Speed ​​up page loading for blogger

DNS Prefetch is a DNS prefetch-controlled HTTP response, a feature where browsers actively perform domain name resolution on both links that users can choose to follow as well as URLs for categories. referenced by the document, including images, CSS, JavaScript…

Speed ​​up page loading for blogger

This prefetching is done in the background, so DNS is a resolved capability by the time the references are needed. This reduces latency when a user clicks a link.


– DNS requests are very small in terms of bandwidth and latency but can be quite high, especially on mobile networks. By prefetching DNS results, latency can be significantly reduced at certain times, such as when a user clicks on a link. In some cases, the delay can be reduced by one second.

– This implementation of preloading in some browsers allows domain name resolution to occur in tandem with the actual page content. In this way, the domain high-latency process does not cause any delay while retrieving the content.

– Page load time especially on mobile networks can be improved measured in this way. If domains with images can be resolved before images are requested, pages that load multiple images may see a 5% or more improvement in image load times.


To use  DNS Prefetch for blogger you need to find the <head> tag in the template then paste the following code below that tag.

!– DNS Prefetch –> <link href=’//1.bp.blogspot.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//2.bp.blogspot.com’ rel=’ dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//3.bp.blogspot.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//4.bp.blogspot.com’ rel=’dns- prefetch’/> <link href=’//www.blogger.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//fonts.googleapis.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//use.fontawesome.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//ajax .googleapis.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//resources.blogblog.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//www.facebook.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//plus.google.com’ rel= ‘dns-prefetch’/><link href=’//twitter.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//www.youtube.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//feedburner .google.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//www.pinterest.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//www.linkedin.com’ rel =’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//feeds.feedburner.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//github.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//player.vimeo.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//platform.twitter.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’/ /apis.google.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/><link href=’//connect.facebook.net’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//cdnjs.cloudflare.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/><link href=’//www.google-analytics.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//pagead2.googlesyndication.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href= ‘//googleads.g.doubleclick.net’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//www.gstatic.com’ rel=’preconnect’/> <link href=’//www.googletagservices .com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//static.xx.fbcdn.net’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//tpc.googlesyndication.com’ rel =’dns-prefetch’/> <link href=’//syndication.twitter.com’ rel=’dns-prefetch’/> <!– End DNS Prefetch –>

Finally, you save the template and feel the page speed has improved already!
Good luck!

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