Summary of SEO standard website writing services to hire in 2022 – Content Agency profession

Summary of SEO standard website writing services to hire in 2022 – Content Agency profession


seo standard website article writing service As one of the very hot services in 2022, businesses have gradually understood the value of SEO and now each business has to use a separate website to attract customers.

Coming to Content Agency’s SEO Standard Website Writing service, you not only get to own SEO standard Website articles, but you also understand the “reasons for SEO” and issues to note when signing up for the package. Website writing service

With Formula “We are not a service – we are creating results for our clients”When you sign up for a website writing service at Career Content, you will enjoy more benefits than just signing up for a webite content writing service, please also refer below.

(If you are looking for the price, please click on the “Price list“in the table of contents)

What are the benefits of SEO standard website writing service?

Normally, current companies hire part-time employees, collaborators, official employees to write Website articles with a rather ridiculous salary (8-10 million) or at least 6 million a month, while the volume Your daily work only revolves around 2-3 lessons, If you calculate the normal price of 100k per post, you only bring in resources from 6-8 million VND per month and often encounter the following problems:

  • Don’t understand what the staff is writing (because they don’t have time to check)
  • I’ve been writing for months and haven’t seen any results, but I’m still paying the salary
  • Sometimes the more you write, the more websites crash
  • Don’t understand the Content plan that the team is aiming for, can’t match with Content staff

Since then, the recruitment of Content personnel becomes ineffective, not bringing the future for the employees as well as the results for the company. Instead, we can completely hire “website writing services” from reputable units, you will get a lot of benefits below.

Comparison between writing yourself and hiring a website writing service

One thing is for sure, when we do a service, you pay 1 dong, you have to earn more than the value of that one dollar, then it is a service that brings high results. Let’s compare between writing yourself and hiring a website writing service:

+ When I write my own website

  • Time consuming research
  • Spending time learning SEO
  • Spending time re-reading Content
  • Posts are not indexed even after they are written
  • ….

+ When hiring a website writing service from Career content

  • Standard Content Planned
  • After writing the article, there is a team to check the Content
  • Commit to Index 100% (otherwise the index will be refunded or make up articles)
  • Write Content in accordance with current SEO trends, help Website grow Traffic
  • Always aiming to bring results for customers (with analysis)

With more than 5 years of experience in writing Website Content and having developed ~200 websites, the Content team of Content Profession has acquired important skills to write content that is right for the needs of the customer and also in accordance with the algorithms. Google’s math, which gives real results.

—–> Writing articles with results, traffic, not afraid of capital loss

Coming to Content Career’s Website writing packages, you will enjoy additional incentives after registering such as:

  • Bonus: Specific video tutorials, explaining to you the issues to keep in mind when writing standard seo articles, support for future Website development.
  • Bonus: Easy keyword analysis service, writing articles to help increase the rate to the top when you buy in Packages
  • Bonus: An overview SEO plan, helps you understand what articles you need to write and why you need to write those articles.

The above gifts are “value” included, helping you to understand more deeply about the service you are signing up for as well as understand How much money will each article bring back to the business? That’s what we always want our customers to understand, creating results for our customers.

Take a look at our service packages below

Package 1 – Standard SEO Content Writing Service for Websites

With this service package, you will be completely assured that your articles will always “SEO standards on Google“, articles will always be self-written articles, summarizing ideas from quality content and creating a complete article, with a high Unique rate (say no to copy). The benefits that this package brings:

  • Standard SEO articles according to Google standards
  • Commit that the article will be indexed and reach a certain amount of top (this is not the top 1-10, watch the video tutorial to see clearly)
  • The keywords are analyzed carefully, will soon generate traffic conversions for the website
  • Keyword topics always aim to buff the power of converting keywords, always revolving around your right keywords.
  • Always support SEO-standard Fix Content after writing the article (the Content team will have the SEO team check it after the content is written).

This content package will help customers create a stable amount of traffic if they focus on the right keyword plan in the given service package, or if they write based on the available keywords, the articles will always be SEO standard and create Output conversion results according to the correct SEO process.


Package 2 – Standard SEO article writing service with conversion

Usually in SEO there will be 2 issues that we need to pay attention to. One is how to SEO to the top, usually when doing this step we have to focus on SEO techniques to optimize the article according to Google’s algorithm, from which Google will appreciate our article. Second, when the article is already on the top, we have to CREATE CONVERTS, and this is really difficult, it’s called optimization.user experience – UI/UX

In short, in our article, we must convert, customers who read it will have emotions and actions according to the wishes of the writer and from there will help the Website a lot more (customers stay for a long time). , which generates high conversions)

With package 2, customers will get the following values:

  • Optimize the user experience in the article, help reduce the bounce rate, increase the Onsite rate
  • Build a keyword plan, create a foundation for SEO top keywords
  • Support SEO optimization of current content to fix article errors for Website

Note: Generating conversions here is not creating orders, writing standards about a certain topic and generating sales, it must be someone in the writing profession, the conversion rate is high (Content staff are not any profession is specialized). So, conversion here is the conversion rate of users staying on the Website, directing users to click on other websites, creating a content loop for users to see more articles for the website (instead of 1 reader). 1 post is 1 traffic, now they read 3-5 articles, it is 3-5 traffic)

—> How is this package different from the 1 . package?: in addition to the criteria of package 1, package 2 will help you build “article structure”, content profession will help you plan keywords, plan basic articles to support the top SEO process, In addition, it helps you increase traffic to the Website thanks to the conversion structure, reduce the Bounce Rate by professional tips to help the Website have a better index (this index has a strong long-term SEO effect).

Package 3 – Cheap Website article writing service

Unlike the usual SEO strategies of high-cost units, there are also low-cost SEO strategies, which are also the criteria of the Service Pack. Write cheap website articles.

In this package, our task is only for the purpose of “ranking top”, researching the easiest keywords, writing enough articles so that it can be Google Index and when it is at the top, we will fix it. correct article again

According to this strategy, the type of content we choose will be cheap content. Cheap Content, the articles will be “synthesized” from many sources, Copy and edit the ideas (still very standard SEO, not afraid of Google being penalized). With this type of Content, Google still approves and it still climbs to the top normally, there is only 1 difference that the sentence will sometimes be wrong, incorrect (due to the article being copied and edited) and many the reading will be awkward.


  • Cheap
  • Quick completion
  • Cover keyword


  • The article is embarrassing to read
  • Sometimes you have to edit the whole post
  • Does not support fixing content

—> When we use this service pack, we DEFINITELY chose the spam keyword school, when we finish spamming the top posts, we keep them, the non-standard posts, do not produce results, we have can be deleted or fixed again depending on the resource. BUT, my websites also went up from this category and are still ranked at the top quite high, people can refer to the list of websites that Career Content is developing.


Plan Package – Website writing planning service

Note: When you sign up for packages 1-2 (excluding package 3) with a large number of cards, you have been given this package for free.

For businesses and individuals who do not know anything about SEO, you will be very surprised when you have to choose the keyword to write articles, if you choose the wrong one, you will not be able to go to the Top or bring no results for the Website —> waste money content

The Plan package to build a website writing plan is a perfect choice. Our agency will create a complete Content plan including:

  • Classification of keyword groups “forced to build” on the Website
  • EASY KEYWORD ANALYSIS, evaluate keyword difficulty —> select keywords that have a high probability of going to the top
  • Bringing a stable amount of traffic, helping the overall strength of the Website to grow

With the service package of building a Website cover plan, you are completely assured of the difficulty analysis, we always set criteria to help customers develop articles after writing in a period of time. -2 months will begin to show visible results

—–> This package helps customers to have a solid website foundation, easy to develop website later with the best support from a skilled SEO team.

Specific price list of Website Content writing services

Package 1 – Standard SEO Content Writing Service for Websites

  • Article 800-1000 words: 150,000 VND/post
  • Article 1000-1500 words: 200,000 VND/post

Package 1 when registering the full set:

  • Pack of 100 articles: 15,000,000 VND (excluding word count)
  • Package of 200 articles: 28,000,000 VND (excluding word count)
  • Free Plan Keyword Package when you sign up for the full set

Package 2 – Standard SEO article writing service with conversion

  • Article 800-1000 words: 250,000 VND/post
  • Article 1000-1500 words: 300,000 VND/post

Package 2 when registering the full set:

  • Package of 100 articles: 25,000,000 VND (not counting words)
  • Package of 200 articles: 50,000,000 VND (excluding word count)
  • Free Plan Keyword Package when you sign up for the full set
  • Comes with business SEO process

Package 3 – Cheap Website article writing service

  • Article 800-1000 words: 60,000 VND/post
  • Article 1000-1500 words: 80,000 VND/post

Package 1 when registering the full set:

  • Package of 100 articles: 6,000,000 VND (not counting words)
  • Package of 200 articles: 12,000,000 VND (excluding word count)

Content Website service package deployment process

After you have service package registration and payment The service deployment process is as follows:

  • Step 1: Collect preliminary information, discuss with SEO experts about SEO development roadmap – SEO Leader in charge
  • Step 2: Build a keyword planner (3 days) – SEO specialist in charge
  • Step 3: Check the keyword set (1-2 days) – SEO specialist in charge
  • Step 4: Start writing Content (expected 3 articles/day, completed in 30-45 days for package of 100 articles) – Web Content Specialist
  • Step 5: Fix article errors during writing process – SEO specialist in charge
  • Step 6: Weekly and final acceptance before handing over – SEO Leader in charge
  • Step 7: Hand over and answer questions for customers – SEO Leader in charge


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