Should I submit a monthly Sitemap?

Should I submit a monthly Sitemap?


Sitemap is a very important part of a Website, it helps Google’s robot find the Website’s URLs, which URLs are important and ensure that the URLs will be indexed on Google’s search results. (SERP). So is it good to submit Sitemap regularly? SEO no, do URLs index faster? Check out the article below TOS find out!.

Should I submit a monthly Sitemap?

In an answer session on issues related to SEO. SEO expert Adam Renee has solved a problem raised as “Should I submit a monthly Sitemap?”.

This question was asked from Renee. This person asked: “I heard from somewhere that we should Submit Sitemaps monthly. I’m using Rank math to generate Sitemap. With this Plug-in I don’t need to Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tool. So do I need to submit Sitemap monthly? I would like to hear from Mr. Adam Riemer.”.

Adam Riemer replied that there is no need to submit a monthly Sitemap.

So before getting into Renee’s problem, Adam Riemer will address the related issues and confused concepts.

Value of XML Sitemap

If the Website is a house, the Sitemap is the version thing of that house. Sitemap’s job is to help Google’s robot search (crawl) the URLs of a Website and XML Sitemap is not one of the factors to evaluate the ranking of the Website.

However, some Websites have a clear structure, Google’s robot can search the Website’s URLs without help from the Sitemap. So there are some cases where Sitemap is very important, in some cases it is not.

So how often should Submit Sitemap once?

How often should I submit a Sitemap?
How often should I Submit Sitemap?

Ideally, you only need to submit the Sitemap once on a search engine (usually Google Search Console).

After submitting the Sitemap, the google engine will calculate and evaluate how long it will take to crawl your Website in the most reasonable way. However, there is not a specific evidence to verify how long so submitting a Sitemap will be good for SEO.

In case your Website has a big change in structure, article … Google’s engine can automatically recognize it so that the robots can crawl your Website again. However, you can resubmit the Sitemap, which has no adverse effect on the Website.

Submitting Sitemaps (XML) often can be a problem knife 2 blades

Submitting sitemap regularly can be considered a double-edged sword
Submitting sitemap regularly can be considered as a child knife 2 blades

Usually a good Sitemap is a Sitemap that contains URLs with status 200. However, some Sitemaps of Web sites have some errors such as in Sitemaps that contain broken, nonexistent (404) or redirected URLs. (301). Resubmitting these faulty Sitemaps may cause the search engines to ignore them, which may adversely affect your Website.

So submitting a Sitemap has two sides: It can help the URLs get indexed quickly or it can adversely affect the Website if you don’t know how to use it. So through the above information we know that it is not necessary. Sitemap must be submitted once a month, but only once for each search engine is enough. If you want to learn more about seo knowledge or technical SEO, you can check out more good articles through Toponseek’s Blog.



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