What is Bake Coin?  How does Bake Coin work?

What is Bake Coin? How does Bake Coin work?


What is Bake Coin?? It is an official crypto of Bakery Swap. Bake coin owns growth that is considered a record in just a short time. So what makes this coin so attractive to investors? Let’s explore through the following article.

What is Bake Coin?

Bake coin, also known as Bake Swap, is a DEX (decentralized) exchange that provides automated market creation features through Binance Smart Chain. They are formed from the idea of ​​UniSwap. Therefore, their operation is similar to UniSwap. However, Bake coin is considered to be faster as well as cheaper.

Bake coin, also known as Bake Swap

Because it is stored on the Binance smart chain, Bake coin brings a lot of benefits to the Binance community in general.

Bake coin is currently ranked 5th in the field of AMM DEX (BSC system).

Outstanding features of Bake coin

Bake coin was born with the goal of becoming an All-in-one Station for both NFFT and Defi. They have a variety of features. These include:

– Trade: Similar to Uniswap, Bake coin owns Exchange trading features and Liquidity liquidity feature. Each transaction is charged a fee of 0.30%. Of which, the NP supplier will be entitled to 0.25% and the rest will be converted into tokens, then given to BAKE token holders as a reward.

Bake coin has a variety of features

– Earning: The feature of making money in the form of Yield farming. Users can farm tokens through pools.

– NFT Marketplace: Provide a trading platform – a place to buy and sell NFT tokens.

– Bakery Gallery: The feature that supports the sale of 3D NFTs is connected with artists around the world. Besides, it allows mining FTs such as videos, images, audio…

– Gamification: NFT game project for Poker and Soccer Holder.

– Launchpad: Offering similar tokens on the Launchpad platform.

– Eth2.0: Promote and promote the birth of ETH 2.0.

Basic information about Bake coin

Website: bakeryswap.org

+ Explorer: bscscan.com

+ Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

+ Token type: Governance token

+ Standard Token: BEP-20

+ Circulating Supply: 135,503,345 BAKE

– Issuance and allocation of BAKE Tokens: BAKE Tokens are released slowly into liquidity pools based on their respective reward coefficients. For example, 1x, 3x… If the farmer is early, he will receive a lot of rewards in terms of release.

– Initial release schedule:

+ First 30,000 BSC blocks (1 day) – 400 BAKE/block

+ 30,001-900.000 BSC blocks (29 days) – reduce 300,000 BAKE/day, average 255 BAKE/block

+ 900,001 BSC blocks until the end (11 months) – reduce 300,000 BAKE/month, average 73 BAKE/block

– BAKE Token storage wallet: Users can store BAKE Tokens with popular wallets such as Metamask, Trust Wallet… Besides, users can also save them directly at exchanges for easy trading. than.

How does Bake Coin work?

Bakery Swap takes a general fee for all transactions of 0.30%

Bake coin owns two liquidity funds: BAKE reward and no BAKE reward.

Having two liquidity funds helps the community to create new LPs. The BAKE reward is usually assigned to a number of LPs, the reward multiplier will be different for each LP and is usually based on the value that the LP provides to the BAKE holder.

Regarding transaction fees, as mentioned, Bakery Swap takes a general fee for all transactions of 0.30%. Of which, LP liquidity provider will receive 0.25% and the rest will be converted into BAKE token and become an additional reward for BAKE holders.

The Liquidity Provider has each token Pool token collectively known as the Bakery LP. They represent the stakes of the providers in each Pool, and when liquidation is removed, a portion of the fees collected in the Pools can be collected.

Vendors can then stake their Bakery LP tokens to farm the rewards into BAKE tokens.

How to FARM Bake?

You can farm Bake as follows:

– Step 1: Go to the official website of Bakery, then connect to BSC using MetaMask.

– Step 2: Go to Binace and buy BNB, or deposit your money into MetaMask.

– Step 3: Once you have BNB, you will enter the Bakery. Please select the trading pair and then select “Swap”, continue to confirm the MetaMask transaction. Note that the swap level for each pair will not be the same for a total of 6 pairs. Therefore, you can swap BNB with BAKE or BTC, DOT…

– Step 4: Choose the appropriate amount of Token for liquidity. Select “Provide” and confirm.

– Step 5: The system will notify you to bet BLP to receive BAKE. Therefore, select “Earn BAKE” to place BLP. The bet amount will be different for each selection. Choices can be Cake, Croissant, Donut, Pineapple bun or Cookies. Make your selection and then click “Approve”. Next, perform the “add”, “bet” operations and then confirm the transaction.

After completing the above steps, you can harvest your BAKE tokens.

Should I invest in Bake coin?

Should evaluate Bake coin before deciding to map out an investment plan

After learning what the concept of Bake coin is, it can be seen that Bake coin is one of the decentralized automated market creation protocols at Binance Smart Chain. Bake coin has a variety of features and can be purchased and sold through the NFT Marketplace.

In addition, they also allow to create videos, images, audio, gif files as NFT. Besides, experts also forecast that the value of Bake coin in the future will have a very good growth.

Hopefully with the above sharing, you have a better understanding of what Bake coin is before deciding to draw up a suitable investment plan. Or call 0944.31.9963 to be Makemoney Instant support!


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