TOP 10 best Page Builder tools for WordPress

TOP 10 best Page Builder tools for WordPress

With the previous Page Builders, you could simply design and customize articles or pages on your website, but with broader support such as header, footer, woo-commerce page, etc., you need to use Theme Builder.

However, most of the current Page Builder plugins already support the Theme Builder features well, and the leading name today is Elementor.

In addition, there are many other plugins that in this article I will share with you. Depending on your needs, there is a suitable choice.

Note: This is a randomly sorted list, so do not rely on position to judge the quality of a plugin.

What is Page Builder?

Page Builder is a plugin that helps you create pages with simple drag and drop, customize the interface as you like without having to know about coding.

Is it difficult to use Page Builder? No, all plugins have been optimized to be as simple as possible for anyone to get used to and use.

7 quality evaluation criteria 1 Page Builder

Before going into the 10 plugins below, you need to know about 7 criteria to evaluate a quality Page Builder plugin such as:

  • Quick and simple page builder with drag and drop
  • Support customizing the interface on mobile devices
  • Wide variety of templates, you can customize it easily and see changes in real-time.
  • Support backend and frontend editing
  • The plugin must support and be compatible with all WordPress themes
  • Compatible with default WordPress editor (Gutenberg)
  • Support Theme Builder features

However, very few plugins can “balance” all of the above criteria, the rest of the plugins only focus on 1 or a few key features but still meet the basic features required of a Page Builder.

1/ Thrive Architect

Visit Thrive Architect

TOP 10 best Page Builder tools for WordPress

TOP 10 best Page Builder tools for WordPress

This is one of the 25 plugins that I am using on blog BBlogger and is a popular drag and drop page builder on WordPress.

Advantages :

  • Integrate a variety of landing page templates
  • Friendly interface on mobile devices, easy to get used to and use in a short time
  • Manipulations, drag-and-drop features, and diverse interface customization
  • Building Blocks on Thrive bring a high conversion rate

Cons :

  • The price is quite high, paid annually, and limited in installing and activating the license on the website
  • Doesn’t have as many features as other Page Builder plugins.

Cost: $19/month – $228 yearly payment and activation limit on 25 websites

2/ Live Composer

Access to Live Composer

This is a WordPress Page Builder plugin that you can use from a free version with basic features to a paid version with more advanced features.

Advantages :

  • Simple drag and drop feature, easy to get used to and use
  • Can edit both header/footer
  • Compatible with default WordPress editor (Gutenberg editor)
  • There are more features of a sales website such as product page, payment, customer …
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • The cost for the extended version (paid) is not too high, the highest package you will be activated with an unlimited number of websites

Cons :

  • When using the free version, sometimes errors will occur and you will encounter ads during the use

In my opinion, with the free version, you can use the necessary features such as drag and drop, see real-time edits, support interface design on all devices, in addition, you can use up to 40 Various widgets.

Cost: If you want more features, you can upgrade for an annual fee from $49/site, $79/5 sites, and $99 unlimited site activations

3 / Elementor

Access to Elementor

With over 5 million activations, Elementor is currently rated as the best plugin for those who are looking for a quality page builder.

Currently Elementor you can choose to use the free or paid version.

But the Elementor Pro (paid) version is highly rated and is considered as a plugin that has all the features that can build a website from AZ.

Advantages (I mention the paid version):

  • There are many beautiful modules and templates that are constantly being updated and released
  • Does not consume too many resources, no matter how many features you design the Page, it will not affect the page loading speed.
  • Compatible with almost every theme today on WordPress
  • Compatible with WordPress default editor
  • Support customizing header, footer, woocommerce (you will get all the features of a sales website)
  • The interface is designed to be friendly to all devices
  • Lots of widgets that you can use freely (depending on the pro plan)
  • You will be supported and updated continuously for 1 year (the time you renew the package)

In short, in terms of advantages, there are many and as I have been using on other sites, this plugin has not seen any disadvantages so that it can be listed here.

Maybe you just have to pay to be able to take full advantage of this Page Builder plugin.

Cost: With 1 year of using Elementor Pro will cost $49/site, $99/3 sites, $199/1000 sites

4/ Site Origin

Visit Site Origin

Next is still the Page Builder plugin you can use for free with more than 1 million downloads & activations so far.

The difference from the rest is that you will create pages by dragging and dropping widgets (even widgets from other plugins).

Advantages :

  • Free to use
  • You can be more creative with CSS
  • Allows you to use widgets of other plugins
  • You can change the theme often without worrying about plugin incompatibility
  • Lightweight, SEO standard interface, easy to get used to and manipulate

Cons :

  • Editing directly on the default WordPress interface is not as versatile as on other plugins
  • Does not support frontend editing
  • Quite a few widgets

Cost : $29/site, $49/5 sites & $99 unlimited activations

5/ Beaver Builder

Go to Beaver Builder

This is rated as the easiest Page Builder plugin to use in the rest of the world. When using Beaver Builder, you will be able to drag and drop on the WordPress frontend directly without any programming knowledge.

You can refer to the demo built on Beaver

Advantages :

  • There is a free version
  • Provide many different modules
  • More than 30 content and landing page templates are available
  • Easy to get used to and use
  • Compatible with most current themes on WordPress
  • Does not take up a lot of hosting resources
  • Friendly interface with all devices & SEO standards
  • Compatible with WordPress default editor

Cons :

  • The price is quite high

Cost: Price from $99 for activation site unlimited version

6/ SeedProd

Visit SeedProd

Next is the Page Builder plugin that is being positively evaluated with more than 1 million downloads & activations on WordPress.

Advantages of the free version :

  • There is a free version (but with limited features)
  • Compatible with all current themes on WordPress
  • Can create and design sales page
  • There are many landing page templates available for you to choose from and customize
  • Friendly interface on all devices
  • Integrate many other WordPress plugins to add support for SeedProd (like BuddyPress)
  • Customizable HTML, CSS

Paid version advantages :

  • More than 100 landing page templates are more professional and beautiful
  • Subscribers can be managed
  • Integrate many other support plugins such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Getresponse, Convert …
  • More security and anti-spam features
  • Add more professional blocks like social, navigation, ranking, icon, share…

As for the downside, it’s probably just that the price is a bit high compared to other plugins, but if you don’t have the economic conditions and use all the features, using the free version is enough.

Cost : From $39.5/year (1 site) and up to $179.7/year (unlimited)

7/ Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks – CoBlocks

Access to CoBlocks

CoBlocks is a plugin developed by GoDaddy, which helps you create Pages by blocks, not only that, but you can also design an entire website with this new WordPress editor.

Advantages :

  • Free to use
  • Diverse different blocks
  • Simple drag and drop operation, easy to get used to and use in a short time
  • Always support, listen to users’ opinions and bring the best quality updates

Cons :

  • Quite picky about interfaces, many incompatible interfaces easily lead to broken UI
  • Some HTML CSS files can slow down the page load speed, but not significantly

Cost: Free

8/ Visual Composer

Access to Visual Composer

Visual Composer is the next popular Page Builder plugin that I want to share. The interface is easy to get used to and manipulate to help you easily design and customize the Pages on the site.

Advantages :

  • Compatible with all current themes on WordPress
  • Friendly interface on today’s devices, including mobile
  • You can edit the header, footer, and even the widget on the WordPress interface
  • Professional templates and landing pages are available
  • Google Fonts Support
  • Support the necessary design features of a sales website
  • Integrate many quality photo stores today for you to take and use
  • Customizable HTML CSS

Cons: The free version is limited in many features, forcing the paid version to get better features.

Cost: From $49/1 site for 1 year of use to $349/1000 sites for 1 year of use

9/ Themify Builder

Go to Themify Builder

Next in the list of 10 best Page Bulder tools on WordPress today will be Themify Builder, a free drag-and-drop page builder developed by the famous company Themify.

Advantages :

  • There is a free version, but it will have limited features
  • Offering more than 40 sample skins, your job is to choose and customize them to suit
  • Modules can be copied from site to site
  • Added Maps Pro utility
  • Support more widgets like woocommerce, slider pro, contact, bar chart & progress bar

Cons :

  • The features that you pay to use on Themify Builder you can use for free in other Page Builder plugins.
  • Difficult to use and manipulate

Cost: Free up to $39 with more features

10 / Divi

Go to Divi Builder

Divi is a popular page builder plugin developed by Elegant Themes. Still the criteria of Page Builder needed, that is: drag – drop easy to get used to and use.

Advantages :

  • There are more than 20 skin templates available, you can choose and customize as you like
  • Support editing fontend, backend
  • There are 46 different modules
  • Customizable CSS
  • Customization support for professional users

Cons :

  • There may be a conflict with other themes or plugins, causing slow page loading
  • It’s hard for newbies to get used to and use

Cost: From $89/year, unlimited website activation


Above are the 10 best Page Builder tools for WordPress that you can refer to and choose based on the pros and cons.

Good luck choosing the right tool. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below the article, I will assist you as soon as possible.

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