The 10 most honest reviews of HawkHost

The 10 most honest reviews of HawkHost


Are you looking for honest HawkHost reviews to see if HawkHost is a service provider? Best hosting for you or not? If you are looking for this – then you have come to the right place.

The reviews below are based on what I personally have been using for the past 2 years. In addition, also evaluated against the existing hosting providers in the market.

HawkHost Review #1: HawkHost has the best technical support you’ll ever need in a hosting company

I have used a few hosting service providers including domestic and foreign companies. In my opinion, HawkHost’s support team is the most outstanding.

I personally start a blog and there are many problems that occur during the operation of the blog. Really, I have a lot of problems Couldn’t find the instructions on Youtube or on groups. And the way I solve these problems is thanks to the support of HawkHost’s technical team – and almost every problem is answered quickly and accurately.

Having said that, HawkHost has an experienced support team with almost 20 years in web hosting – they can assist you quickly with a live chat right on the homepage.


When you have serious problems, you can create a ticket (mail box) for technical assistance. Ticket gives you the level of support needed (priority) The higher the priority you choose, the sooner you will get a response. And I too test low priority but still get fairly quick responses and answers until you fix the issue.

Compare with support service in Vietnam

As for support services in Vietnam, I see that the support team is new (not much experience) and when chatting directly on the homepage, they only support you in questions and answers about purchases.

To ask technical questions (no matter how small) you also required to create a ticket (support ticket) with technical department. I find it quite complicated because there are many issues you ask and answer are not always too difficult and need to open a ticket.

All in all, HawkHost has a great support team, with years of experience in hosting, and they’re also quite friendly and enthusiastic. Although Need to communicate in English but you can totally use google translate to communicate and they totally understand what you are saying.

HawkHost Review #2: HawkHost offers more outstanding resources than most hosting providers


Here are the resources you’ll get with HawkHost’s cheapest hosting plan ($2.24 – discount code applied):

  • 10GB of storage
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited email (create email under own domain name)
  • Free SSL Setup
  • Support Memcached Server (increase loading speed)

With 10GB of storage space allows you to operate from 2 to 3 websites (moderately). In addition, it allows you to create unlimited email by own domain (usually you will need to pay). Next, you are also supported Memcached or Redis (system cache) to help increase website speed.

Finally, it also allows you data backup daily. Personally, I have made many edits and caused page errors. When these situations occur, it will be difficult for you to find the cause and fix it as it was. Therefore, backing up the most recent data is essential.

HawkHost Review #3: HawkHost is the Top Hosting Provider

With years of experience in web hosting. HawkHost prides itself on being one of the top hosting providers. They use these the most modern web hosting technology – for customers. What’s more, they also offer many feature necessary and completely free that is hard to find in other hosting providers.

Really, you can hardly find a cheap and quality hosting provider like HawkHost. In addition to providing cheap hosting they also give you a lot of discount codes for you to apply.

There are two types of discount codes: discount code for first signup and lifetime discount code. In my opinion, you should use the lifetime discount code at HawkHost. Because if you decide to build a website, it will follow you for life. You can use Lifetime discount code up to 25% here.

HawkHost Review #4: If you are looking to build a really fast website then HawkHost is perfect for you

Hawkhost is an offshore hosting company. However, there are 2 servers very close to Vietnam, Singapore and HongKong – these are the two servers for the fastest speed to Vietnam. In particular, the location at HongKong unaffected by the breakdown of the undersea fiber optic cable.


It is necessary to reiterate that in 2021, Vietnam will be affected affect heavily affected by the breakdown of the undersea fiber optic cable. In Vietnam, there are quite a few websites affected by this issue. However, during this time, our site was not affected by the breakdown of the undersea cable – because Vietnam has a land-based internet connection network, including Hong Kong.

In terms of load speed, according to many tests, they all give very good results, the average response level is about 0.863s. An amazing speed.

HawkHost Review #5: Hawkhost is the best web hosting company for beginners

Indeed, HawkHost is one of the best web hosting companies for beginners in Vietnam. Here are Some outstanding features that HawkHost provides:

  • Experienced technical support team
  • Offers basic to advanced hosting plans (for a cheap price)
  • Easily register a domain name with HawkHost – a service it offers in addition to web hosting
  • HawkHost offers a free SSL certificate
  • Provide Cpanel control panel that makes it easy to use
  • User-friendly interface (easy to buy domain and Hosting)
  • Daily data backup (an important feature)
  • Supports Memcached and Redis Cache (which significantly increases website speed)
  • Allows creating email under your own domain name (usually you will need to pay)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on hosting (no domain names)

Overall, HawkHost provides almost everything you need to run your website. This means you won’t need to pay extra fees to run your website professionally.

HawkHost Review #6: HawkHost is a cheap hosting company but that doesn’t mean the quality is not good

Indeed, HawkHost has always been known as a company that provides cheap hosting services. However, that does not mean that HawkHost is a bad service provider.

To evaluate a quality web hosting company needs to be based on 4 factors:

  • Reputation of the hosting company
  • Customer support
  • Selling price (will it increase in the following years or not?)
  • Performance (uptime and load speed)

In general, HawkHost meets the above factors. In addition, they also keep up to date with the most advanced server technologies to help provide a great user experience for users.

HawkHost Review #7: HawkHost has a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate


Although they do not support Vietnamese language on their homepage, HawkHost provides a very user-friendly interface User-friendly and easy to operate.

I’m a person myself do not know English, but it doesn’t take long to get used to and operate on HawkHost.

In particular, when you use the service at HawkHost, you will be provided with a Cpanel control panel – it provides an intuitive graphical interface that makes it easy for you to use.

HawkHost Review #8: HawkHost is one of the oldest and biggest brands when it comes to hosting services

HawkHost was founded in 2004 with the original name of Devocate Host. The name was changed due to the passing of one of the founders. It started using the name HawkHost in 2008 and it became a Canadian corporation.

Thus, up to now, HawkHost has been established for nearly 20 years. And now, HawkHost has arrived 7 servers around the world like: Dallas TX, Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong and Toronto.

HawkHost Review #9: HawkHost is the best recommended foreign hosting company in Vietnam

You can easily find articles and videos on how to use the services at HawkHost. This shows that this is a hosting company that experts recommend the most in Vietnam.

HawkHost is recommended – because it is a company cheap hosting and extremely good quality. In fact, there are many larger Hosting providers abroad than HawkHost. But the highlight of HawkHost is that the price is lower than most of those providers and has 2 servers very close to Vietnam, Singapore and HongKong.

HawkHost Review #10: You can host a full-featured website with HawkHost’s most basic hosting plan

Really, HawkHost offers almost every feature a website needs. So, you will almost not need to spend extra money to own those features.

  • Cpanel control panel support
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Database
  • Unlimited Email (under own domain name)
  • Memcached and Redis support (server cache)
  • Daily backup of website data
  • Weebly Free Page Builder (create a website with just 1 click)

I find HawkHost provides all the features a website needs. This saves you money and doesn’t take long to learn more about these features (if you need to buy or use them somewhere else).


Based on my own experience, I truly believe that HawkHost is the best hosting company for bloggers and those of you who want to start a website.

In summary, here are the pros and cons of its own HawkHost review:

  • HawkHost is very well optimized with tools and features for WordPress
  • Free SSL certificates and high security standards
  • Their registration process is quick and easy
  • Unlimited bandwidth and database for all accounts
  • HawkHost’s price is quite low at only $2.24 – discount code applied)
  • HawkHost speed test shows very fast response speed
  • Live chat and Ticket support team (quick support)
  • As your blog grows, it’s easy to upgrade to a more powerful hosting plan

In general, the above are the most honest review about HawkHost. Most of my reviews point to the positive aspects of HawkHost – because of that really is what I’m using (and I’m a not too demanding user). Certainly, not 100% of service users are satisfied with the provider.

So I don’t think HawkHost is perfect but it’s the best you can start a blog or your website today.


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