Best Free WordPress Themes

Top 30+ Best Free WordPress Themes in 2022

WordPress offers you more than 4000 free themes to start your own website or blog. Therefore, it will be very difficult to choose a good and suitable Theme for your needs.

In this article, BBlogger will summarize the best free WordPress themes on different topics – so that you can choose easily.

30+ Best Free WordPress Themes For Beginners

1. Theme Blogger

2. Sales Theme

3. Cooking Theme

4. News Theme

5. Travel Theme

6. Fashion Theme

Now, let’s learn about all the best Free WordPress Themes – by different themes.

Best Free WordPress Theme for Blogger

Themes for Blogger are popular, lightweight, well-optimized, and SEO-friendly themes. So, you can use the following Themes to start a blog with a lot of different topics such as travel, food, education, news, fashion, housing, etc.

1. GeneratePress

Best Free WordPress Themes

Best Free WordPress Themes

At the top of the list of free Blogger Themes is GeneratePress – because it is a Theme: lightweight, high performance, works well, streamlined layout, and SEO friendly interface.

It is one of the most downloaded and used themes with over 400,000 downloads – enough to see what you can do with this theme.

GeneratePress is suitable for websites that prioritize simplicity and fits most topics on your blog.

2. Astra

Coming in at number two on this list is Astra, which is also a simple (and time-saving) interface to start a new blog of your own in no time.

Astra is at the top of the most downloaded Themes with more than 1 million downloads. It helps you to start your blog quickly and beautifully – because Astra comes with many built-in modules to easily change blog layout, navigation.

Astra covers all your design needs, with their simple editing options. It is lightweight and compatible with many other page builders (like Elementor) to unlock more functionality.

This is also a great choice to start your own sales page.

3. OceanWP

With over 700,000 downloads, OceanWP is also one of the top Free Themes to start your own blog.

The best point of this WordPress Theme? OceanWP is rated as one of the fastest WordPress Themes available today – a great feature for Bloggers who want to increase page load speed.

OceapWP can also be ready for a sales blog site (with WooCommerce integration) that comes with a strong SEO background and great customer support.

4. Ashe

Ashe is a pretty eye-catching and easy-to-use WordPress Theme. There are quite a few beginner Bloggers who choose Ashe to create their own blog. This theme is suitable for personal blogs such as: fashion, health, food, photography, etc.

Ashe gives you many possibilities to customize the website to your own liking. With Ashe, you can also set up a sales blog, thanks to its WooCommerce support and responsive design. It is also coded with SEO best practices.

Overall, Ashe is a multipurpose theme suitable for a variety of themes including fashion and online stores.

5. Neve

Neve is a fast WordPress Theme that is easily customizable and suitable for most themes.

It is also a popularly used Theme with more than 300,000 downloads and is regularly updated to increase security and increase the robustness of the interface.

Neve is fully optimized with AMP (accelerated for mobile devices) and responsive to whatever device is used to access the pages of your blog. It is lightweight with a minimalistic design, yet extensible with highly optimized SEO features and codebase.

6. Hestia

Hestia is an extremely simple, easy-to-use WordPress Theme that is suitable for any theme you want to start with and even a sales page – because Hestia has the ability to integrate with WooCommerce.

The SEO-optimized theme boosts your site’s rankings and comes with a variety of customization tools that allow you to change any aspect and see the changes instantly.

7. Total

If you are looking for a Theme with a beautiful design and flexible features to design a blog site, then Total is the perfect choice for you. It has everything you need to start a blog with lots of configuration and customization options.

The total has 3 beginner layouts that can be installed with a single click. These layouts feature sleek, eye-catching designs to provide a great reader experience.

The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce allowing you to create an online store on your blog. It also supports all major page builders (like Elementor) so it’s easy to design any kind of blog page you want with drag and drop.

Best Free WordPress Theme for Sales Pages

A good theme for a sales page needs to be highly customizable and compatible with a sales support plugin like WooCommerce or a page builder plugin like Elementor (build a website with just drag and drop).

And here are the best-rated themes to start your own sales page.

8. Storefront

First on this list is Storefront – the perfect theme to start your own sales page. The theme is designed and built by the developers of WooCommerce Core.

With over 200,000 people trusting and using Storefront to start a sales page, it’s enough to see that you can do a lot with it.

9. Zakra

Second, in the list of sales themes is Zakra. This is a flexible theme with many features that you can customize for your sales page.

The highlight of Zakra is that it allows you to embed demos (pre-built in a professional and beautiful way) so that you can easily set up your sales page with just one click.

The theme is also optimized for SEO – helping you rank better in search engines.

10. Sydney

Not as prominent in terms of downloads as Storefront, but Sydney is also rated as one of the standout free WordPress themes for sales pages – because of its eye-catching design and responsive interface.

You can design many different types of pages in Sydney, however, with the outstanding features of Sydney, I will classify it as a sales interface.

Sydney allows you a lot of customization possibilities such as using all Google fonts, control colors, control layout, navigation, and more.

11. Woostify

To run a successful online store, you need a Theme that gives your visitors the best shopping experience. Woostify can help you leave an impression on your visitors and keep shoppers coming back to your site.

It is built on top of WooCommerce, so it includes features that can help increase sales. It’s optimized for top performance and lightning-fast, responsive and flexible built with SEO in mind, and you also get access to pre-made demos to get you started and run fast.

Overall, Woostify is a perfect theme for any sales page. If you want to increase your conversion rate and reduce your bounce rate – this theme will definitely help you.

12. eStore

eStore is a sales theme that is also quite prominent in this list with many tools for you to customize your sales website.

This free WordPress theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. Moreover, attracting customers and selling products will be a lot easier with eStore.

13. eCommerce Gem

This is a theme that doesn’t really stand out but still makes it to this list because it has a perfect layout and gives you many possibilities to customize the page to your liking.

eCommerce Gem is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin (a plugin that any sales page should have).

The theme is suitable for sales blogs such as books, phones, bags, jewelry, building materials, cosmetics, clothes, and all kinds of other themes for your store.

14. ShoppingCart

ShoppingCart is a beautiful, flexible theme built for sales pages. You can easily set up and customize everything with great ease.

The theme is also regularly updated to help increase security and user experience. ShoppingCart is compatible with most popular plugins today and especially has wooCommerce integration.

If you are looking for a beautiful, highly customizable sales theme – then ShoppingCart is the perfect choice for you.

15. Orchid Store

Orchid Store is a theme designed for sales pages. It is written based on the WooCommerce sales page plugin.

Orchid Store can be used to create various online stores such as fashion, mobile, accessories, furniture, sports, home decor, jewelry, or any other product.

16. Easy Store

As the name implies, you can easily create an online store with Easy Store.

The theme comes with a beautiful, elegant, and user-friendly design. It is fully responsive, SEO friendly, and compatible with today’s popular WooCommerce and plugins.

17. Royal Shop

The final theme for the sales page on this list is Royal Shop. – minimalist design, streamlined layout, clean and beautiful style. This is a great Theme to showcase your products and increase your sales.

While not as prominent as other sales themes, Royal Shop comes with many pre-made demos – which you can install in just one click.

Best Free WordPress Theme for Cooking Site

If you want to share your photos or recipes with the world, you’ll need a website that’s intuitive, engaging, and engaging. And to find a free WordPress Theme that meets the requirements of a cooking site is not easy.

Here are the best Free Themes to start your cooking site.

18. Cadence

If site speed is a concern for your food blog – then Kadence is a great choice for you.

Kadence has a sophisticated and professional design – which enhances the user experience of your food blog. You also have access to a library of beginner templates, including those designed specifically for your cooking site.

Kadence is a friendly Theme for beginners – help create your pages cook beautifully and quickly than ever before. Pre-made menu designs and custom layouts. You can personalize your blog even further – using the wide range of color and typography options provided.

19. Kale

If you are looking to build a website to share recipes. Kale is a perfect choice for you. It is a Theme with a simple design, but full of features that your cooking site needs.

Kale is optimized for search engines. And fully compatible with current popular plugins – wooCommerce plugin also you can use wooCommerce plugin to showcase useful products to readers on your cooking page.

20. Foodica

Personally, I appreciate the Foodica design – a simple yet beautifully designed Theme to help stand out your recipes.

Foodica will allow you to create pages using custom blocks, which you can easily change things up using the familiar WordPress editor. What’s more, a combination of (special) fonts and clever use of white space make your blog fun to read and draw readers’ attention to your latest posts…

21. Fooding

If you are looking for a beautiful cooking theme, you cannot ignore Fooding.

Fooding is a beautiful free WordPress Theme that allows you to share recipes in an intuitive, engaging and fun way. It allows you to share outstanding images with your readers in a very visual way and include an introduction to your article.

22. Blossom Recipe

Blossom Recipe is perfect for sharing: your recipes or sharing your favorite places to eat and food – because it allows you to upload images with a Beautiful layout, attracting users’ attention when visiting your cooking page.

You can create a fully functional and professional blog with Blossom Recipe without writing a single line of code. Moreover, it is a theme well optimized for speed, providing your users with a great experience.

Best free WordPress theme for a news site

Really, finding a free news WordPress theme is not an easy task. Because a news theme needs to give you a lot of customization possibilities and have a really clear and logical layout to help increase the user experience and capture their attention.

And here are the best themes about the news that I have learned and synthesized.

23. ColorMag

ColorMag is a trusted Theme by many people, used as a Theme for their news site with over 100,000 downloads.

This is a perfectly Responsive Theme. Suitable for:  news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, and any kind of website that has a large number of articles and wants to make them stand out. In particular, ColorMag gives you many possibilities to customize the page to your liking easily.

24. Justread

If page loading speed is an issue for you, then you can think about using Justread – Theme that uses system fonts and SVG for fast loading.

Justread is a simple, modern and focused free WordPress Theme for reading. It has a grid and column layout for the content. This helps create a new and unique feeling for users when they first visit your site.

25. xMag

The layout of xMag is quite commonly used for news or magazine blogs. This is a simple and easy to use WordPress Theme.

xMag focuses on performance, usability, and SEO (search engine optimization). It’s fast, lightweight and fully AMP compatible (speed up on mobile devices). With xMag, your website will look great on all devices for a great user experience.

26. News Portal

News Portal is a News, Magazine Theme with an innovative design and powerful features that allows you to quickly and easily create a page in a style that suits your needs.

The highlight of News Portal is that it allows you to start a news, magazine site very simply with one click (import pre-built demos).

27. Metro Magazine

Metro Magazine is a free WordPress Theme suitable for news, newspaper, magazine, sports, technology, travel, blog or any kind of website. However, it is most prominent to start a news site.

It allows you to easily set up the look and feel of your site in one click with pre-built demos. The theme is also optimized for speed and SEO to help your site have a high ranking on Google’s search engine.

28. Cream Magazine

Cream Magazine is a magazine and news interface with a modern design suitable for those who want to share stories and publish daily news.

The theme has a clean and intuitive layout designed to optimize loading speed and SEO (search engine optimization). Moreover, it also responds perfectly on all different devices.

Best free WordPress theme for travel site

The travel theme needs to be flexible, beautiful overall, to make your website more prominent to attract the attention of visitors.

In this article, I will help you choose a beautiful WordPress Theme to create a travel website.

29. Poseidon

Poseidon is the perfect choice for a travel blog with content about the sea and ocean.

Some of the key features of the Theme are a full-width list of featured posts and headers – giving you all the space you need to link to different categories during your travels. .

There’s even a section for all your social links. So visitors can stay up to date with what’s happening on your other social networks.

30. Rife

Rife is a great photography Theme to share your travel photos and stories.

Especially, if you don’t have much time to edit your blog then you can use the pre-built demos from Rife.

It is also perfect for you to create product categories that you want to showcase to the readers of your travel blog – as it is compatible with WooCommerce.

31. Blossom Travel

You can create a friendly, professional and luxurious travel blog with Blossom Travel.

This interface has a creative design combined with eye-catching colors to impress users. Blossom Travel has many editing options that allow you to customize the site to your liking.

Moreover, it is a theme optimized for page loading speed – creating a great experience for users on your site.

32. Vertex

Vertex is a free WordPress Theme that you can use to your own advantage. Express your travel experience in a beautiful way with this theme.

Overall, the theme is suitable for those of you who want to highlight your visuals and focus on your stories.

Best Free WordPress Theme for Fashion Website

Fashion themes need a nice look to help you showcase your products and promote your content. However, quality free fashion WordPress themes can be hard to find.

In this article, Thieu will give you an overview of the best Free Stylish WordPress Themes that you can easily customize.

33. Olsen light

Olsen Light comes with demos that let you set up the look and feel with a single click, so you can get your website up and running in no time.

The theme is optimized for speed and SEO – helping to reach a wider audience. Gives you all the editing tools you need to take your blog to the next level.

Overall, this is a well-coded, multipurpose theme for any fashion blog. If you want a sleek design and great performance – this could be a great choice for you.

34. Vogue

If you are looking for a Theme that has an elegant, responsive and fast loading design – Vogue might be worth your consideration. The theme is also suitable for you to create a shop specializing in women’s fashion.

It is also easy to customize and gives you a wide selection of layouts. In addition, it is also compatible with page builder plugins like Elementor – making it easy to build the page you want with ease.

In general, the Theme is suitable for those of you who both want to share your knowledge about fashion and want to sell your own products.

35. Cenote

Cenote helps you keep everything on your blog neat and organized. And it’s easy to set up the perfect look with the demos from Cenote – allowing you to get your site up and running right away (you can also customize all the settings to your liking).

In general, Cenote has a simple design but a very reasonable layout that creates a pleasant feeling for users. If you want fashion content to really shine, this theme could be a good choice.

Download and Install the Free WordPress Theme

To download or preview the Theme you want, you can select the name of that Theme.

Then, if the teacher is suitable, you can download the Theme by selecting the “Download” section as shown below.

After completing the download, you need to go to WordPress, select Themes > Add New and follow the steps below in order.

After installation you will activate the Theme to finish adding the interface. You will then choose customizer to start tweaking the look and feel to your liking.


Above, are the best free themes that I have compiled so that you can easily start a blog in 2022.

If there are any changes in the near future, I will update here. Wish you soon choose a satisfactory Theme!

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