What are long tail keywords?  The most detailed guide on how to find long-tail keywords!

What are long tail keywords? The most detailed guide on how to find long-tail keywords!


1. What are long tail keywords?

Long tail keyword These are search terms that usually have 3 or more words. Because they are longer than regular keywords, long-tail keywords often have relatively low search volume and competition. However, with the trend that more and more people use voice to search, long-tail keywords will become more popular.

So what do long tail keywords look like?

Here is an example to make it easier for you to visualize. Please pay attention to the suggested phrases in bold that Google suggests. Those are the long tail keywords

long-term training

Below is a chart of 1.9 billion keywords research from Ahref’s database.

long tail keywords

According to Ahref: 92% of keywords today have 10 or less 10 hits per month.

What these low-volume keywords have in common is that most of them are long-tail keywords.

Although the search volume for long tail keywords is very low, the click-through rate is high and the conversion rate is very stable. Websites with low age and little content can fully take advantage of long-tail keywords to compete for TOP on Google.

2. Why are long tail keywords important for SEO?

2.1. The level of competition

long tail keywords

To have good rankings, long-tail keywords are always prioritized by SEOers in their SEO tactics.

For example, to be able to rank TOP 1 on Google with the keyword “Long tail keyword“, which means you have to overcome the remaining 5,950,000 websites and that is very difficult if you are just starting to implement SEO.

So what about the long tail keyword of the above example?

long tail keywords

With just a little change, choosing the right long-tail keywords, you will significantly reduce the amount of competitors you have to compete with. This is the difference of long tail keywords when doing SEO. You will not have to compete with the big guys in your niche and still get a good position, if you choose the right strategy for you.

Besides the competition, one more thing that SEOs or companies and businesses are very interested in, that is: Conversion rate

2.2. Conversion rate

long tail keywords

According to statistics, on average, 36 out of 100 people will make a purchase when clicking on a long-tail keyword.

36% is an extremely high conversion rate when selling products and services on the web. (Source: Union Street Media)

3. Instructions on how to find long-tail keywords


Long tail keywords are so important, so how to identify relevant and suitable long-tail keywords? Here are some suggestions for you.

3.1. Google Suggestions

Google always gives relevant terms when users search with any keyword.

Example: “Cheap men’s shoes”

And Google will return you suggestions along with the results. It is located at the bottom of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) page.

long tail keywords

In addition, you can click directly on the keyword to be able to find yourself long-tail keywords with a deeper niche or check its potential.

For example below when I click: “Cheap men’s shoes under 200k” in the suggestion above.

long tail keywords

As you can see, with more than 343,000 results. You can completely compete in this men’s shoe niche, just choose the right direction to succeed.

To be able to get a large number of Google’s suggested keywords, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Access Google.com.vn
  • Step 2: Copy the entire relevant search section by highlighting and dragging the mouse.

long tail keywords

Related Searches

Keywordtoolaz allows you to use free features such as:

  • Remove duplicate keywords
  • Convert each line to a comma
  • Convert commas to each line
  • Clean up keywords (Cookie storage)
  • Export to Excel
  • Youtube Tags Free Tool

In addition, you can also refer to a very good and free tool to create keyword groups of Keywordtoolaz, which is: Tool convert title to tag keyword.

3.2. Google Autocomplete

Google Autocomplete allows you to search for long-tail keywords directly.

Here’s how to get keyword suggestions directly from Google very easily.

  • Step 1: Access Google.com.vn
  • Step 2: Type the keyword you want to find (Hint: You can combine letters to get more results)


  • Step 3: Click on: “Report inappropriate suggestions“. Here, you can copy keywords easily.

Google Autocomplete

In addition to the above two ways, you can use a number of support tools such as: Keywordtool, Ahref, Keywordtoolaz, SEMRush, Google Trends

Hopefully this article has answered your questions about long-tail keywords and suggested you the most useful ways to find long-tail keywords. Continue to follow the Kite in the following articles!


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