also add some frequently asked questions by customers in the Q&A section.

SEO startup
  1. Startups should conduct a Technical seo check

This stage is like checking a car. Color, bodywork, paint finish, even interior The car’s looks great. However, if the car’s engine is not adjusted or damaged, no customer wants to use that car. That engine part represents Technical SEO, now there are many tools to help you easily conduct testing such as Semrush, Ahrefs...

You can refer to TOS’s 18-step SEO Audit blog post

  1. Startups should optimize websites for SEO

Small businesses should pay attention to keyword research to help optimize the website. After you have found the necessary keywords, do not forget to optimize the title, H1 section and content.

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If your business is mentioned on a website, proactively thank them and ask them to add a link to your website. You can create games, infographics, etc. and post them on social networking sites with a website link.

If your business is participating in an interview or podcast, it is a very good sign because it can create backlinks for your website. Although it will take time, the results are well worth the wait.

Don’t forget to also use blog posts on your website to create multiple links.

SEO startup

Startups also need to plan an SEO strategy

Finally, startups should take the time to build a meticulous seo strategy to bring efficiency to the website, increase the level of user experience, etc.

You can see TopOnSeek’s Guide to making SEO strategies to increase traffic.

Planning SEO strategy

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Through the above article, hopefully you have been able to grasp the necessary information about seo for startups. If you want to accelerate SEO, optimize your time as well as want to achieve the desired effect. Contact TopOnSeek today for expert advice.


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